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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderfull show tonight at the HMH – Amsterdam.
    Still enjoying every second of it!

  2. This was my first Sigur Ros concert I attended and wow.. It was amazing! I’ve been to a lot of bands in the years, but this one has a special place. Incredible, thanks!

  3. Wow, what can I say? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a fantastic evening! I was really astounded by the heavenly music you all gave us. I truly liked your new music which you presented us with. The visuals were of a beauty, the likes one could only experience in dreams, very powerful!
    Keep up the great work! … I’m looking forward to seein’ you again at Rock Werchter. I hardly can wait.
    TAKK!!!! Love, Henriette XXX

  4. Just home after a concert of Sigur Ros. I really have no words that even closely describe how fantastic this was. I feel really privileged that I was there. The passion of their music and the sheer power they gave us AWESOME (but this is a major understatement).I totally agree with Henriette too, this was a dream I will never forget, this is having angels on earth, who understand the true meaning of telling the people a story with music. There is no way to express my gratitude. I am 60 now and I hope I will keep up the good health to come over again. See you all next time, beautiful people of Sigur Ros !!!! XXXXXX

  5. That was mind blowingly awesome! Don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a fantastic combination of ethereal music and stunning otherworld art. An incredible wall of sound without any gaps, don’t know how Jónsi keeps his voice going… Stunning.

  6. Sometimes I just closed my eyes and let myself be drowned in your music. The visuals, the sound, everything was right. Thank you for a wonderful evening.

  7. .was so emotional that at the end everybody felt the same …..was more than a show , was something that stays for the rest of your life, in your body inside your soul. ..thanks
    See you soon

  8. I was waiting for a chance to see you about 3 years. And after 2 hours i didnt understood what happened. I think i was all this time in trance… And i think i’m still.. Love u :)

  9. I have been to many many concerts but seriously this was the most memorizable experience. musical grandeur. the music, the show, the unbelievably amazing voice, the feelings created – it was a truly fantastic concert. I really loved it! thank you so much for enriching the world with your music and coming all the way to Amsterdam to play for us!

  10. Usually, when I close my eyes during a concert, I close out everything to focus only on the music.
    During this concert, closing my eyes mean shutting out part of the amazing experience. The lights, the visuals, the sheer energy the band radiated.. It was overwhelming.
    So I want to say thank you, Sigur Rós. I don’t think I want to live without your music anymore.

  11. This was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, so incredibly inspiring! The show last night gave me some sort of emotion that music has never given me before, thank you for that! Goosebumps from the firt note to the very last one.

    Thank you Sigur ros for making life more beautiful

  12. That was such an AMAZING experience tonight in Amsterdam!I enjoyed the concert so much, you made me float and dive into myself and my memories and I gazed at all the visuals en the music was like a secure comforting swirly blanket throughout all of this, making me land back on earth feet first every time it was needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. perfect. TAKK!

  13. Takk!!! Thank you so much for this show.
    Once again you managed to make this concert a special one.
    Your music is so pure, amazing, inspiring and rough… It reflects entirely the country you were brought up.
    Thank you for this magic moment and see you soon!

  14. Experienced you guys yesterday in the HMH. What can I add to the other reviews of those who were there to share the magic that is Sigur Ros… One of the best concerts I ever visited! A truly unique musical and spiritual experience that will stay with me for ever. Whether it was Jonsi’s flawless voice, the stunning and absolutely brilliant visuals and stage design, the inspired musicians or the quality of sound (the best I have ever heard in a live concert!); they all were of the highest standard. Truly remarkable and a labour of love that is much needed in these troubled times. Sigur Ros made us part of their wonderful, wonderful world. Wished it would never end… Takk! Thanks so much! Namaste!

  15. Thank you so much for last night’s concert. Everything was so beautiful! The graphics, the lighting, the music, Jónsi’s singing…. I just felt so happy all the way through the show (happiness reached its peak during Hoppípolla/Með Bloðnasir), I had a big grin on my face all the way through the show.

    It was a fantastic and magical experience. Takk Sigur Rós, and until next time!

  16. Legendary, that would be the word to describe it. I’ve been to several concerts, but this one really was the best of all concerts so far. Hopefully you will return any time soon with great new music. Until that moment, thank you for this magical concert.

  17. Two words: Apollonian and Dionysian :)
    For the experience (and for everything else),
    Thank you :)

  18. This was my 3rd Sigur Ros experience and absolute the best! I liked Paradiso as well, but this time a complete different experience and show. The visuals, the show and sound were fantastic. I really liked the new songs and can’t wait for the new CD (when?). I really think about visiting your show in Lille next week. And pleaes make a blue-ray of this show so we can go back in time whenever we want :-)

  19. Second Sigur ros concert I’ve attended. It gets better every time. I really enjoyed the new songs, can’t wait for the new album! The light effects really complemented the music, mindblowing. I hope I see you guys at Werchter this year…

  20. This was my first Sigur Rós concert. It was the perfect concert, no doubt about it. The playlist was excelent, the visuals were incredible and the on-stage performance + performers were outstanding. Jónsi’s vocals were amazing, it was such a special performance from all the show’s musicians. Thank you for this incredible experience.

    Takk, Sigur Rós.

  21. Technically and acoustically perfect. Front row. Dead centre. It was a magical night, although nothing less was to be expected. This concert was topped only by their headline act in Reykjavik at Iceland Airwaves 2012 as seeing them play at home, in front of a home crowd was a once in a lifetime experience, and a privilege to have been there. Last night was no exception. Sigur Rós, keep on doing what you do best. Making awe-inspiring music. Takk.

  22. Sigur Ros,

    Thank you so much again for another great evening, I wish the concert lasted forever. There are almost no other bands whose music is so pure, beautiful and magical as you guys. Hope to see you again very soon and I hope to enjoy your music and shows for many other years.

  23. Last seen in September 2012 …

    … and yesterday I fell in love with you once more.

    Please come back soon!

  24. Tusen Takk!! Amazing, stunning…. I am completely speachless. Had goosebumps all the time and enjoyed this concert as much as non other. You are true artists!!
    This evening will remain in my heart for all my life. I will definitely join another one this year in Europe. Dont mind traveling far to see and hear you….. RESPECT and greetz

  25. c’mon guys, it was not THAT good! ;-)

    (it actually was, but how much praise can human beeings simply handle, in the end.. ;-) see ya in june for the 7th time!)

  26. I am deeply impressed, the visuals, the show and sound were fantastic! Life is beautiful with you guys, its perfect! Sigur Rós, it was beautiful just like Iceland itself. Love

  27. I made plokkfiskur prior to the concert; it was amazing, but not nearly as good as what followed. Takk!

  28. I’m still thrilled by the combination of the visuels and emotion of the songs. You guys will remain in my heart!

  29. The only thing which could possibly top last nights gig would be to see you play in Iceland. That would be a dream come true!

  30. This was our first Sigur Ros concert. My friends did not know the music at all but they were positively surprised by the energy and settings. Thank you Sigur Ros!!!!

  31. it was sold out. That means you managed to keep a couple of thousand people dead silent while plsying your most fragile parts. Amazing.

  32. I’ve been a fan of Sigur Ros for many years now, but for some reason I’ve never before attended one of your concerts. Yesterday I finally did, and it was amazing. It brought back so much beautiful memories of our holiday in Iceland. Husavik, Myvatn, Stykkisholmur, Isafjordur, we visited all these places with Sigur Ros as our soundtrack. Last night we finally saw you guys perform this soundtrack live. Takk fyrir. Hope to see you perform in Iceland on holiday sometime soon!

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