sigur rós 2013 tour

mann center
philadelphia, pa, united states



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  1. Probably the first live show I’ve been to for any band that didn’t include an encore…the Mann show last year was a lot better

  2. It was my first time I’ve been in a concert by Sigur Ros, and I can say that it really lighted me up, it was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!
    I can’t express my joy with the simple language of the words!!!!

    TAKK Sigur Ros

  3. Since the last show at the mann a year ago, they’ve played over 120 shows with little time off. They are in the middle of a tour. They are putting out some of the most intense, powerful music in the world. And they played for around 2 hours. I don’t know if it’s fair to demand an encore after such a great performance. It seemed to me they left it all out there on the stage. Last year’s shows were their first on tour in years. The crowd was much better last year but the BAND was on point and completely captivating. This show was unforgettable. Thanks to sigur ros.

  4. I didn’t think you could top MSGs performance in May, but you did. What an amazing experience. Best live act I’ve seen!

  5. First time seeing Sigur Ros live and it was nothing short of amazing. Best show I’ve been to. Period. Looking forward to your next tour. Thanks!

  6. culmination of the abstract and physical : light; abundant joy. silver moon, flowing breeze, remarkable accoustics, audience in sync : the sound was perfection. eyes mostly closed for traveling but when i did open them, the visuals merged environment with sound.
    instrumentation a sheer delight; a voice to carry with us forever.

  7. such an amazing show. I saw sigur ros at MSG in the spring and that was amazing, but seeing them outdoors on such a beautiful night, made it 10x better. I cannot thank sigur ros enough for all they have done for me. they brought me out of some hard times. it is truly a dream to see them live and was absolutely unforgettable.

    much love.

  8. First time seeing Sigur Ros live…. Best concert I have ever been to! EVER. Sublime…Ecstatic…

  9. First time seeing them live, and call me crazy, but I had tears in my eyes the whole time. I was captivated by the beauty. No encore necessary.

  10. Great venue, nice crowd, incredible show. If you asked me to compare it to something I have seen the only thing that comes close would be a Floyd show. But, sigur ros stand alone, great band!

  11. Writing this a while late, but this was one of those shows that sticks with you. It was my second time seeing them and was every bit as gorgeous and moving as the first time. Really well curated performance flowing from selected older songs and the new album. Just gorgeous.

  12. This show put Sigur Rós in my top 5 live bands. I can’t wait to see them again.

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