sigur rós + alex somers: “hang the dj” soundtrack

alex somers, with two songs co-written by sigur rós, has created the soundtrack to an episode of the new season of black mirror called “hang the dj”.

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sigur rós christmas mix for bbc 6 music

a very special 6 music recommends session, hosted by sigur rós, who have created a magical christmas mix especially for us to enjoy.

the icelandic band mark the end of an 18 month world tour and return to home soil for the first time in five years, with 4 intimate gigs at harpa in reykjavik, as part of the “norður og niður” festival.





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It blew me away. Instantly addicted to seeing Sigur Ros live ››


Cuando los anunciaron mis expectativas se fueron a las nubes, estuvimos sólo a unos metros. Yo fui solo creyendo que sería una experiencia distinta y me llevé una de las mejores de mi vida. Conectar directamente con la música, dejarse llevar sin intermediación de nada, ser esa música mientras recorre el alma. Podrá parecer exagerado, pero lo viví así. Todo el festival estuvo bueno y fue un contexto que llevó a ese final mágico. He visto públicos maravillosos pero el de esa noche me sorprendió: el silencio, el respeto, la conexión, los aplausos, no dar un paso atrás y esperar más sin dejar de alentar. Si no iba nunca me hubiese enterado de lo que me perdí porque aunque gaste mis palabras es inexplicable. Hasta la próxima Sigur Ros, por siempre Takk ››


Please put this concert on Blu-Ray...!!! ››


The most emotive and surrealist concert I've ever been. It was an espectacular experience, there were some musicians dressed like "mariachis" in white color and bringing all the Icelandic atmosfera into the mexican one. I will never forget that concert and the feelings on it! A soul travel.. ››


Truly one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life. 500ml of jack daniels with copious amounts of cola had dulled my senses until Sigur Ros took to the stage. The narcotic cobwebs covering my eyes and ears were blown away with the most unbelievable sound and light show that ive ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It was truly transcendent and at one point i found myself weeping with a mixture of both joy and sorrow - joy in that man can convey such emotion through a musical medium and sorrow at just how touching some of the songs can be. I will never forget this se ››


Rebecca we had a good time at this concert. This music impacted my life and continues to.. ››


Orri, on the afternoon of December 30th before the final show at Harpa, I walked past you on Laugavegur. As soon as I recognized you, I was grinning like an idiot (and I probably frightened you – sorry). You were with your family, I did not want to interrupt. However, if I had taken the opportunity to say something, it would have been this: Seeing you perform live is like witnessing the human potential. I think that’s why you and Jonsi and Georg inspire so many of us – seeing Sigur Ros perform, at your level of artistry and skill, is breathtaking. Put simply, it renews my hope and faith in the good of humankind. I’m not the only one who feels this way. I saw your May 30 show in Montreal with my sister-in-law. She was not as familiar with your music. At the intermission, she had tears in her eyes. She turned to me and said “All I can think about when I hear them is my children – what will they aspire to?” You three inspire all of us to test the limits of art, sound, and the human experience. Thank you for being such an important beacon for so many of us. I was lucky enough to attend your Harpa shows on December 29 and 30. Please do this again! Takk fyrir ››


No los conocía, y me lleve la mayor sorpresa, ha sido quizás la mejor experiencia a nivel sensorial, espero verlos nuevamente muy pronto, les agradezco y los felicito, su música parece transportarlo a otro mundo ››


Jonsi's voice is a marvel. If you ever have an opportunity to see Sigur Ros live in concert, do it. The experience is authentic and religious ››


At last I managed to see you on stage.It took place in Paris last year.As you know time flies but I'm pretty sure memories of this glorious set at Le Grand Rex will be in me beyond the grave.Your heavenly music with progressive leanings and as moving as Manuel Gottsching or Popol Vuh with a healthy dose of celestial noise has always been a very reliable companion in good or bad times.When I got out of the venue I said to myself I was a gifted human being because you played Milano,Festival and Untitled 6.Thanks from France and love!!! ››


Takk Sigur Ros. You guys are definitely one of the greatest live bands of my generation that I've witnessed live. The visuals were mesmerising and the atmosphere was emotionally intense and haunting. It was a very cathartic experience. I think everyone needs to see Sigur Ros play once in their life. It was an excellent show although I was more blown away by the 2016 Splendour show in the Mix-Up tent. It could have been that I was awfully tired or it felt too familiar but still always a pleasure to watch you play live. I'm really glad that the organisers of Splendours gave you an 80 minute set as it was really needed. An hour long set would have been too short. 2 hour show would have been the best :D Dauðalagið and E-Bow were my standouts in the setlist. Popplagið was disappointing and I hope Jonsi is ok :( he seemed really upset and was shouting things at the crowd. It was disappointing to see a smaller crowd but it made me appreciate the show more knowing how much that small group absolutely adored even minute there. The setlist was too similar to the 2016 tour. I understand it is more difficult to play a variety of songs now that Kjartan Sveinsson has left but surely you could have played Olsen Olsen, Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása or Svefn-g-englar with a backing track. I can understand if you guys aren't interested in playing with backing track as well ››


It was the best time in my life! I felt like in another world. It wast really exciting to hear and watch you in Iceland, in Harpa - in the places which stole my heart. I crossed thousand kilometers, spent lots of money but it was really worth it!!! I think that no words can describe this amazing performance. It was very emotional for me. I cried for a whole first part. It was my first concert of Sigur Rós. I hope to see you some day, because I know it won’t be the last. Lots of love from Poland! Takk fyrir allt ››


It was the best time in my life! I felt like in another world. It wast really exciting to hear and watch you in Iceland, in Harpa - in the places which stole my heart. I crossed thousand kilometers, spent lots of money but it was really worth it!!! I think that no words can describe this amazing performance. It was very emotional for me. I cried for a whole first part. It was my first concert of Sigur Rós. I hope to see you some day, because I know it won’t be the last. Lots of love from Poland! Takk fyrir allt! 27.12.201 ››


This show was the reason why 3 of us flew in all the way from Hong Kong (and myself from New York) to Reykjavik, and you did not disappoint. This is my third show on this current tour and the amazement did not diminish one bit. Now please put this festival/tour on vinyl, DVD, CD, VHS, a boxset like you did with INNI because it is only what it deserves ››


Without doubt the greatest show I have ever seen. Love as Music. Music as Love. I am so incredibly grateful to have been there - the energy in that room is still with me and will be for a long long time. Thank you Sigur Ros for sharing Iceland and yourselves in such terrifying, vulnerable beauty. We love you, Takk ››


we went to all 4 nights for our honeymoon and was the best shows ever. Thank you so much ››


It's been a dream of mine since 2002 to watch Sigur Rós in Iceland, and on the 28th that dream came true. Reykjavik truly is a beautiful city and both Harpa and the band certainly didn't disappoint, especially the new songs. Could only stay the one day, but thoroughly enjoyed my time at the festival and hope to visit Iceland again soo ››


I love you guys and all, but the setlist could have been slightly different than the rest of the tour. Would have loved Starlafur. But the set itself was AMAZING. Definitely worth the trip from USA! Especially since the bundle let me explore Iceland and may fuel me moving there. Thank you ››


After the great announcement on the Sigur Ros site, we decided to visit the concert in Reykjavik. So we flew from the Netherlands to Iceland. After the show we were a little disappointed. Nothing special, the same show as in Amsterdam in November, only the price was more than 3 times higher. Sigur Ros fans deserve better ››


I am sad and angry! I could not see this last concert blocking for six months in my Wheelchair !!! I am a big fan and I love the music of Sigur Ros with passion! I could not have vinyls sold on the spot this night! I am jealous? YES! because I am like all the fan a collector, but I am jealous and angry to see that some could have access to the vinyl sold this night to resell them 2 days later on Discogs or Ebay has $ 600 + while a lot of true fan (NOT RICH) who will have to venerate the object like their precious one could not even watch them! I am also angry with sigur ros who plays the game of capitalism and speculation, selling to idiots rare and ilitist vinyl, idiots who knows nothing about the band's music, who does not like and respects not music but love money and speculation!... I'm sad, but happy for the real fans who could see this concert and buy these vinyls, but I'm left with a feeling of injustice ››


Thank you for your wonderful music! It overwhelms and moves me through so many emotions ››


Watching you live on november 24th was one of the most beautiful experiences of the past 2017 so, the announcing of a live streaming of your last concert of the year was an unexpected but wonderful news since I couldn't be there (in your great Norður og Niðurr festival). So thanks for sharing it and let us be there without being literally there. Twice in a year was certainly a good way of finishing my year. I really hope this new year is full of new experiences, places, inspiration and all the good things you wish for you guys, Jonsi, Goggi and Orri and 'course, the big machine working behind of you that we don't see. As you say, Takk. And a big "Gracias" from me. Have a great 2018 ››


incomparable, einstak ››


Hi Sigur Rós, Missed you when you played in Moscow. I saw a glimpse of you at Primavera Sound a couple of years ago, but I was too far from the stage and too exhausted to even stand, my feet hurt like crazy after standing for hours at other bands shows and walking around Barcelona for hours on end. So as soon as I heard you would be playing in Reykjavik I booked the flight and the tickets to the show. The Nordur festival was a huge unexpected bonus as it was full of my favorite bands and artists. I hope that this is just a beginning! Anyway, I was blown away by your show and my wife nearly had a panic attack from all these apocalyptic guitar avalanches that I love so much. She will get into it eventually. The soundbath thing was also fantastic and a great new experience for me. I have missed your new vinyl records unfortunately, and I do hope those will be available for purchase later at some point. Thanks, and I hope to see you again with another Nordur ››


I heared the angel singing. No words. Thank you ››