sigur rós 2013 tour

the woods
nashville, tn, united states



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  1. Superlatives are not enough for how good this band is live. I’ve been a huge fan of Sigur Ros for years and this was my first chance to see them in concert, just amazing. Musically and artistically the best show I’ve seen in over a decade. The thing that really impresses me is that it’s all about the music, no one acts the star, no big solo extravaganzas, just one cohesive ensemble making a collective, incredible emotion-packed sound. Any chance to see them, just go.

  2. I’ve never finished a concert with my mouth wide open in awe. Until last night. Who finishes a show with a 15-minute symphony that sounds and feels like a moon shot? These guys. That’s who. Not a wasted moment, not a missed feeling. Most powerfully emotional concert I’ve seen–ever.

  3. First off, I never imagined seeing Sigur Ros in the middle of the woods, so that in itself was perfect. I have honestly never witnessed the reactions from people at a show. There were tears, shouts of joy, people holding hands with those that they just met or have known for many years, people with eyes closed letting the music and energy wash over them. I’m not sure I’ll ever witness another live performance like that in my life. Bucket list show is now crossed off the list. All that being said, takk fyrir, Sigur Rós.

  4. After nearly a decade of listening, I finally got a chance to see Sigur Rós in person. And it was amazing. Not a single regret. The music, the people, the venue–everything worked together perfectly. I only hope that I’ll have the chance to do it again.

  5. I play violin for the TSU orchestra in in Nashville and when we were invited to perform near the entrance gates I was thrilled to have an opportunity to be performing so close to these wonderful artists.

    The rest of the gang had to leave with the bus, but since I drove myself there I made my way to the stage after stowing my instrument away in my car. As I approached, my excitement grew, but I had no idea what I was in store for.

    This show was awe inspiring. My body was literally vibrating from the inside out with pure bliss. This was reminiscent of my first experience hearing a live orchestral performance, the performance that caused me to realize I wanted to be a performer myself.

    Thank you, Sigur Rós.

  6. I have been a fan of Sigur Ros for years. I had never had the chance to see them live. The concert was more than I could have hoped. I have been to concerts before where the live show sounds so different than the recorded music you come away disappointed. Not Here! No Way! Sigur Ros sounded exactly as I have always known them. I was in complete awe. I wish I could share this concert with everyone of my friends. I took a friend who really did not know the band. She thought it was going to be a mellow boring new age kind of evening. She walked away astounded!

  7. Never have I been to a better show. The lights, the venue, the sound, everything was perfect. Julianna Barwick was the best opener anyone could have asked for, and then Sigur Rós… I have never felt so much emotion at a concert before: tears, laughter, joy. It was like being at the gates of heaven for a few hours. I wish I could go back in time to that show. Takk Sigur Rós.

  8. I have seen them play 3 times now, and I’ve got to say the Nashville show at the Woods amphitheater was by far the best. I got there hours early, and was lucky enough to be extremely close to the stage. The entire night was just perfect, so much emotion and bliss. Takk!

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