sigur rós are releasing a series of four limited-edition vinyl albums for record store day u.k. (april 21). originally released with handmade sleeves by icelandic artist sigga bjorg as part of the band’s norður og niður festival in iceland, the rare recordings can now be bought in a second limited edition run. for the record store day u.k. release, each contributing artist chose his favourite sleeve from sigga’s 100 hand-mades to become the official sleeve for this record store day release.


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norður og niður merchandise

norður og niður merchandise

if you were unable to attend the norður og niður festival in reykjavík – you can now get the festival merchandise direct from our webstore. 66north beanies and tees, sterling silver rune necklaces, festival/concert posters, patches and t-shirts.

norður og niður merchandise

sigur rós + alex somers: “hang the dj” soundtrack

alex somers, with two songs co-written by sigur rós, has created the soundtrack to an episode of the new season of black mirror called “hang the dj”.

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sigur rós christmas mix for bbc 6 music

a very special 6 music recommends session, hosted by sigur rós, who have created a magical christmas mix especially for us to enjoy.

the icelandic band mark the end of an 18 month world tour and return to home soil for the first time in five years, with 4 intimate gigs at harpa in reykjavik, as part of the “norður og niður” festival.





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Fallegasta tónleikarnir alltaf. Gerðu það komdu aftur! I used google translator LOL Most beautiful concert ever! Please come back! : ››


Thank you. It was the best show of my life. I will never forget this ››


I’ve seen Sigur Rós several times all over the USA and this was one of my favorites! Truly a beautiful experience that I will cherish forever. Takk.. ››


i'm a long term fan of the band, a very emotional guy, and olso a recording and mixing engeneer... well... im the guy who liste the show just beside your FOG engeneer... it was just too trascendentar for me.. at the poing now i'making a big big turn in the direction of my life... ethernal thanks guys, u are so far the most emotionally intense band i;ve ever hear... thak u again, thank u so much!! con amor y respeto, Felipe ››


The concert was unlike anything I have ever experienced and probably ever will experience again. I knew that seeing you perform live would be a very intense moment but I was not prepared for what I was about to witness. I don't think that any concert can be as magical as one of yours and I'm very happy that I had the opportunity to attend this beautiful event. Your audio/mix was incredible and the light show blew me away. I was somewhere between floating, closing my eyes, opening my eyes and a total disbelief of what I was experiencing. Takk, Sigur Rós for that once in a lifetime moment ››


I got to know about Sigur Rós by my father and when he surprised my sister and I with tickets for your Oslo show i couldn’t stop listening to your songs and when the day finally came i was so excited! The whole concert was magical, i sat there with goosebumps and cried all my wat through the concert! It was so magical and it was so good to actually could sit there and listen to the music and not stand and shout as teenagers do when they are at a teen idol concert. It was just so calming just to sit there and listen to the beautiful music! So thank you so much for maning the experience magical! Hope you don’t stop making music ››


Why are you so good magic . It was different buth so good thanks . You guys make live so mutch better .ill hope i see you again .Thank ››


remains the best concert i have been t ››


I was telling a friend about you guys today and I remembered this show. What a magical memory! Your music is so beautiful and you are all incredibly talented! This is the best show I've ever seen and I hope to one day see you in Reykjavik ››


Sigur Ros last night was a pretty deep experience, really different from most concerts I've seen. As people who are familiar with their music know, the music is more orchestral than rock, but they use guitars and drums, along with lots of keyboards, strings, and horns to get their trademark ethereal spaciness. And the vocals are not in English, they just sound like sounds. Its hard to describe the experience in words and that's part of what makes it so intriguing and powerful. The music seems to really bring out a lot of emotions in people, but because its just abstract sound (and images when you are watching their stage show), it forces the listener to put their own meaning on it. I think even people who are not all that inclined to be philosophical are guided towards that kind of experience and that speaks to the mastery of sound that Sigur Ros holds. They know how to use sound to create an environment conducive to getting past a lot of psychologic barriers that most of us walk around with everyday. I found it very therapeutic. My wife is a tough cookie, a Midwestern farm girl without a lot of patience for stuff that is arty or indirect. She likes things that get right to the point and she's got a pretty strong wall of defenses up for stuff she thinks is bullshit. It can be hard to get through to her soft inner core. Let me tell you that within the first song, the tears were flowing and she was weeping almost all the way through the show. Afterwards she described an incredibly cathartic experience of reliving almost her entire life, hopes, dreams, hurts, triumphs, loss, love, in short, the whole human experience. The music seems to deal with things that are common to all humans, regardless of what culture or what point in time you are from. Everyone is born, everyone dies, everyone breathes, eats, sleeps, dreams, etc. They seem to get right to the fundamental elements of being human. I wonder if coming from such a desolate and isolated place where there is mostly air, water, rock and fire has given them the kind of culture that allows them to do this with their music. Human relations must be really valued in a place like that and perhaps they take more joy and pleasure in simple human interactions than people who live in cosmopolitan places do? I was only joking when I talked about taking mushrooms at the show (although I still think that has the potential to be a great experience), but for me, a Sigur Ros concert is extremely psychedelic. I didn't take any psychedelics (and its been years since I have) but I sure felt like I had. At times I felt completely connected to something bigger than myself and at other times I felt completely alone in the universe. That kind of existential dichotomy is exactly what my experiences taking psychedelics have been like, deeply spiritual, sometimes disturbing, sometimes euphoric, always cathartic. I never took psychedelics to entertain myself, I always took them in order to have a transformative experience which is something else that I believe all humans crave, no matter what methods they use to alter their consciousness. A Sigur Ros show is so far beyond mere entertainment. Joseph Campbell would have loved seeing them as much as he loved seeing the Grateful Dead. This is art music of the highest caliber. For me, Sigur Ros are achieving the highest purpose of art, to create an atmosphere and a sensory experience that is conducive to the audience having an opportunity to reflect on their own humanity and the nature of existence. It was incredible and awesome ››


Great Concert , the only regret is for the audio system , one of the speakers was buzzing all the time. Also great show regarding the video part, amazing ››


I am writing this, while I am listening to my favorite album - untitled. That was the really first album I listened to from Sigur Ros. From that point you guys catched me really hard. It was so damnly beautiful to had the chance to spend an evening with you. I'm not talking bullshit, when I'm saying, that this was one of the most beautiful and feelingful evenings in all my life. Never before I felt such a strong feeling. Everytime I'm listening to Sigur Ros, I'm near to cry. Sometimes cause it's showing feelings inside of me, that I never felt or thought about before. But sometimes it's just because your music is the most beautiful one. I really appreciate you guys spending time on this planet and making such great music. Never without Sigur Ros ››


I flew down to LA from San Francisco to see this concert. I would have flown from Dubai. Nothing I have ever seen, NOTHING has been as jaw dropping and powerful as this concert. Not only was the sound quality astonishing, but the show as a whole was amazing. The sound, volume, lighting, video, crowd, everything. I've never been to a show as artfully constructed as this one. Of course I also sat next to the only black guy there who knew the band. I was even able to meet them! One of a kind experience that I'll remember forever ››


9.11 was obviously one of the worst days in this country. i remember in the weeks following the terrorist attack a ton of artists i had tickets to see cancelled their tours out of safety concerns, which was entirely understandable, the world was unpredictable and frightening. and yet 10 days later, sigur ros played an amazing show in Boston, one of the only bands not to cancel on us...and it was one of the most transformative shows I've ever seen. there was just something so pure and so uplifting about all of it, such a salve on so many of us who were hurt (especially since the planes originated from boston it felt like we all knew someone who died) and just, if i were ever to meet or talk to anyone from the band for even a moment i'd want to thank them for that. it was brave and it was beautiful ››


Best show I've ever seen. Will never miss you when you come near where I live ››


It blew me away. Instantly addicted to seeing Sigur Ros live ››


Cuando los anunciaron mis expectativas se fueron a las nubes, estuvimos sólo a unos metros. Yo fui solo creyendo que sería una experiencia distinta y me llevé una de las mejores de mi vida. Conectar directamente con la música, dejarse llevar sin intermediación de nada, ser esa música mientras recorre el alma. Podrá parecer exagerado, pero lo viví así. Todo el festival estuvo bueno y fue un contexto que llevó a ese final mágico. He visto públicos maravillosos pero el de esa noche me sorprendió: el silencio, el respeto, la conexión, los aplausos, no dar un paso atrás y esperar más sin dejar de alentar. Si no iba nunca me hubiese enterado de lo que me perdí porque aunque gaste mis palabras es inexplicable. Hasta la próxima Sigur Ros, por siempre Takk ››


Please put this concert on Blu-Ray...!!! ››


The most emotive and surrealist concert I've ever been. It was an espectacular experience, there were some musicians dressed like "mariachis" in white color and bringing all the Icelandic atmosfera into the mexican one. I will never forget that concert and the feelings on it! A soul travel.. ››


Truly one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life. 500ml of jack daniels with copious amounts of cola had dulled my senses until Sigur Ros took to the stage. The narcotic cobwebs covering my eyes and ears were blown away with the most unbelievable sound and light show that ive ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It was truly transcendent and at one point i found myself weeping with a mixture of both joy and sorrow - joy in that man can convey such emotion through a musical medium and sorrow at just how touching some of the songs can be. I will never forget this se ››


Rebecca we had a good time at this concert. This music impacted my life and continues to.. ››


Orri, on the afternoon of December 30th before the final show at Harpa, I walked past you on Laugavegur. As soon as I recognized you, I was grinning like an idiot (and I probably frightened you – sorry). You were with your family, I did not want to interrupt. However, if I had taken the opportunity to say something, it would have been this: Seeing you perform live is like witnessing the human potential. I think that’s why you and Jonsi and Georg inspire so many of us – seeing Sigur Ros perform, at your level of artistry and skill, is breathtaking. Put simply, it renews my hope and faith in the good of humankind. I’m not the only one who feels this way. I saw your May 30 show in Montreal with my sister-in-law. She was not as familiar with your music. At the intermission, she had tears in her eyes. She turned to me and said “All I can think about when I hear them is my children – what will they aspire to?” You three inspire all of us to test the limits of art, sound, and the human experience. Thank you for being such an important beacon for so many of us. I was lucky enough to attend your Harpa shows on December 29 and 30. Please do this again! Takk fyrir ››


No los conocía, y me lleve la mayor sorpresa, ha sido quizás la mejor experiencia a nivel sensorial, espero verlos nuevamente muy pronto, les agradezco y los felicito, su música parece transportarlo a otro mundo ››


Jonsi's voice is a marvel. If you ever have an opportunity to see Sigur Ros live in concert, do it. The experience is authentic and religious ››


At last I managed to see you on stage.It took place in Paris last year.As you know time flies but I'm pretty sure memories of this glorious set at Le Grand Rex will be in me beyond the grave.Your heavenly music with progressive leanings and as moving as Manuel Gottsching or Popol Vuh with a healthy dose of celestial noise has always been a very reliable companion in good or bad times.When I got out of the venue I said to myself I was a gifted human being because you played Milano,Festival and Untitled 6.Thanks from France and love!!! ››