sigur rós 2013 tour

les nuits de fourvière
lyon, france



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  1. Thanks for this wonderfull time yesterday evening under the stars ! it was so great, bewitching by your voice and your music… You made us to travel in your world again.

  2. It was just magical. You all made people dream last night.
    My head is full of stars thanks to you.

    Hope to see you soon in France again !

  3. Yesterday at Fourviere was like a piece of eternity.
    Thank you for the magic dream.

  4. I’m a girl from taiwan. When you visited taiwan last year, i’m so sad that i wasn’t there! But luckily you come to Lyon!
    U guys are wonderful!!!
    Jonsi has the voice of angle which took us to the wonderland.
    This won’t be my last concert of Sigur ros!
    Keep going!=D

  5. It was jut …. amazing.

    Thanks Guys for this big moment of happiness ! ! !

    Your music come from the sky :

    Energic as a storm,
    Sweet as the wind,
    Pure as the air,
    Fresh as the snow,
    Melancholic as the moon,
    Bright as the sun,

    Thanks ! ! !

  6. Hey, les petits bouchons, merci for this new amazing concert in this magic place. Your smiles and laughs were comforting, we also enjoyed playing the pillow fight with you. The public always warmly receive you in France… please come back to Paris later this year, if possible in a smaller room than the Zenith! (X2)

  7. Takk, takk, takk

    It whas a magical concert.

    L’esprit magique de l’Islande a plané sur Lyon ce soir-là.

  8. Takk fyrir það var frábærlaga!
    You are the best þunglyndislyf I had ever.
    Almost cried and now I’m about to cry every time I hear some of your songs.

    Toward the music, the voice, the ruins, the stars, the pillows… How could it have been better?

    Greetings from a dreamer you filled with happiness!

  9. There was nothing like it… I’ve seen many bands playing live over the years. Some very popular bands and some more on the experimental aspect of sound and music but i could have never imagined how intense this experience would be. I felt completely wrapped into something that grabbed me from the very first note until the end of the concert. It was like having a bicycle road trip but with the sensation of being in a roller-coaster ! In the end I was litterally stunned. That night in Fourvière, I was one of the witnesses of something beautiful, something strong, something fragile, something really moving in the same time and more than any words can say : I’ve seen Sigur Ròs…

    Thank you for making such wonderful music. I bow before you forever…

  10. Hello, I was not lucky enough(did not have the opportunity) to see you in concert in Lyon, and I hope to have new opportunities to listen to this great music. It is certainly complicated, but I would like to see you in concert to the ” festival of doll “which takes place in Vendée (france). Votre music and this place would be a combination perfect to cross an extraordinary moment. Thank you for making us dream…

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