sigur rós 2013 tour

brighton centre
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  1. Its 1.30pm the show ended over 2 hours ago I am still buzzing on the music and the whole gig. Just for you young folks I am 62 music should not have boundries.


  2. Absolutely astounding , wen’t on my own and I’m pretty sure I was the youngest person there but nevertheless it blew my mind!

  3. Went to Nottingham last night along with other shows earlier in the year & can’t believe tonight they played Ageatis Byrjum. Seen them probably 10 times or more but never seen them play that track until tonight which was what got me into them in the first place.

    Was right by the front last night but watched from seats tonight for a totally different experience.

  4. Well, it’s coming up to 2.00 in the morning now and I have to be up in less than five hours time, but I can’t sleep – partly because some of the hairs on the back of my neck are still tingling…
    ‘I Break Horses’ were simply amazing too. Thank you to everyone, and I really do mean everyone, for the most incredible experience tonight. That’s the only word for it.
    I was spellbound.

  5. Simply an amazing experience at Brighton. You could feel the relaxed vibe from the moment people entered the venue and the lighting was simply awesome! Hope you all had a chance to enjoy the Brighton vibe!

  6. Brighton last night, awesome visually and musically. There’s no other band on the planet can do that, blown away. In between songs there was complete silence and respect from the crowd down the front, usually there’s always people talking throughout, but not last night. Was impressed by support act too, reminded me of B.E.F., electro-synth. Only wish Sigur had played Ara Batur, other than that it was fantastic, highlight of the year

  7. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTASTIC!! The performance was an absolute joy to watch, everything about it was beautiful. A night i’ll always remember, thank you Sigur Ros!!

  8. what a truly magical show! you had me close to tears of joy all the way through.
    thank you for playing Brighton on my birthday, couldn’t have asked for a better present!

  9. The morning after the night before, what can I say, without a doubt the best gig of the year, an utter joy.

  10. I’m still crying with joy today! 12 years have passed since I first discovered your music and I finally got to see you play last night. Thank you, what you make me feel when you play is indescribable!

  11. It is hard to put into words what was experienced last night. Absolutely unbelievable night of perfect music. One of the greatest bands of our time and also one of the greatest live.
    We saw all of this last night. I hope they come back soon.


  12. Was the best iv seen you play. The venue was great! your performance was better than ever and your dynamics throughout were perfect. Was also really beautiful to see you play Ágætis Byrjun. Thanks for a great show, cant wait to hopefully see you again soon!

  13. Just amazing, my 10th time and they just get better every time. Very moving and even shed a tear or two at some points, like a soundtrack to(my) life
    Thanks jonsi and all

  14. I last saw Sigur Ros in Brighton at St Georges Church in 2001 on their first tour. What a difference 12 years makes. An amazing sound. I bought () when my son was in intensive care in Brighton children’s hospital and remember listening to that in the unit. He came through and Sigur Ros always has a special place in my life. Keep producing the fantastic sounds.

  15. Superb night. Was introduced to Sigur Ros about 8 years ago and have been gobsmacked by everything they have done since. To actually see them live is dream-lke; as was the show. Brilliant to see th total respect for the music from the whole crowd

  16. Saw them in Brixton earlier this year on this tour and loved every minute, last night was even better ! The final encore track was astounding and unleashed everything that makes the band special

  17. Absolutely amazing! The light show was incredible, gave a perfect background to the songs. Cannot find the words to describe it really, it was mesmerizing!

  18. I also saw them in brixton and also thought last night was even better if that was possible. The visuals looked better and the encore with ageatis burjym was almost beyond belief. So so good. So moving, so enjoyable, so absorbing, so elegantly brilliant. The voice!

  19. You guys were simply amazing last night! I had no words to explain, Sigur Ros are simply playing from their heart. I love the music and how it sounds. Takk! :) :)

  20. Just BEAUTIFUL!
    Shame that audience so stiff….music is not just for ears people but for the whole body! Couldn’t understand how others could just stand and watch while my whole body was full of melody :D TAKK SIGUR ROS! xx

  21. Astounding – 9th time and still I just leave spellbound … big credit to Brighton Centre for relaxed, organised venue and astonishing acoustics – very colse to being my favourite ever Sigur Ros gig but nothing will ever match Union Chapel.
    Can I ask for help – set list says the track after Hoppipolla says is was Med Blodnasir but was it really? It seemed so different to the album track … I loved it anyway!

  22. The concert was absolutely breathtaking, the quality of the sound, stage directions and lighting was extremely high. This was my first time seeing them and I hope that it won’t be the last, they were incredible. All three of the members excelled beautifully with the assistance of the lovely orchestra. It was extremely moving, to be honest I shed a few tears, especially between saeglopur and med blodnasir, it was overwhelming and fantastic, Takk

  23. I have been to gigs for 35 years and seen the best of name it Live Aid etc etc..I’ve only been converted to Sigur Ros’s music for the last couple of years..and didn’t know what to expect. I have never seen an audience so transfixed, appreciative, and respectful of such musicianship and creativity. i’m blessed to have also seen the band in Brighton a worthy venue for such modest genius…words fail me. What a show

  24. Wonderful, awesome show in Brighton. Thank you so much. Pop polio was so astonishing that even my husband really enjoyed it and I had forced him to push me in my wheelchair !

  25. By far the best gig I’ve been to in the last 10+ years! They are back on form and on absolute fire. Sigurd Ros as they were & should be.

  26. The new material was fabulous but I kinda felt Kjarten’s absence on the old stuff. Parts of it felt like i was watching Sigur Ros play Sigur Ros rather than BE Sigur Ros. definitely less emotion than other gigs I have been to all of their uk tours in the last eight years and whilst i have definitely seen them better than tonight it is still the best music that there is and as always a privilege to be present. I walked down the aisle to marry my husband to Glosoli and we always feel utterly connected when they play that….so special. Takk Sigur Ros….see you very soon….. (in my dreams they will do a set of gigs where they play each album in its entirety…how utterly AWESOME would that be???!!??)

  27. Simply magnificent – again, and how good is Orri Pall on drums & percussion? He pumped out a superb rhythm with so much energy & finesse too. Loved the light show and everything about the gig really. Thank you all for a great evening.
    The only minus point for me was the guitar roadie packing stuff away DURING the gig (you know who you are – you were on the left hand side of the stage and very visible to those on that side of the auditorium!)

  28. It’s 3 days after the gig and I’m still buzzing,what an electric night. It was the complete concert, sound and visual. Hope it’s not to long before sigur ros are back in brighton. takk sigur ros

  29. Like Paul, I’ve seen many, many gigs in my time. I’ve seen most of the greats and some very memorable performances amongst them. I came upon Sigur Ros later than some, but realised quickly that they were special. In anticipating their concert in Brighton I was anxious that they would be able to do their music justice. I’m not a guy that’s ever lost for words [far from it], but on the night I was left speechless. They were towering, monumental, just stunning.
    Without a doubt one of the finest performances by anyone, anywhere, that I have seen. Evenings like this are life changing. I shall never forget it. Thank you Sigur Ros.

  30. This was the 3rd time seeing them live this year, and once again it was an outstanding show. It translates just as well in a big space as it does in the smaller venues. The crowd were great, no talking, and the music was amazing. Jónsi’s voice is just sublime, there is nothing else like it and I could listen to this band for forever. Thank you Sigur Rós, please come back soon!

  31. By far the best gig I’ve seen. Firstly the Brighton Centre was a brilliant venue for the audio aspect of the whole performance. Not forgetting to mention the beautiful visuals that seem to go so well with each song. Yet again Jónsi’s outstanding voice didn’t fail to impress and I Break Horses was a perfect support act. The overwhelming emotions present during Hoppipolla were almost too much to handle. Every nerve in my body tingled during that particular song. I would pay to see that over and over again. Beautiful.

  32. It was a glorious evening. Visceral, plangent , and I found myself in tears. Left the concert in total stunned silence.

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