sigur rós 2013 tour

deer lake park
burnaby, bc, canada



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photos by patrick gateley



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  1. The sound of the music was a atmosphere so close and so far away.

    What a beautiful evening.

  2. words cannot describe how absolutely stunning this show was thank you so much an amazing time

  3. The most moving concert I’ve even seen. Every song was beautiful, especially the very last, which brought me to tears. It’s just so sad that I lost my signed drum brush.

  4. Incredible performance, as usual!! Thank you Sigur Ros!!

    Anyone have a set list for this show?

  5. In tears. The whole show I had tears welling up in my eyes. I was crying because of the incredible mix of emotions. The beauty of the atmosphere, the energy of the music, and just the fact that they were RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME <3 Every chance I get in the future, I'm seeing sigur ros in concert. Nothing will stop me. Thank you SO MUCH. I know you will never see this, sigur ros. But I loved this show. To the fullest extend that anyone could ever love anything.

  6. What a sublime, magnificent display of modern music at its finest. Mother Nature chipped in as well with a rainy mist and a flock of geese in their iconic v during a break in ‘Festival’ . Thank you Sigur Ros, I’m so very grateful to have seen you live. Like others I was brought to tears, especially during the closing track. Thank god music like this exists.

  7. Once again my soul was captured in this magical amazing music, there are no words to describe the intense joy and awe i have listening and seeing Sigur Ros!!!

  8. Wonderful music, enhanced by the mist,thebirds flying overhead and a well balanced sound system. I lost my prescription sunglasses that night, so if you found them and are reading this; please call me in Victoria, I’m the only SmallFry listed in the phone


  9. It was a dream come true to see a Sigur Ros show (saw them play at their Heima London Premiere but it was really low key), and to see it in this scenery. Despite the weather I enjoyed every minute of it. Beautiful and overwhelming!

  10. We thought we would have to pass due to heavy rain, but it let up around 8 pm and we dashed over there to see the last hour…. Spellbinding… well played, everything top notch… so glad to have witnessed and be inspired.

  11. Amazing. Second time I’ve seen you guys this year. Best concert I’ve been to in a long time.

  12. I have gotta butt in here you are comong back to North America cool My girls and I saw you in Montreal at the Bell Centre got caught off guard too overwhelmed Please detour back to Montreal this Fall. By the way We streamed Kveikur … a fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Album congrats The girls and I like really this regenerated band a lot!
    Happy touring

  13. Sigur Ros creates music that delves beneath superficiality and unifies at the core of our very being. Seeing them live was one of the most emotional and beautiful moments that I’ve experienced, and I feel so connected to the world and life because of it. I’m so uplifted because of what they do, and I would see them again in a heartbeat.

  14. This was the very best concert I’ve ever been to. It is moments like this that we live (and hope) for.

  15. This was the only concert I have been to where everyone was moved to silence and just listen with no interupting noise, incredible, would see again.

  16. This concert was phenomenal. I am not exaggerating when I say that it was effectively the most positive emotional experience I’ve had in my life. I cried tears of joy nearly the whole concert, and felt an ‘afterglow’ for the length of the rainy walk back to the metro. Fantastic performance.

  17. Is this the Jenna that I know? If not sorry. If yes… I was the madman dancing maniac left side of the field at this show, holy shmoly blast off! Did you go to their show in Vancouver this past fall? Egads what good shows. Cheereo. Conrad

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