sigur rós 2013 tour

olympic gymnastics arena
seoul, south korea



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  1. We are really thank you guys.
    We all will remember the great nature’s music that heals our souls until we will meet you again. It took my sorrow and pain, and opened hope and hope.

  2. As always your performance transported me to another plane. Over 10 years ago my friends and I met you in San Diego outside the Speckels theater. Jonsi hopped the fence of an ice rink and proceeded to run around and slip all over. To this day I have a picture of that moment. Experiencing your show now as an adult took me back to my carefree youth. Your music will always have that power. Thank you. Gracias. Takk.

  3. I really enjoyed your performance. (feels like i’m blessed, really) It was a miracle which feels like a birth of new life. 19th May 2013 was one of the most amazing day in my life. Hope to see you again! Takk :)

  4. The performance was so great that I can’t evsn subscribe.
    It was very pleased to see you guys in Korea
    Hope you guys visit Korea again :)

  5. it was honor to hear you guys’ live music!! thank you for visiting korea and i do really hope that i could meet you guys again!!!!! love you !!!

  6. Your Performance was like a one of film that deals with love and hope. and you said that thank you for coming. but rather i say to you, “thank you for coming.”

  7. Thank you guys for wonderful concert and uploading our photo!!
    I’m never expected that!!!
    Actually we were awiting you guys from 9 o’ clock!!
    I was so disappointed that you guys have already gone!!
    But now it’s okay!!
    Because you guys know how much we love you guys!!
    I’m really thank you guys for last night’s fantastic concert!
    Please come back Korea again and soon!!!
    I love you guys!! Takk~~~~

    (I’m the one who made paper boats inspired by Valtari’ album cover’s boat!!)

  8. takk firir, ég mun sakna þín, ég elska þig!
    i will always remember your warm-hearted kindness and concert yesterday.

  9. it was an amazing night!!! I’ll never forget this feeling in my heart….you touch my soul from the very first time I heard you years ago….now hearing you in the concert i think i touch the heaven!!! i cried with hoppipolla!! my favorite song!!! takk!!! gracias anf thank you!!!?

  10. fantastic! hope you guys come again to korea.
    i dont know what you are talking about but i feel what it has to be (i believe)
    your music made a difference yesterday!!

  11. It was super fantastic! Thank you guys. I’ll never forget yesterday’s fascinating experience. Come to Seoul again, plz

  12. huge thanks for showing us what i have never seen and heard in this world. full of energy, what a intense and tremendously beautiful moment of my life! love you and hope to see you again in seoul, hopefully not in a concert hall but outside!! with moonlight and breeze or storms and raindrops or whatever mother nature will allow us! ^^

  13. It was the greatest and the best performance I’ve ever seen!!
    When the concert started, I couldn’t help crying, as every sound hit my heart. It was so beautiful and warm-hearted.
    Please come again! We will wait for you!

  14. it was best moment. and I cried second times. thank you so much for visit Seoul. I hope, next time will not the stadium,

  15. it was best moment. you guys make me crying second times. thank you so much for visit Seoul!!! I hope, next time will country-side openspace, not in the big city, I can recommend some places.

  16. the last time i saw you guys was back in 2005 at calvin university in michigan. that was my first time to be exposed to your extraordinary performance, and i’ve been a fan since then.
    I couldn’t get more excited when i saw my demand update that you will be in seoul!
    the performance was more than i could imagine. my friend and i were overwhelmed by your passion and love for what you do.
    i can’t wait to see you guys again!
    take care!

  17. It was truly the best time.
    I felt it came to heaven.
    Thank you for coming to Korea!!
    and Please come back to Korea :>
    We Love Sigur Rós!!!!!!

  18. It was so amazing. I would never forget it! Your music has been one of my favorites since I first listened to the album ‘Takk..’.
    All the things I saw at the concert were unforgettable. Light bulbs on stage, images on screen, last but not least..
    you guys! I should say “Takk!” to you all.

  19. Who can deny your wonderful performance and the beautiful songs as the world’s greatest artist?
    It was the best time I swear. You guys make me cried twice, and I was impressed by your performance.
    It’s been 3 years since I have had depression, and I heard your songs called ‘Inni mer syngur vitleysingur’ at radio a few months ago. At that moment, I became a big fan of you because that beautiful melody, sounds helped me soothe my nerves. So that’s why it’s unbelievable which is I saw you guys and kindness for your lovely fans.
    Thank you for coming here, Seoul, and thank you for singing the wonderful songs. It’s an undeniable truth you are the best artist who can help mend a someone has broken heart.
    I can not still believe seeing you, and hearing wonderful songs very closely. Thank you for your coming, and great kindness for your fans, again. Takk!:)

  20. Takk sigur ros
    awesome awesome stage.
    I was gave gift a flower to you.
    One more time, come back to Seoul.

  21. Thank you for everything
    Ur music always treat me…
    Absolutely, you are the best

    I saw u, i felt u n i went into u.
    This was my glory
    Do your best with your artistry
    I trust u

    Let’s see 30 July in Lion
    I’m gonna follow u :)
    remember my name?

  22. I feel like there are still some of your music in my ear even though Im not listening to any music now..
    your voice, your melody, your performance, and the lights on the stage… I’ll never ever forget any of them.
    you know what… I always feel like I’m an isolated island floating on the sea. so alone, desperately seeking somebody or something to rescue me from this deep blue ocean. but on the day, I finally realized that I am not the only island on the sea. there were many of me, somewhat different, somewhat alike, who have many common things with me. like all of us in that place was listening to your music. your music, which is a kind of a remedy.
    I just wanna say thank you. thank you for giving me a unforgettable memory and inerasable music.

  23. It was a fascinating experience.
    Please visit Korea again.
    Then we will show you unforgettable scene.

  24. Takk!!!
    I naver forget your live show.
    Thank you for all!
    Big LOVE for yours!

  25. i saw the emotion.
    i saw the world.
    i saw the universe.

    thanks for your visit in seoul.
    please back again soon :)

  26. I can not believe I have seen in my eyes a Sigur Ros concert

    I hope the opportunity to meet again in the great show thanks

    I love Thank you I believe

  27. I would never forget this moment till I die. It was best 2 hours in my life. Thank you for letting me spend such a wonderful and unforgettable time!

  28. Thank you for me a time like a dream.
    Someday will we meet again? Please!!
    ? ??! :)

  29. I flew over 1000 kilometers to Seoul just to see your concert. It was such an unforgettable experience. All the words in the world fail to describe what a magical night it was. The light, the visuals, the atmosphere, and of course the musicians, everything and everyone were perfect. Please please come back to Asia soon. We just can’t get enough of you…

  30. I don’t know what to say now… I just sooo, soooo, happy for you
    and toooo much feeling sad also..
    I’ve been waited sigur ros for 13 years. I always said that i eager for see the Sigur ros in my life, even just a onece, just oneday.
    Finally you all came to Seoul, Korea and played beautiful beyond the perfect!!!! How dare i make a describe of the concert ? Even I couldn’t realize that i was there, with Sigur ros, too!!
    Of course it was absolutely happy and glorious night. The concert was the best art-show ever! Most of us cried because so happy.can you believe this?
    But….. Now….me and Korean fans should be waiting you again. Is it possible that the Second concert in Korea, in the next? we are really really missing you guys already..
    Your home, Iceland is toooo far from here, but we feel very close eadh other. I think this is the power of music. Takk fyrir, sigur ros, thank you for made us happy.
    Please come back to Seoul again. and show us the miracle of your music!!

  31. I gave up my career as a musician long time ago.
    and my decision was not wrong.
    that’s what i felt that night…

  32. I wannna see you guys soon. Thanks, you made me inspirational. Takk with all.

  33. Jonsi
    your voice was like a beautiful sound of wind.
    i will never forget this feeling.

    miss you so so so bad.
    see you soon plz.

  34. Last sunday was the happiest day of my life.

    Thanks for coming, I waited for you for ten years.

    I love you and miss you..

    see you soon plz…!

    ????..????? :)

  35. Takk Sigur ros!

    it was the best time in my life and i never forgot this incredible performance. i cried through the whole show! thank you for coming to korea. i wish to see you guys again next time in korea :D

  36. Your band is the best in this world!
    Thank you very much for coming to Korea.
    i wanna some .. you will comeback soon :D

  37. Takk!!
    It was a spiritual magical time
    feels like in heaven
    Thank you for visiting Seoul
    Please come again :)

  38. Takk!!

    It was really amazing!!
    I feel that I’m still walking in dream after May 19, 2013
    Thank you for providing such a happy moment

    I hope you guys come to Korea again soon!!

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