sigur rós 2013 tour

usher hall
edinburgh, united kingdom



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  1. If only my meditation practice came close to this; totally relaxed and happy. Thank you it was beautiful.

  2. Ever since I discovered Sigur Ros in 2009 it quickly became my favorite band. I was studying on their music, relaxing and even crying when I am listing to their captivative tunes. Then after seeing their documentary movie Hiemma I got a personal crush with the band and their music. Tonight I wanted to know if this band really captures large part of my heart. It was tough to get a ticket in the last minute but I got extremely lucky to be in the grand circle. No words can describe what I saw and what I felt during the entire show. It was so shocking to me that I became idle and speechless after the show and my brain was somewhere else. I did not expect that I am so passionate about this band this much. I felt the two hours were 10 minutes and I did not have enough. I was walking outside till late hour dreaming to meet my idols in a way or another, but they are so hard to reach. Jonsi got so mental that he started pushing microphone stands in the end toward the crowd and he was in a hysteric state! This live show was so fantastic that it is ten times better than all live shows I have seen for this band on the internet. Maybe I felt this way because it was hard to believe that this band is so real in front of my eyes and their songs are the same melodies that I listen to them nearly everyday. Untitled no.8 was the epic ending as expected and even though I hoped they use curtains for the second part of the song, it was so unbelievably magical without it. I need a DVD release of this show. This could be the best UK performance of this band to date. Sigur Ros you will always be in my heart. Thank you for one unforgettable night. Zed

  3. Superb concert. Great music played by astunning band of musicians. Great visual show with evocative films and dramatic lighting. In a great setting. I saw the show in glasgow earlier this year but couldn’t see in the crowd. To watch this evolving on stage was a great experience. Best concert of the year so far by one of the most original bands in the world. Taak.

  4. Thank you, Sigur Ros, for giving me two of the most memorable experiences of my life – Glasgow and Edinburgh. Your music transcends reality and reaches something far more magical. I wish I could see the world through your lens.

  5. Absolutely perfect. The sound was amazing and filled up the whole venue, the lighting and stage was breath taking and fit wonderfully with the projections and music. It was all just stunning.

  6. I’ve been waiting to see you live for over 10 years, but have missed every chance until now. It was everything I hoped for, and more. Several times I had literal chills down not just my spine, but my entire body, and it even brought tears to my eyes. It was magical, powerful.

    The only thing that could have made it even better (how is that even possible?) was Olsen Olsen, which was the only one of my favourites not to get played.

    Keep going guys! Never stop!

  7. I was disappointed with this performance, I was expecting an etherial treat, but it was a cacophony of noise. The bass player was simply in the wrong key in Hoppippola and the drummer made Phil Collins look good….crash band wallop. It was a wall of sound with little subtlety. I really like their CD’s and was expecting more. Sorry, I know this flies in the face of the other reviews but there you are!

  8. A simply stunning and magical night, at times ethereal and mystic, at others cathartic. What an experience. Thank you and please come back.

  9. My dreams came true last night! Hypnotic and magical, one of the best gigs I have ever been to. Jonsi captures the audience with his haunting voice, hitting every note perfectly. Overwhelmingly beautiful! Untitled #1 was stunning. A fantastic show! Come back to Scotland!

  10. Absolutely spectacular, emotionally moving and life-affirming experience. Hypnotic from start to finish. The depth and multiple layers of sound were simply beautiful.The visuals and lighting accompanied the music perfectly.

  11. I’ve loved you for many years, but this was my first live experience. Deeply moving: I was close to tears. Even in a crowded auditorium, it was an intensely personal experience, and I felt connected to the cosmos. It was gorgeous. Please come back soon to Scotland. Takk.

  12. Saw the moon rise over Hrafntinnusker in the midnight sun when i walked the Laugavegurinn trail last year. Always think of that time when I see a full moon now. Saw one rising over Arthurs Seat while crossing the meadows to get to this gig – magical. Takk!

  13. This must be the tenth time I have seen Sigur Ros (the first they were supporting God Speed You Black Emperor in Manchester, way back). The show was as stunning as I had hoped and it is impossible to describe it to those who weren’t there. Many Thanks

  14. Thank you Sigur Rós! you were one of my excuses to come to Edinburgh, all the way from Argentina. At one point the public was so relaxed that it bothered me a little they didn’t respond much to Jónsi’s request of singing or following the rhythm during Med Blodnasir. Anyway, I had the best time ever, I hope you can come to my country someday, I’d gladly go and see you over and over and over again!

  15. Such a brilliant show. The effort and imagination that goes into a Sigur Ros gig makes it a really magical experience. Great choice of venue. I would love a live recording of this. Sound was great and the musicians and vocals were perfect. Stunning.

  16. did a 6 hour round trip to see sigur ros at the usher hall and boy was it worth it…absolutely fantastic…first time I’ve seen them and even better live than on cd….the whole thing was stunning

  17. Second time for my son and I to see you live. Your music speaks to both generations. A wonderful night!

  18. Have to agree with Neil, I’m afraid. I have all the CD’s and love their emotional, ethereal sound. Many of the images / film clips were evocative and fitted well. But for me it was just too loud and the excess lighting – that blinding camera flash thing that seems popular these days – was an irritation and distraction rather than enhancing the experience. I guess I just think their music speaks for itself and a live show does not need to go to these lenghts.

  19. Epic performance from the band. I was in the standing section and Varúð was my highlight of the show, was shutting my eyes and virtually tripping out during that :-)

    Liked the support act too, will check out their material.

  20. I can’t quite put my finger on what wasn’t quite “there” about the show, but despite the impressive visuals and the quality of the music played, I felt it lacked something overall. I came away thinking it was just ok.
    Jonsi sounded like he may have had a bit of a sore throat at times, which may have played its part, but I was slightly disappointed.
    I saw Sigur Ros (and For A Minor Reflection) in Glasgow a few years ago and really enjoyed that gig.

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