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2000 - 2004

three albums of unreleased solo electronic music from jónsi

23 NOVEMBER 2018

frakkur was the artist name jónsi used for his experiments in electronic music in the early years of the 21st century. working on his own, either at home in reykjavík, in hotel rooms on tour with sigur rós, or later at his boyfriend’s house in boston, jónsi spent endless hours diving into then-new bits of kit and programming, having fun and seeing how far he could push things, all entirely outside the bounds of his day job with the band.

the legacy is three collections of work totalling 24 tracks at 108 minutes – here collated into one triple album – each made a year or so apart, under slightly different circumstances and with different equipment.


an hour of new, unreleased and remixed ambient music has been added to the liminal mixtape. music from jónsi, julianna barwick, alex somers, frakkur and more – mixed by jónsi, paul corley & alex somers.

sigur rós & magic leap - tónandi
sigur rós and magic leap have been working together for five years, exploring and expanding the frontiers of musical creation within ‘mixed reality’. tónandi is the first fruit of that collaboration, and perhaps even a glimpse of the future of music.
together we have created a place in the here and now, where the ‘sound spirits’ of sigur rós’s music can be played with and altered using your hands.  a place where spatial sounds are visible all around you and ready to respond to every interaction.
tónandi is a step into a new reality.
a look behind the evolution of tónandi. hearing from sigur rós, their creative team and the magic leap studios team talking about spatial audio, sound spirits, and creating music that you can touch
“i run my hand across the grass and hear a series of plaintive tones, like a stringed instrument gently picking out all the notes in a chord. i look down and see more grass coming up out of the carpet, then some kind of pitcher plant that seems to extend its undulating mouth toward my outstretched hand, like a pet expecting a treat. it responds to my touch with a sonorous sigh.” – andy hermann (flood magazine) visits magic leap and talks to the people behind “tónandi”
“the tónandi experience is more like hiking or scuba-diving in your house while also being surrounded by supernatural beings. it’s appealingly disorienting. by the end, orchestration is sizzling—i can almost feel it—through my fingertips. when it’s over, i ask if i can go again.” – marc hogan, pitchfork

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