sigur rós 2012 tour

urbanscapes festival
kuala lumpur, malaysia



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  1. I expected it to be moving, but I did not expect to weep almost non-stop for the first six songs. So overwhelmingly beautiful. Thank you so much for coming, I never thought I’d get the chance to see Sigur Ros live.

  2. Thank you sigur ros.. you were awesome. i was expecting ny battery. but the new song was amazing.. feel very special to hear it. i am from the maldives and would love to have you come to the maldives some day. we love you. most of us don’t know what u are saying in the lyrics.. but still we love ur music.. i think that is the beauty of it. i hope all music bands become like you some day.

  3. 40 years from now, I’ll be telling my grandchildren what was it like watching sigur ros performing live. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for bringing such beautiful music to this world. When I first heard your music at 19, it was so beautiful and mesmerizing that I couldn’t stop listening to them. Over the years, It felt like you were always there through thick and thin. I am now 29, and hearing you live made my life felt complete once again. Please come back to KL..

  5. Thank You! Thank You!

    Your music is inspirational cathartic manna for the ears and the soul.

    Come back again.

    We will be waiting.

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful performance. You guys were fantastic!

    Words cannot describe how I felt during the performance. Having to hear your awesome songs sung live in the open air concert with the full moon waxing in the sky, truly magical and beautiful moment.

    Please come again soon Sigur Ros. Malaysia loves you!

  7. The best show I’ve ever seen in my life.
    Magically, for the first time I cried at the concert.
    Thank you. The best 25/11/2012

  8. Broke down the language barrier, better yet, demolished it. So moving. Thank you for changing my life. Taak Sigur Ros.

  9. Sigur Ros is one of the top items in my my “Things to do before I snuff it…” and I’m really happy that that is now checked.. You need to come more often and share the beauty of your songs to a bigger audience!

  10. Was a EPIC CONCERT i’ve ever seen in Singapore & Malaysia!! Someday you guys have to come to Indonesia!! Many fans waiting for you guys at there!!!

  11. Was it real or was it a dream? i was questioning myself while i muddled my way out from Astaka Field after experiencing an epic journey of lights,sound and visuals. it was almost mystical, an out of the world and overwhelming experience. i found myself unable to go back to reality after watching you guys–Sigur Ros, the band that i’ve been in love with for the past few years. you took us on an emotional roller coaster ride last night despite the language barrier. i can’t believe that it is now over after months of anticipation. please do come back.

  12. It was the best concert I ever been to.The perfect ambient, harmony vocal together mix with the various of music instrument makes me feel like I am in Iceland, staring and gazing at the beautiful horizon, with the amazing north star filling the sky. It blend very well although Malaysia is total difference than Iceland. Your music is very authentic and it is an honor for me get an opportunity that I think will only come once in a blue moon.I always dream that one day I will travel to Europe just only to attend your concert. Thanks for choosing Malaysia as your closing ceremony for Asia Valtari tour. Hope to see you guys again here.

  13. Takk firyr Sigur ros fyrir að koma til fallega landið mitt, Malasía. Þú ert tónleika var dásamlegt og töfrandi. Þið krakkar gera mig fljúga með eigin vængjum mínum. Ég var í fremstu röð. Takk fyrir jonsi að horfa á mig þegar bróðir minn hrópaði nafn þitt hátt. Ég var að bráðna og finnst eins og Im fyrir framan ykkur. Jafnvel er þetta fyrstu tónleika minn alltaf ég hef alltaf verið. Takk fyrir gerir draumum mínum rættist. Draumum mínum rættist. Feel frjáls til að horfa á ykkur í landi mínu fljótlega ef þið komið. Vinsamlegast komið aftur og koma Kjartan líka. Ég bið ykkur. Takk aftur.

    Frá yngsta deyja þinn harður aðdáandi alltaf,

    Sorry if my Icelandic was bad. Please put the blame on google. LOL hahaha


    ….and next time,do bring Bjork too will ya if you wanna perform Gobbledigook.

    …and better headdress..

  15. dont mad at them.. they just play some of their old songs that not really cheerful.. it was awesome performance ever in my life even they dont play some of my favourite songs like hafsol, vidrar vel, inni mer singur vitleysingur, vid spilum endalaust, fljotavik and etc.. they were awesome that night. Sigur ros please come here soon.. next year maybe? :’)

  16. Thank you for making one of my dreams come true of watching Sigur Ros perform live! Thanks for coming to our country! Hope you guys had as much fun as we did!

  17. Thank you for coming to Malaysia! One of my bucket list item! I will hope to catch you again, in Iceland itself. I love Iceland!!! Beautiful country :) Beautiful people! Beautiful music! :)

  18. One of the best days of my life. One of my most favourite bands and my most favourite post-rock band. loved it totally. Thank you very much.

  19. Catching Sigur Ros live has always been one of my dreams, and thanks for making KL a stop on your tour. Hope you’ll still include Malaysia in the future for the fans in this country.

    You’ve always been a deep inspiration and has kindled hopes with your music. Never failing to amaze and move one’s soul. Thanks for touching my life.

  20. i can’t think of a more appropriate way to end such a amazing gig than with a literal bang of fireworks.

    thank you.

  21. That weekend, I came out alone from Bangkok to Kuala Lumper for your show.
    I would like to say I can’t forgot that night your music was very beautiful and powerful.
    I hope some day some were(will be good if you come to Thailand) I’ll see you again…I’ll wait for that day.

  22. You made me cry… It was so beautiful, so EPIC… PURE MAGIC.

    Your art is magnificent.


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