sigur rós 2012 tour

taiwan university stadium
taipei, taiwan



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  1. Actually, I’m not a crazy fan about you. But every time when I listen to your music. It really touched me. Even though I don’t understand the lyrics, I can feel you guys are telling a heartbreaking story…..thank you for give me such a beautiful night…

  2. Thank you. This is what I can utter now. Your show is speechless. The rain, the welcome gestures of yours, your bow… Taipei was once a better place because of Sigur Ros.

  3. what a great night!!! I will remember forever
    Thank you so much for coming Taiwan.Hope to see you soon

  4. Thank you for bring us such a great performance tonight!
    It’s very touched that you choose Taiwan as one of your world tour stop, it’s our pleasure to have a live Sigur Rós!
    Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo!

  5. After the last song
    I can’t talk.
    I can’t pick up the phone.
    I can’t even move.
    Thank you tonight.
    This is important for me in the hard time.

  6. You all bring me to a fantastic journey to the mystery!!!! Thank you so much. Best concert ever!

  7. Orri i love you ! after i saw your performance tonight , i wanna quit my job and practice playing the drums day and night ^.^ i love sigur ros ! your music make me feel pure and happy !please come to taiwan again ! see you !

  8. Thank You!! Sigur Rós
    Always give me a happy time listening your music
    This is my best concert that I ever had.

  9. i love this concert tonight~
    can anyone tell me what’s the song name of last song of tonight~ i love it so so so ……….much~


  10. ???????????…..??Sigur Rós ??????????????????????

    ????????AKG???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Sigur Rós?????????????????????????:)

  11. Thank you guys for giving us a wonderful night.
    It was awesome.
    Hope we will see you soon^_^
    The visual with your music is just like a great dream.

  12. The whole show is so amazing that hope u can always put Taiwan in your world tour list…PLEASE!!!!
    Love the lighting a lot~

  13. thank you guys for such a wonderful night, I have been waiting to see you guys play live for a long time and it was worth it! So touched by your music, I wish one day I could visit Iceland and listen to you play in your hometown again.

    ?? sigur rós, ?????????, ???????Live????, ???. ?????????????????????/???????.

  14. It was fantastic and overwhelming! Though I once saw your show at Summer Sonic in August, it is still a marvelous night to see you guys again in my home land! Takk!!!

  15. The epic-like performance is so amazing!Takk!
    But next time wish to see you under the noon and on the grass:)

  16. Millions of thanks for such an amazing and breath-taking concerts! You had already took away my soul.

  17. Imagine a family of seedlings left earth seeking the joys and riches of another planet. Their journey through across the universe was treacherous but they all saw magical things precious only to space. But along the way, many of them died. In fact, only one survived. It was very sad. But that one seedling persevered and when it finally reached the planet, it blossomed into the most beautiful and ethereal flower that this universe has ever seen and it ruled for all of eternity. That seedling is Jonsi Birgisson and this story is a SIGUR ROS concert put into the words.

  18. Tonight has proved to be worth 10 years of waiting. Pure greatness and so many personal memories that come with each of your songs. I was honored to be there to witness it all. Truly thank you for a great audio feast.

  19. You were worth flying into Taipei into. I would love to watch you guys perform in Japan, too.

    Oh, you are all just so phenomenal. Thank you for a beautiful night of music. :)

  20. your music display the Icelandic saga of pure, infinite tone, coming from the cloud and the sea and all the creatures in the world. Tonight I saw vision beyond the stage to the outerspace. It was you guys who brought me the overwhelming emotions ever happened to me in a concert. I really appreciate it, and your performance was invincible. Hope you guys can come back to Taipei soon!

  21. älska dina låtar mycket!

    I am Taiwanese and love Nordic countries,
    especially Iceland and Sweden.
    hope I see you guys again in Iceland!!
    love you xxx
    Thank you for this wonderful show!!

  22. Thank you for such a great night, it was PHENOMENAL. I was sitting on 2nd floor right front from the stage and had my eyes filled with tears of joy all night. “Popplagið” (if I remember correct) gave this show the best climax ending that I’ve never experienced in a concert before, let alone the amazing “Hoppípolla”.

    I’m still in the aftershock of this stunning performance and just want to thank you guys again for coming here, I’ll never forget tonight.

  23. Dear Sigur Ros,

    Thanks for such a feast, honestly. You’ve brought Taiwan one of the best ever performances with both excellence from all the musicians and the well thought of graphic background!

    All the songs are rather well linked, and except for one or two pieces in the very beginning, jonsi’s voice was all night long near perfect. And the drums!!!!It was such marvel indeed.

    The only tiny imperfection had to be the flute… I was super excited when I heard the very first bit of Olsen Olsen, and knew for sure the solo bit for the flute would make the night…. So i was saddened by the part all the more… No worries, though!

    My angels please keep bringing us the heavenly sound. Your new one is extremely lovely! Please do come back soon!!

    Lots of love,
    Wanyu Lin

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