sigur rós 2013 tour

capital fm arena
nottingham, united kingdom



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  1. Dear guys..i’m from Zagreb..sorry that Your dream ended tonight…i hope one day You will come to.Croatia..and definetly you will win our hearts,and souls…please come here!!
    For all happy people were on concert tonight…uf…

  2. Absolutely stunning I never believed the beauty of the records could be captured live but it was even more beautiful. The visuals were also a stunned compliment. Takk takk takk x

  3. … what can I say? Words actually fail me. That was the most stunning concert I have ever been to. It was not technically a concert though, more of an ‘experience’. An experience I will never forget, I want the memory of the crescendo on Glósóli to be the last thing I forget before I die, along with the memory of the birth of my daughters. This word gets overused, but it was EPIC!!

  4. Another brilliant performance at Nottingham and really good support band.
    Seen you twice this year now, both times fantastic

  5. takk fyrir, Sigur Rós! you were incredible (as anticipated)… the second time I’ve seen you this year and it was even better!!

  6. Absolutely epic……second time for me this year. Jodrell Bank was awesome, but this time I was right at the front and coiuld really feel the power of the group. Polus got to chat to Jonsi outside venue which was amazing.

  7. Thanks a lot for coming to Notts guys. First time I’ve seen you live, it was quite good!
    The visual effects/lighting were quite stunning and complemented the music really well!
    Jonsi’s long note during “Festival” was the highlight of the concert… together with “Popplagið” which, in my opinion, was even better than the album version.
    One critique; the acoustic wasn’t great great. Jonsi’s bow guitar was at times too loud, so it was impossible to appreciate the brass and strings =/

    But, all in all, great show. Takk!

  8. Guys, I thought the light show and effects were absolutely terrific, as was the playing. I think the songs that came over the best were; Untitled #1, Varúð, Svefn-g-englar, and Untitled #8. My only gripe, is either with the acoustic of the Capital FM arena, or the bass and/or Jonsi’s guitar were too loud. I think it says a lot that the quieter songs came over better because all the intricacies could be heard. I’d say the most intense musical experience (tears pouring down my face..) I’ve had was looking over Edinburgh on a clear windy day from Arthur’s Seat while listening to the first 4 tracks of Takk on headphones. Oddly I felt none of that emotion tonight. I’d suggest Birmingham’s Symphony Hall for your next trip to the Midlands. Stunning acoustic, and might be more appropriate. It might have been the venue that played a part tonight. We need to hear more Jonsi, backing vocals and strings. But thanks for being amongst the greatest artists in the world today, and making my world a better place.
    Ps. Kudos to I Break Horses, came over well. It would have been nice to see them :P

  9. That’s my 5th Sigur Ros gig of the year with the 6th & final one coming in a few hours in Brighton. Thought 6 times was a bit OTT but actually wishing I’d got tickets for wembley arena as well & made it 3 days in a row.
    After taking in the amazing Jodrell Bank experience from the back, it was good to be very close to the front again to experience the band playing. Takk

  10. My second SR gig and by golly it was amazing again tonight!
    You guys made my spine tingle all the way throughout the performance. Festival was a highlight and then some, simply beautiful!!!

    Lexi xxx

  11. Hmm, Overall I was disappointed. The accoustics were terrible and all the subtlty was lost.
    The staging was good, loved the light sweeps, but this couldn’t make up for overloud and unbalanced sound..
    Sorry, I so wanted to love it having been a fan since around () and was really looking forward to finally getting to see the band live.
    so at best 6/10

  12. I saw Sigur Ros last night at Nottingham Arena. The best group I have ever seen, they were amazing, specially when they sang “planet earth” theme, amazing.

  13. What a gig! The complaints about sound must have come from those near the front. I stood near the sound booth and the sound was probably the best I’ve ever heard at a gig – powerful yet clear, Jonsi’s vocals and guitar sounding remarkable (his voice has to be seen as well as heard to understand just how great it is) and I loved the new backing vocalists and band.

    The light show was mind-blowing, helping lift the music beyond the studio versions – really hope there’s a DVD after this tour so I can show the rest of my family.

    To Sigur Ros – please don’t split up after this tour! Kveikur has become one of if not my favourite album of all time and there are tracks from it I’d love to hear live on the next tour. Would also love to get my wife to see you, I’m gutted she couldn’t have been there last night.

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever contributed to a non-work related forum or review, but this was a special night for me – a transcendant experience that I’m so pleased I had.

    Thank you Sigur Ros!

  14. thanks for coming to Nottingham on this leg of the european tour.
    it was a truly magical and uplifting evening. varúð was the highlight for me and with the visuals on the big screen it was just beautiful. please come see us again soon!

  15. I dont want to sound soppy and all that, but at times I was literally breathless…and incredible feast for the senses that I didnt want to end.

  16. Visually, vocally and musically stunning. Excellent concert. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you :)

  17. Nottingham last night – have to agree the sound near the mixing desk was perfection. If you’re going to plough right down to the front you can’t always expect the best sound balance – there’s compromise for you – I’m sure the visuals from there were insane.

    All aspects of last night were amazing – the band, the sound, projections, production, the set, the unbelievably epic encore. Love the new album at least as much as any other – up there with (). Brilliant.

  18. Absolutely beautiful show. Wanted to see you guys for years and it was perfect. Thank you for playing Vaka! Who was responsible for the visuals? x

  19. Wow. Just wow. I had been wanting to see you live for a while after discovering your music and seeing ‘Heima’. And yesterday, my boyfriend suprised me and took me to your concert in Nottingham. And it was magical. Every time I hear you play, it’s like hearing all the beauty of the world… The singing was wonderful – and what a note you held there, it lasted forever! Also, you were my first concert ever. I will never forget it. Thank you so much. Merci. Takk. Amandine

  20. Fourth time this year – two Brixton gigs were amazing, Jodrell Bank bit of a comedown as Jonsi’s voice was clearly suffering….last night was the best of them all….changed set/lights but the sheer intensity never changes….Festival was truly soul moving, the extended gaps & of course the note hold….Takk Sigur Ros for making my life so much the richer.
    And for you first timers check out Riceboy Sleeps – get yourself a decent set of headphones & just…..float into obscurity…..x

  21. As someone who was at the front I thought the sound was excellent. I’ve seen them a few times before in smaller venues, and whilst they have been nothing short of brilliant, sometimes I felt the sound systems and speakers could not do full justice to the power and intensity to the climaxes of songs like Glosoli, Popplagio and Varuo, when they really go for it. And last night stood at the front I certainly got that, so I could really lose yourself in the songs.

    As I’ve loved them since Ágætis byrjun it was such a thrill to see my favourite band ever in my home city, a very special moment for me, almost spiritual at times. Only let down was that they didn’t play e-bow, but then again you can’t win them all.

  22. You were astounding! One of my best gigs ever and you encored with Svefn – G -Englar with one of most amazing length of end note singing humanly possible!! Takk so very much.. Iceland calling to hear you play there Good luck with the rest of the tour..x

  23. oh and P.S you brought a tear to mine and my friends eye. that’s how brilliant you were.. x

  24. You were incredible! One of the most amazing gigs I have ever been to. I’m not usually a fan of the ice arena but the sound last night was amazing and that coupled with the incredible light show and images made for an unforgettable gig. I loved it. Thank you.

  25. Really good show. I saw SR at Jodrell Bank in August and was interested to see how it worked indoors. The scale and crowd was obvoiusly smaller but the show itself was marginally better…and a bit longer! There is no other band out there that do what they do and those that couldn’t make it are missing out on a unique experience that comes around all too infrequently.
    Thanks guys…stay safe :-)

  26. Almost an out of body experience, happened to be at Maida Vale but had no idea how stunning the big show was going to be !!

  27. I am 66 and I have loved your music since I discovered you on Japan television in 2007, I was at Manchester and Nottingham, your music is very emotional, thankyou for brightening up my life with it

  28. I was at Jodrell Bank and was stood toward the back near the mixing desk. Last night I was right up the front. I have to admit the sound was better at Jodrell but it was brilliant to be able to see the stage clearly and worth sacrificing slightly on the sound quality to see the show up close

  29. Awesome gig.
    Been a fan since you released Takk….brilliant.

    The support band were brilliant as well but I didn’t catch there name.
    Anyone know it?

  30. I break horses were the support. Saw them supporting Sigur Ros again at Brighton tonight ‘ they’re playing a small London venue in January so I’ll pop along to that too I think as enjoyed

  31. I’ve seen you twice this year, Glasgow in March and here in Nottingham. Both concerts were an absolutely brilliant experience. To hear Popplagið twice live is unbelievable! I have loved you since I first heard Hoppípolla, way back in 2006ish. Please don’t forget the North East of England on your next tour, the acoustics in The Sage in Gateshead are brilliant. I Break Horses were good too, (just bought their CD). Good luck for the rest of this tour. Takk x

  32. 1st sr gig. Amazing night. Audio and visual spectacular. Enjoyed the support band I break horses too.

  33. Yet another unbelievable experience! Twice this year for me – End of the Road festival in August for the first time and second being at my second home, Nottingham! Living a life of a foreigner in England has sometimes its advantages – one of the greatest being able to see you play live, guys! Thank you so much, your music, performance – the whole show just simply evokes almost painfully freezing but incredibly gorgeous and so authentically Icelandic Aurora Borealis in my Czech inland soul :-)

  34. This was my fourth time. My first was at Manchester in March, then the following night in Wolverhampton, then Jodrell Bank, and now this. Mind-blowing show, fantastic sounds, beautiful visuals and lighting (award-winning I heard). Jonsi’s voice was perfect again (it suffered a bit in August), I swear that’s the most beautiful sound on earth. A great venue and a lovely crowd. I always make friends at SR gigs, the fans are lovely! And thanks for the little chat afterwards Jonsi. You boys have my heart! I agree with the above comment re: Riceboy Sleeps – check it out, and also Jonsi’s solo work “Go” and what he’s done with Parachutes. Kjartan Sveinsson’s new stuff is lovely too! Oh and get well soon Georg.

  35. I was at the Nottingham show – been wanting to see you for years after seeing various videos on cable TV some years ago. I wasn’t disappointed.

    Great performance(s), great music. Thanks for coming.

  36. 2nd time ive seen SR this year, the first being in wolverhampton (had to leave early for the train though)so it was good to see them on home turf so to speak.
    Sigur ros pull out all the stops in their concerts and this was no different. amazing visuals, complimenting the songs perfectly. i was at the front on the side seats and the sound was perfect. but then again i appreciate this for it is – good music. to say i nearly didnt go because i had a bad day at work.. im glad i did. sr will always have a space in my heart

  37. SR just keep getting better, so much better live. First saw them around 8 years ago in iceland and couldn’t understand a single word but the sound was breathtaking . I’d had an awful day at work but SR just took me to another place and lifted me. I thought the sound was incredible and apart from coming on quite late and finishing too soon, no complaints at all. Any idea who the first band was?

  38. Nice to catch up. You touch all my sensory devices which is nice. We will do it all again some time soon. Taak x

  39. after waiting nearly 3 hours i was not disappointed! I was right at the front and I was taken away this this beautiful and Brillient music! Was worth the wait! Have wanted to see you live for AGES you are with out doubt my favourite band and I literally always listen to your music! Will be seeing you live again soon! Thank you for an amazing night! X

  40. I was moved. Third time of seeing you and will not be the last. Every song a crowd pleaser, every note a thing of beauty.

  41. I’d like to thank you for the amazing concert that I was attended in Nottingham. You are rockin’ ! I am loving your music! All the best for you!

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