sigur rós 2017 tour

national auditorium
mexico city, mexico

apr 4 2017



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  1. It was definitely the best show I’ve seen in my life. Thank you for not forget México loves you Sigur Ros

  2. I think I waited all my life for this concert. It was much more intense that what I expected. Now I can rest in peace.

  3. Beautiful, energetic and touching. Loved the first part, a light and soft familiar sound as warm up for the vibrant second part. Also, visually memorable, lights show that helped to melt into the music and guided the travel that this show represented to us. Congratulations on an awesome job!

  4. Visually impressive but misses the keyboards and other arrangements. Didn’t play many of the classics and missed some emotional keystones of the band. Disappointed they didn’t play any of the “happy “songs

  5. I can only say takk. It was truly a wonderful experience from beginning to end, I’m speechless. Thank you for sharing your art with us, you’re truly special. Hoping to see you again and again and again.

  6. Amazing! Such a beautiful experience! Intense and so magical! Thank you so much for a perfect night.

  7. One of my favorites since 2005. I saw you for the first time on Colmena festival on 2007. I saw you yesterday (apr 03) and today (apr 4) and I really want to say thank you! Your music has a magical and special influence to me!
    Great and excellent spectacle!!!

  8. This was seriously one of the most beautiful nights of my life. I still can’t believe it guys, you literally gave me a whole new perspective of music and life. Thank you, really thank you so much for everything, and come back soon! I will miss you guys badly, you are the best.

  9. It has been almost four years since I went to one of your shows here in Mexico in a music festival and I remember it being amazing! Since then, I’ve waited for you to come back and enjoy your music once again and after this show I can only say that this has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life! Thanks a lot for this unforgettable show! Thanks a lot for sharing your music with us! Thanks for existing guys! And please come back soon!!

  10. One of the best experiences of my life, i loved the scenario and the new music arrangements

  11. This was my first concert ever! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be there. Today I got accepted on my university and as soon as I knew I drove to the Auditorio Nacional; so being able to listen to Sigur Rós was the greatest gift ever. I hope you come back to México (the sooner, the better) and maybe offer a meet and greet (please?). Anyway, the concert was amazing! There’s really not a thing that I would change.. well, maybe more time haha. Thank you for coming! Lots of love ❤️ mikið elska

  12. Muy buen show, sin embargo, con el espectáculo visual que traian, y el formato de sólo tres integrantes, hubiera quedado mejor que tocaran las canciones más felices y un poco más prendidas. Esperaba escuchar más del último album, que a mi parecer es de sus mejores obras.


  14. Thanks for put into music what we can’t put into words. The concert was beyond perfect. Sometimes I think you are from outer space, so thanks for coming to our home, you are always welcome ✨✨✨ Don’t forget that Mexico loves you and we’ll be waiting for you! Takk! ❤️ Always.

  15. I will never forget your shows in my entire life. The things you made me feel are indescribable. The message you send with your art is beautiful, powerful, strong and passionate. It’s an honor that you started your tour in Mexico. Thank you for coming and for every piece of art that you share with the world.

  16. Thank you so much!! Everethig was beatiful, thank you to give yourselves to the mexican people, i dont have the words to describe what i feel when you play your Art, thank you to give us the opportunity to enjoy it, one of the bests moments in my life, this is what we need in México and surely become better, thank you!!!

  17. Amazing show, atmosphere, trip, sounds,….. One of the most beautiful experience in my life. I cried twice.
    Well, your music is beyond words.
    Thanks so much !

  18. We came from a long distance (Chihuahua approx 1200 KMS) just to saw you guys and oh man it was worth it. It was magic, powerful, powerful magic. The visuals, the lights deserve an applause on their own and then you add this beautiful, at times haunting, music, it deserves no less than an ovation. My sister and I will always remember this show guys and we are eager to see what’s next from you.

  19. A “once in a lifetime” experience, just amazing, the only real problem wasn’t you at all but the Administration of Auditorio Nacional and the way they delivered the tickets (at least in the first night).

    Thank you so much!!!!!! My husband and Ioved the show <3<3!!

  20. “There are not enough words to describe the show presented in Mexico.
    I traveled from Costa Rica to see it and I was certainly more than overwhelmed by the sounds, the lighting, everything that was involved in making the show a reality.
    We might not be able to understand the lyrics, but is incredible to see language barriers dissappear for the music to be the universal language we come to unite with.
    Thanks for a wonderful moment “

  21. The whole experience was amazing !! Guys from the last time I saw you 8 years ago, that was wonderful as well, this time you really stepped up, all the ambient since the moment I stepped into the auditorium, the sutil sounds then the visuals growing up the lights comparing perfectly your music, you literally blowed my mind away, I felt so happy, can’t wait to see you again, thanks for all and never doubt México loves you, would be great if you could come to guadalajara Mexico in a time soon ;)

  22. The best night of my life. A night full of charm and magic. A beautifully deafening sound… Shapes and lights…
    I love you, Sigur Rós

  23. Sigur Ros in Mexico City was a fantastic experience ranging from a subtle, delicate, and almost imperceptible beauty… to an explosive and unbearable force that hypnotized everyone in the Auditorium.

  24. Loved the show!!! The lights, the energy everything about it made it so vibrant. Been a long time fan and this was the first time I saw you live. This one is going ñ, by far, on my favourite concert list

  25. Un show perfecto de principio a fin… Verlos en vivo es como una historia que comienza de a poco y va creciendo en intensidad, pasando por momentos de intimidad y silencio, hasta los sonidos más estridentes que parecen salidos de una tormenta invernal. Demostraron que son una banda completa, con y sin efectos visuales. Sin duda una de las mejores bandas para disfrutar en vivo actualmente y un espectáculo fascinante. La voz de Jonsi, simplemente inigualable. Gracias por la experiencia.

  26. La mejor noche de mi vida, me llevaron desde las lágrimas hasta el baile en cuestión de segundos, por eso son mi banda favorita de todos los tiempos, son inigualables

  27. Loved the show guys!! Your music is pure magic, thank you so much for comming to México. Esperamos verlos pronto. :)

  28. I have been in too many concerts in my life around the globe and this one was a completely different and unique experience. I cried and jump with a ton of feelings behind. It was so intimate that still I feel something deep from my core was moved by your art, thanks for letting me have this experience. Wish I could see you again very soon and bring my son to the theater to share this experience with him.

  29. Sencillamente fascinante, lloré en tres ocasiones, los sonidos se encargaron de mover todo mi cuerpo, de pies a cabeza, me emocioné muchísimo, aplaudí, grité en cada término de canción, mi corazón estaba feliz. Visualmente fenomenal. Un show completo. Absolutamente maravilloso. Deben regresar a México cada año :D

  30. I’ve never felt like this before, it was such a wonderful and unique experience. Emotions came all at once, I cried almost all the show, it was so unique, my whole body felt your beautiful music. I’m so happy, I can’t find the exact words to describe it. Thanks for your music, for existing, you have no idea how much your music has helped me going through difficult times. Gracias por venir, son magníficos y únicos!

  31. Gracias, gracias por su música, por su magia.
    Me hicieron volar, explotar, añorar, llorar ufff.
    Extrañe el violín de Staralfur

  32. It’s something unique, wondrous, I really can’t describe the feeling of that night but what I can say is that is the first time on my life I feel this way, I feel this whole. Thanks, from the bottom of the soul. Son un sueño, Sigur.

  33. It was the first time in my life I heard this gorgeous melodies and it make me feel…. thats all i can say about us… you make me feel… thank you so much.

  34. Amazing show! I really loved your concert, one of the best I’ve ever been. Thank you guys, for the music, for the show and for a wonderful experience. Thank you, Takk!

  35. Una de las mejores noches de mi vida, la magia y paz que transmiten es única.
    Espero poder verlos pronto.
    Gracias por una noche inolvidable.

  36. Épico! Un viaje por un sinnúmero de emociones en tan solo dos horas. Lo mas conmovedor, y al mismo tiempo violento, que he presenciado!!

  37. Amazing concert, vibe, atmosphere and the sound in the auditorium was top noche. You really sound like 6 guys playing WOW

    My only complain are that glosoli came to fast and that song Would be better to end the 1st set.

  38. I was touched by the audiovisual concept, I have to say that last night concert in CDMX it’s one of the most strongest sensations that I ever feel.

  39. So, I’m Max. I was 12 years old when I meet the band by “Ný Batterí” and “Olsen Olsen”. I’m 24 now. My first experience in a show of Sigur was in Corona Capital and after criyin a river, I was waiting for a second chance and that chance come in two shows full of magic and love. They are dedicated people with them music and at the same time, just a cool guys making music like they want. See them like a trio making THAT BIG SHOW WAS… DAMN!!…
    I forgot to take a picture with the band in the backstage because I don’t know… I was dreaming, but I hope to see them next time in this life, hopefully I expect travel to Iceland just for another try in another show :)
    People who don’t had the chance to experiment this experience… don’t let pass this chance, I swear this can change your lives :)

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