sigur rós 2013 tour

verizon theatre
dallas, tx, united states



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photos by shawn saumell



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  1. Awesome! Beyond – out-of-this-galaxy… It was the BEST concert we have ever been too. Incredible finale! Luv it! Skaol!!! Come back to Dallas… We will be there. We know your sister LARA.

  2. You all blew my expectations out of the water. I can’t explain how amazing the performance was tonight!! Hope you all have safe travels throughout the tour!

  3. Best musical performance I’ve seen. My wife and I truly enjoyed every minute, and will definitely attend any future shows in the area! Thank you so much for coming to Dallas!

  4. There’s no way for me to say something that hasn’t already been said before, but this was a tremendous show in every single respect. The set list was phenomenal and the performance was pitch perfect. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to see them, and if you haven’t do whatever it takes to make that happen on one of their remaining dates.

  5. I only found out about this band a few months ago.(I am over 50 crowd) So I took my wife and being from the 60’s I saw a lot of awesome rock shows. This one was well syncd and sound was excellent.It felt like a full orchestra. Lights added to the drama and my non sleep.It was something very artistic and well done. If Sigur Ros was a painting it would be hanging in a museum. Very beautiful.

  6. A perfect meshing of brilliant music and haunting visuals into a moody, atmospheric experience that was more like a dream than a concert. The boys from iceland are master crafters of the live show. This was my first Sigur Ros concert, and it is probably the first of many.

  7. I had never seen you live, or was too familiar with your repertoire… and I came out of your concert in Dallas last night a changed being. I felt as if for a moment I was in a different world. I have never experienced this in a concert. Best moment of my life. Thank you!

  8. Absolutely incredible show last night! I’ve been to hundreds of shows and this was without a doubt one of the most special I’ve ever had the pleasure to see. The visual aids that accompanied the music were perfect, great set list, perfect sound. During the climax of Hoppipola I thought for a moment my heart would burst, thank you for your amazing music.

  9. no words can express how phenomenal this show was, it was worth driving 6 hours for this. going back to listening to any other music seems dull. the show itself with lighting and video controlled all one’s emotions throughout each song. loved.

  10. Totally worth every penny. Could have done without the opening guy, but everything else was perfect. I wish the audience had shown more respect by not moving around quite so much (ie getting up mid song) and being loud during what was meant to be a quite contemplative song, but that’s not the band’s fault. It was a great show, the sound was excellent, and I was left in awe of the instrumentation. I also really enjoyed the lighting and video components, although, being a instrument watcher, I didn’t see very much of the video. Highly encourage you to go see it. If tears don’t leak out of your eyes at some point, I’m surprised.

  11. Thank you SO MUCH for coming to Dallas! It was one of the most beautiful shows I’ve ever seen. Such haunting sounds and visuals with an absolutely perfect set list!! I was completely mesmerized. Hopplipola was beyond incredible as well as the one with the clanging percussion instrument (I’ve never seen such an instrument before but it truly had a fantastic effect!).

    Thank you for laying your hearts and souls out for us to take in. It was exquisite.

  12. The show was unbelievable. I had been dreaming of seeing you guys live for so long, and it was everything I was hoping for and so much more. The experience was transcendental.

  13. Best live show I’ve ever experienced, bar none. Absolutely incredible. I had full body goosebumps for a solid two hours.

  14. What a gift your show was, last night. Very rarely does an event take place so joyous that it creates a special and lasting bond between all who experience it. Your show in Dallas is one such event. It will be cherished and shared for years to come. Thank you.

  15. Here is the set-list. Apologies, it is not in proper Icelandic with accent marks and such:

    ny batteri
    vaka (untitled 1)
    e-bow (untitled 6)
    hoppi + med blod
    olsen olsen
    popplagid (untitled 8)

  16. I had been keeping tabs on the band ever since i was introduced to them by a friend back in 06, and was disappointed that i had missed out on seeing them live by a few months when they played the Bass Hall in Fort Worth… I’d kept up with them anxiously awaiting another north Texas tour date, but for years no luck. when they announced their hiatus…i resigned myself to the fact that i’d never see them live… Then they reunited, and still no Texas date. Well, that wait ended this past Monday…and it was well worth it. It was by far the best concert i have been to, by a long shot! The band is infinitely more amazing live than they are on disc! The presentation was beautiful, Jonsi was AMAZING, and the band and supporting crew was PERFECT! It was sad not seein Kjartan with the rest of the band, but fortunately his absence did not affect the live show a bit. My wife was reluctant to to come with me to the show, but she left the show a fan. We will definitely be attending any future shows in the area. Thanks guys for FINALLY coming back to North Texas (…and for turning my wife into a fan:)!

  17. Best live concert experience ever!!
    Please come back to Texas <3
    Love ya Sigur Ros!!

  18. I saw Jonsi live in Salt Lake a couple of years ago, so I knew Sigur Ros was going to be great. I’ve always been a HUGE Sigur Ros fan, so I was ecstatic to finally see the band live! I was very privileged to be on the front row of the pit, right in front of Orri and the vibraphone. This is the best show I have ever, and probably ever will see (save for the future Sigur Ros shows I hope to attend). It was amazing!! I thought the albums were awesome, but they were even better live! Everything was perfect, from the visuals to the music. Jonsi’s voice was perfect, not a single pitch error. (Even the females in the orchestra sang wonderfully, and the strings and brass were very well blended!). At one point, Orri had to leave the stage durring the beginning of Festival to take of his long sleeve shirt, and change into a black t-shirt because he was playing so hard. (He broke a stick on the first song, and I was afraid he was going to break through a tom head). I’m really digging the added level of percussion on the new songs! It’s amazing to see how well the band plays together, and how beautiful the music really is. Since the concert, I haven’t been able to think about much else!
    Looking forward to the next show!!

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