sigur rós 2013 tour

eden project
cornwall, united kingdom

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main stage: sigur rós / daughter / willy mason / mwahaha / dawn chorus ignites

med biome stage : luke sital-singh / thomas j speight / saturday sun / west barbary




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Amazing show in an amazing venue. A perfect mix of old and new. Come back soon!

An incredible show at Eden Project - such beauty and power. Fantastic.

As usual stunning show , venue great. This group of wonderful musicians deliver brilliance every time.

An amazing show, one of the best gigs I've ever been lucky enough to attend. Absolutely stunning!

It was my first time seeing Sigur ros last night and I was well and truly blown away. They were spectacular, stunning visuals, lighting and sound. They really went well with the obscure setting that it Eden. Definitely recommend seeing them!

absoloutley amazing, enjoyed EVERYTHING about it!

sigur ros, youve done it again, thank you! <33

(thanks to jonsi and goggi for recognising me with my flag and giving me a little smile/wave at the end <33)

Concerts in Cornwall

Such a beautiful concert, visually, musically, everything was perfect! We've put some pictures up on the Concerts in Cornwall website here (, and we'll get a full review on there this evening.

Thank you for such a memorable gig!

First time seeing them live, I've been a fan for about five years and it was absolutely flawless!

amazing gig and great supporting acts, one life time dream come true

Caroline Pedler

Loved it from beginning to end. You never cease to inspire us beyond our expectations, and transport our minds and hearts to a different world. Best gig I've been to in Cornwall. I've followed you after seeing you in the late 90's in the Trinity in Bristol, with Black Speed You Black Emperor and Fly Pan Am, and then Paris, Rock en Seine last year, and then Eden. Come back soon ...please x

Second Sigur Ros gig plus 2 Jonsi gigs and this was by far the best yet. Such a stunning location and an amazing set list - the best of old and new tracks. Wonderful.

Awesome show last night - everything just seemed to click into place. The best show I have seen at Eden (and I've seen a few!) - any chance you guys can come back next year?


Simply stunning! Saw them 5 years ago in Bristol but this show blew us away! Well done to the Eden team too for putting on such a brilliant day!

Sublime, awesome, superb. The best Sigur Ros gig I've been to and the best Eden Sessions. What a night. Feel but sad as I don't think this will ever be matched. Love you guys so much

Stella Pilsworth


Brilliant evening. just awesome.

Joshua Dalton

My friends and I were in the front the whole time. You were beyond perfection.

We came, we saw, we caught your drumstick.

Stunning venue (Eden indeed!!), stunning visuals and performance. Thank you Sigur Ros and all the trees, plants, and flowers! :)

Richard Stinton

The venue, the light show, that voice, the band, the atmospher was unlike anything i have ever experianced.I watched it with my family and it affected us all. Thank you.

The show was so amazing!! The lighting was beautiful. Looked like northern light.

Thank you for the great time:) x

Sigur Ros plus Eden equals Heaven. Heaven.

Phenomenal. Please come back soon!

Loved the slight re working of the songs. I was worried all the extra band would spoil the purity of the originals. But no!!! you improved what i thought could not be improved. I didn't think you could be beat the first time i heard Popplagid at Glastonbury (when Jonsi ? smashed up his guitar). But you did. Perfect set.

My first time seeing Sigur Ros, I went with a friend who travelled to attend the show.

I've seen a fair few gigs at the Eden Project but Eden and Sigur Ros were meant to be. I was awed, it was enchanting. The whole performance, and in that setting, had a ethereal feeling. Thank you.

Epic - the most incredible band at the perfect venue - stunning performance, fantastic lighting and visuals - thank you so much.

Absolutely amazing. I will treasure last night as one of my best ever memories. Thank you for bringing beauty to the world with your music. x

Gillian Aylott

Sigur Ros playing at the Eden Sessions Sunday night was truly magical. I have wanted to see them for years and I was completely blown away by the experience. Jonsi's delivery was stunning, his vocals woven into the powerful music and the mesmerising visual effects reached me on so many levels, emotionally, physically mentally, spiritually. As I cast my eyes around at the audience, people were hugging, swaying, lying together with eyes closed consumed by the whole experience in such a beautiful setting.

We arrived at the Eden Project tired and jaded from a hard week and left feeling dazed and uplifted. Walking back up through the stunning surroundings to the waiting buses we glanced at others who looked back with bemused grins that echoed "we experienced something really special tonight didn't we?"

Richard Stinton

I have already added a review, but i just wanted to say a big thank you. Instead of the usual big city venues that most bands play in the UK, you took the time to come to Eden in Cornwall. Beautiful venue,Beautiful band.

Robin Mackenzie

Absolutely beautiful show, incredible performance all round. Thank you so much for playing in such a wonderful venue and providing an incredible night.

Neville Godwin

Got dead centre (which is important for me) which was nice.

Below is one of a few pics I took.

John Briody

Have been my favourite band for a long time and have seen them play (albeit, a while back) in Florence and Alexendra Palace and an acoustic set for the premier of Heima in London and attended a documentary film q&a in Paris. For me, while I did enjoy the gig there just wasn't the awe and the magic of those shows - something was missing which actually made me feel quite sad. Awesome venue and great playing and amazing songs but just not the magic for me.

Love transformed into sound. Thank you xx

Jennifer Harrington

A symphony of music and light, film and art, passion and performance. Breathtaking.

My first Sigur Ros show, but 4th time at Eden.

Weird, only have two of their albums (just ordered 5 others on Amazon) and hadn't listened to them much really. Had no expectations, just that it was a good venue for the band's music.

So, I was a little surprised when a song from () came on early in the set, and I literally started to cry as it ended. I was then just lost to the wonder of it all for another 90 minutes or so.

A night I was blessed to experience and will never forget.

Thanks you Sigur Ros & Eden.

PS...posted a few videos of the night on Y.Tube, Gazza7 is my user name.

PPS Might go to Jodrell Bank.... ;)

What a wonderful night. Perfect.

I'd really like to make it up to Jodrell but it's a Friday! =[ Really awesome gig guys, I can't stop thinking about it. Best gig I've ever been to!

Thanks so much for a fantastic show.Please come to Brittany as soon as you can!

Gillian Healey

Wow, wow, and wow! The venue was intimate, and perfect for their performance. The sound engineers did a superb job bringing out every instrument brilliantly. A combination of amazing visuals and music to provoke the sole. A brilliant evening. Great to see musicians who are at the top of their game. Thank you Sigur Ros for making such beautiful music.

Matthew Barwick

First time i've seen you play sine Glastonbury 2003, perfect setting for the music and thought the new material sounded incredible. Travelled almost 400 miles for the gig and it was worth every one, takk! Hope you had some time to chill in the Biodomes before heading off

I've never really been one to go to music concerts - too crowded for my liking. But Cornwall, the Eden Project and Sigur Rós?

The Eden Project provided an absolutely perfect setting - intimate, surrounded by the power of nature and people who felt the music.

transcendental experience ... never seen you live before and have no idea if you can replicate this constantly on a world tour ... but this gig was just perfect synchronicity.

really special xxx

back home now - travelled 900 miles to see the greatest musical magicians the world has ever raised

can't express the joy I got from this concert/location

saw you in Glasgow back in March

you have perfected the new material since then

in fact it was all impossibly beyond perfection

if I were better off I would become a 68 year old groupie! and follow you around the planet

you blew away everyone that night including my two friends who are not at all familiar with you

Viktoria said it was a night she will never forget!


Iceland has produced some very talented musicians, love Bjork, love Sigur Ros. The Eden Session was wonderful Sigur Ros complimented by the talented backing musicians and the screen backdrop was a master stroke. The lead is not just a focal point but a conductor you could see him insisting the other musicians gave 100% as the main group did and the result was a magical two hours of beautiful and hypnotic music that had the crowd wanting more. The old and the new tracks were magnificent. Having visited Iceland it would be fantastic to watch Bjork and Sigur Ros perform in their own country at the Viking Parliament. Hope to see them again, the experience was very memorable.

Amazing venue Amazing band that was the best experience of my life

Hello =) I want to say that the concert was very very good, It was my 4 concert l been, 1st one in Tepoztlan Mexico(where l come from), the Iceland november 2012, Manchester march 3, and I decided to take the family in this Eden concert I took my two little ones who were in the front and my husban who really enjoy all concert. Thanks for playing Hopipolla =) I would like one day to have the chance to have a foto with you....guys =) Im your fan and my family as well. Hope to see you soon. have a HappY Tour. =) Gina


A truly wonderful, stunning and beautiful performance in a uniquely special venue. This is the first time I have seen Sigur Ros and it is certainly the best gig I have seen for many years, probably one of the best ever. The atmosphere was fantastic, the music breath taking, so it seemed completely natural to suddenly and unexpectedly find myself stood a few feet from an old mate - yes, you Liz, birds of a feather, etc!

Brilliant night AMAZING atmosphere - perfect band & venue - Top Marks to both Sigur Ros & Eden Sesssions. Just got to the End of the Road

An absolutely fabulous amazing and emotional concert. The place, the band, the music, the light show, and sharing something this wonderful with someone you love too, I couldnt have asked for more, there are just as good live as they are on any CD. Probably the best concert ever attended in my brief 50 years, so glad my 7 year old daughter picked out there CD 4 years ago when I could'nt see after an eye test, what a amazing moment. Well done guys you made an experience so special.

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