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kveikur released worldwide

18 June 2013

sigur rós - kveikur

kveikur has been released around the world over the last few days, with today seeing the release in north america. the album is available in multiple formats: digital, cd, double vinyl and expanded vinyl. to celebrate the release we have two mini-sites: we are curious to know what you feel, see and imagine when you listen to kveikur. we know everyone has their own ideas of what the music might be about, so we have launched a new site on where we invite you to share your photos, drawings, videos and more to your socials with the hashtag #kveikur. it’ll be exciting to see what emerges! “as a band we always write the music first and listen to it later to work out what it might be about. that’s how we come up with the words, by approaching the music without preconceptions and seeking meaning that was hidden from us at the point of creation. the music tells us what it is about.” – georg “to celebrate the release of their new album kveikur, sigur rós will play a selection of songs from the record live during a special 360° interactive webcast from dresden, germany. during the show fans will be able to take control of the 360 cameras and watch the show from whichever angle they choose.”

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