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london, united kingdom



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  1. My fifth time this year and somehow, even with cavernous venues, it just gets better every time. An absolute joy to see Ágætis Byrjun tonight.
    My only complaint was it seemed quiet this evening compared to Nottingham.
    Oh, and the crowd were noisier in the wrong kind of way.

  2. That was an absolute privilege to be in attendance tonight. So the band for the first time in Brixton earlier this year and somehow this was even better. Such power in the sound and what a setlist! The guys seemed to pull out all the stops tonight to make this an amazing show. Popplagid is always incredible, but that performance tonight was mindblowing. I’ve just got home and I’m still gobsmacked.

  3. Well you can bash my bongo’s and call me Cuthbert if that wasn’t magnificent.

    Oh and I Break Horses are good!

  4. Amazing, beautiful, spectacular, moving, emotional, unforgettable, but not surprising, as your shows are just always best, leaving us speechless and breathless!
    Great to see you in bigger venue than Brixton, or Hammersmith,as visuals fx looked more spectacular, but sitting at the back I had the feeling vibe was not the same as it was in Brixton last March.
    Could not understand people leaving when you just started playing last song, which is always the highest point of your shows!

    thank you again!

  5. Still in awe the morning after. That has got to be one of the most impressive live sets Ive seen. Ridiculously powerful switching to bewitching beauty the next moment. A unique band…..pls put this tour on video but this time without the arty directorial grainy twatting about. It doesnt need it!

  6. I was lucky enough to win tickets to the show, and had an absolutely incredible night. An impeccable setlist (though I would’ve killed for them to have played Samskeyti), highlights were an absolutely sublime Vaka, the ever glorious Glosoli, and the eternally nail-biting tension in Popplagid’s ending. Oh, also seeing my girlfriend (who I only introduced to the band a week ago after we got the tickets) well up with tears during Svefn-g-Englar. The light show and visuals were stunning, the atmosphere and sound magnificent, a perfect evening.

  7. Second time I’ve seen you this year and you moved me to tears just like the first time. You are hauntingly beautiful and seeing you live isn’t just a show for the ears but also for the eyes. Please can you can you come sit by my bed and sing me to sleep as it puts me in a very happy happy place.

  8. Enjoyed every second of this concert! Loved the show, sound, musicians and light projections. I was lucky enough to stand near stage!

  9. You made me cry.
    a cry that filled me with joy.
    a joy so overwhelming it brought me to a state that I can only describe as euphoric.
    pure passion and raw beauty was elegantly flowing through the air, as I raised my arms and took deep breaths I shivered.
    In these moments I was at utter peace with myself.

  10. Sigur Ros are the most human of bands in the way their music just connects and delivers real emotion and that was (again) evident last night. Loved every single minute of it.

    Thank you for existing Sigur Ros.

  11. An amazing experience! Full sensory wonders and had a theatrical feel to it that no other concert I have been to has ever had. You all took your bows and rightly so! Thank you for a great evening (despite a chilly arena).

  12. Stunning show, even from far up in the roof where we were sitting. The lighting design was sublime – jaw droppingly beautiful. This is the first time I’ve seen you live and I have to say that the music comes across even better live than recorded. An amazing experience – Thank you all :-)

  13. So powerful its hard to describe just how awesome it was other than you are the best live act in the world

  14. 2nd time this year, first at the O2 Brixton Academy and last night at Wembley. You put such a stunning and unforgettable show. Loved every bit. Thank you

  15. What an encore at Wembley – Agaetis Byrjun, Sven-g-englar and Popplagid! Anyone have the full set list?

  16. I’m amazed by Sigur Rós for almost 7 years and I never imaged their concert would be this mind-blowing. Words can’t describe! It was an unique experience.

  17. It was beautiful. Thanks for your music and your voice, you’re real artists and it makes real sense particularly today.. See u

  18. It was famazing…you made me really happy and I have to say that a bit overwhelmed, first time I could see you guys and hope not the last one :D

  19. Amazing. The second time I have seen Sigur
    Ros live and yet again they never fail to deliver
    This time it was just superb and the whole band
    clearly feel the music. The living legend that is Jonsi
    was immense. I have witnessed many bands over
    the years but this was an experience that
    will live with me and my son for the rest of our
    lives. It was that good. Brilliant just brilliant.

  20. Brixton earlier this year and then Brighton this week. I didn’t think they could get better, but they did. Wow what an amazing set – it was like getting sound and colour therapy all in one session! Taak xxxx

  21. I was in a trance with your performance, constantly wanting to open my arms and embrace the radiant energy. Beautifully spiritual.

  22. That was a special one – maybe the size of the venue helped? The band all on top form, great set list, exceptional visuals, decent sound. Will live long in the memory. Hope there’ll be a recording to download at some point. Truly exceptional. Takk!

  23. I’ve seen you guys live 3 times now, and you NEVER fail to amazing and mesmerise me! Loved hearing you play some of the old tracks! Takk and till next time! X

  24. Manchester, eden sessions and wembley all superb … brilliant , power with beauty , awesome.

  25. I travelled 350km there and back for those two amazing hours.
    I was completely mesmerised and it certainly was an unforgettable emotion to see you for real! Takk fyrir kærlega!

  26. the whole show was so intense, visceral and pure light! will never forget this day. Un cappolavoro! takk fyrir kærlega!

  27. The most beautiful thing I’ve seen and heard. You made me cry like three times! The only time you will ever go to a concert and every one is dead still and yet you know they have the same rapture on their face as you, the same overwhelming feeling in their heart. Come back soon

  28. Last night was incredible, still thinking about it now. I’ve seen SR numerous times, and last night was one of the best. The silence in the crowd when Jonsi was singing Festival was spine chilling. My usual SR partner is no longer with us, so I was reluctant to go last night, but I am so glad I did. They are just the most perfect band, I am blown away. A cathartic experience for me, one I am very grateful for, lots of tears, but lots of “oh my word” moments. Thank you so much, and come back real soon.

  29. Wonderful show. Music was played with such passion and commitment. But (there’s always a but). I am never sure why there is a support answer to the reviewer above about why people were leaving it’s simple – transport. The show ended near to 11pm. Without the support band Sigurd Ros could have begun at 8pm and ended at 10 pm and everyone could have seen the whole show.

  30. Dear All, we came from Italy to see you again. What a perfect gig you’ve played for all of us. I want to thank all your crew and technicians, they all contributed to create an unforgettable music experience, a trip deep inside ourselves. It’s always a great pleasure and an honor to attend your gig, pure perfection. Thanks again, we wait for you in Italy. Soon

  31. Last night was my first time seeing you guys live. I’ve watched many a video on youtube, have all your albums and loved your music since inception but this simply doesn’t compare to the performance I saw last night. I was absolutely blown away by the experience you gave and my girlfriend was in tears. Totally incredible; we will see you again soon. Thank you for making our evening of the year. Your music is pure genius!

  32. This was the first time I’ve ever seen Sigur Rós live – decided to go last minute and I am glad I did! Absolutely breathtaking, I felt as if I could breathe the music in, and ‘Varúð’ rendered me dumbstruck. An unforgettable and moving night, takk YOU Sigur Rós! :)

  33. I have been a Sigur Ros for well over a decade now, after discovering your music in a Reykjavik record store, but this was the first time I have seen you live. All I can say is wow! The beauty and intensity of Thursday night was simply mind blowing, with so many heart opening moments. By the end of the evening every single cell in my body was vibrating with pure spiritual energy. The visuals were stunning, reminiscent at times of Northern Lights, and even the Imagine Peace Tower – I can’t wait to see you again – next time hopefully in Iceland!

  34. I have been waiting all year for this concert and was it worth waiting for! The most beautiful, emotional music and what a set list. Please come to the UK again SOON!!

  35. Absolutely amazing!!! I loved every single second! My heart is still at the arena listening to this amazing band!

  36. I really hope that wasn’t a once in a lifetime experience but it feels like it. Just beautiful, I can’t type more because of the tears in my eyes just remembering the sheer beauty and magnificence of it all. Please come back soon!

  37. Your music makes me feel so alive. Thank you an awe inspiring performance. Music the way it should be. Can’t wait for you to return to London.

  38. so easy to make superlatives about your music but words don’t do it justice. Just …truly moving, beautiful, peaceful, majestic, elegant, audio pleasure.
    Every performance I see just get’s better and the power of it get’s me every time.
    Sends me to a magical place in this dark time i’m having with my Father nearing his time on this plain.

  39. I’m still awestruck from this show. I have a couple of records and to be honest I wasn’t sure how it would all sounds and feel like live but I was blown away and still feeling it.
    I’ve been to tons of concerts down through the years and this is one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. The comments I heard from people on leaving the venue after the show was a joy to hear and just as uplifting.

  40. …came just for the show all the way from Vienna…and I am still overwhelmed by this power, vulnerability, beauty of those extraordinary visuals and harmony at the same time. Thank you for this experience I will always remember!
    Best, Michael

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