sigur rós 2013 tour

colours of ostrava
ostrava, czech republic



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  1. You were fantastic, brilliant…(plus other million possible positive adjectives I haven´t got in my vocabulary)!!!

  2. thanks for this great performance! It was absolutely amazing and hypnotic evening… I hope you come back to our small Czech republic soon! :) I adore you guys! :)

  3. Very nice and touching performance. I was absolutely speechless. Thank you very much for coming to Czech Republic, hope to see you soon again in our country! :)

  4. I will never forget these amazing moments…I had goose bumps and tears of happiness in my eyes whole koncert…THANK YOU and I hope I will see you again, maybe once in SLOVAKIA :o)

  5. Thank you so much for the incredible concert, it was like the gift from the universe, absolute beauty. I am so happy I could be part of it. Hope to see you again soon!

  6. I love you guys. I never before had experienced such a fantastic concert before. It was healing for my soul and joy to my heart. Thank you very much and look forward to next time

  7. it was amazing what you did with hoppípolla. At first I thought that the song is over so i was a little little sad…this song means a lot to me, i wanted more these beautiful and strong feelings. but then you have continued to play and my feelings were back :) but all of your songs are beautiful…please, keep doing what you do. me and my two friends will definitely see you once playing on iceland…that is our dream and we will come, i swear ;)

  8. I couldn’t say anything. thanks for one of the best moments in my life! Please come back to the Czech republic!

  9. your music = pure iceland!
    your concert = fantastic, all inclusive.

    …and in the end of concert came the real eruption of icelandic volcano…

    TAKK! maybe once in slovakia

  10. it´s been a month since you´ve played in Ostrava and my heart is still full of the beauty… thank you very much!!! i hope you come back soon… i look forward to

    message to ellisa – to go to the island for sigur rós, please take me with you!! :)

  11. i can’t believe i finally got to see you perform, and in my home country, too! :) as an expat, it’s hard for me to attend any gigs, but during summers, festivals in eastern europe are the easiest for me. when i saw you guys announced, i knew i would go no matter what.
    when the day came, i was so excited, i waited before the show even started and was at the front, was so worth it! the whole atmosphere was so magical as it got dark with the old factory behind us. the performance was amazing, flawless and out of this world. so many emotions! i loved that moment <3
    when varúð came and hoppípolla straight after, i cried!
    probably my favourite performance to this day and i will cherish those memories forever! i only wish you played isjaki, that song is amazing! see you soon again :)

  12. The best live show of my life, I’m 34 and have seen many many big bands but you simply took me away to another world and threw me back after 90 minutes. Hard to describe it in another way…
    Looking forward to another trip!!!

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