sigur rós 2012 tour

le bikini
toulouse, france



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  1. Supernatural!
    3rd time which I see you and it is always so magic, thanks to you and stay how you are!
    Hasten to see you again on February 27th in Paris…

  2. I cried (a lot), I sang, I smiled, I cried, I was full of chills everywhere …

    Thank you for this very sublime fusion Live at Bikini. ^ ^

    I love you !!!

  3. Two nights, in Arles ‘n Toulouse..
    The two venues are different and both great, in the theater that was just epic, magic, a moment full of so much feels, no words, really… In the Bikini, more ‘intimist’ place than the day before, seeing you all so close, so strong..

    One thing i will ever remember, the faces of people..

    You make people feeling good..

    You are not a music band.
    You are the Voice of something else…

    And thx again to your sound engineer for giving me the setlist and the talk about the shows!!

  4. ce concert fusionnel à Toulouse m’a transcendé,des moments d’une beauté hallucinante. Vous êtes unique musicalement parlant, et poutant j’en aime des styles de musique ( jazz,classique,électro,électro-rock,dub,trio-hop…) mais vous êtes les plus innovateurs de ce début de siècle.Je vous suis depuis vos débuts et vous me touchez toujours autant. Comme je l’avais inscris sur le panneau que je brandissai au cours de ce concert inoubliable : SIGUR ROS HREIN LJOO. SIGUR ROS PURE POESIE

  5. This was my first time seeing you play live and I must say that it was just incredible. I have never felt such emotions listening to music before.. I had tears and felt euphoria at times. I can’t wait to see you guys again soon!

  6. We came especially from Israel to make this dream come true. We didn’t know how powerful the experience of watching you live can be , from the first row it was the most spectecular show. We smiled when you smiled, laughed when you laughed, paused when you paused and oh did we cry… thank you for an amazing show. Come to ISRAEL please!!!!! lots of love, the real kind of it which fills one’s heaft to its fullest. <3

  7. yes ! yes ! et encore yes ! un concert sublime, c’est preque banal de dire ça… merci beaucoup les gars, les filles, et jonsi tu donnes ta recette quand tu veux pour garder une voix comme ça !! c’est pour les autres… ciao

  8. Depuis que ce concert est fini, j’ai une boule au ventre.
    C’est comme si j’avais eu un court aperçu du paradis, ou un truc dans le genre, et qu’il fallait que je revienne sur terre. Mais moi, j’ai envie d’y rester sur votre planète! C’est trop puissant ce qui s’y passe!

    En tout cas, je ne regrette pas les 2 jours de route pour venir vous voir!

  9. When you played in Antwerp a few weeks ago, we were too late to get some tickets. And that venue is only about 5 km where we live. So we were very unhappy that day. Then I saw you’re were playing in Toulouse, and at that time we spend our holidays in the neigbourhood (100 km). So, I was very lucky to get 2 tickets for that show. And it was very worth the effort. Thank you, the show was fantastic. I’ll come bach to the show in february in Forest National. See you!

  10. Takk you so much guys. I hope you felt great on stage with us. Anyway, we felt so much great…Please, keep going… and come back in Toulouse!

  11. Merci.
    Merci pour ce grand moment de musique qui, aujourd’hui encore, me fait frissonner en y repensant !
    Encore merci …

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