“every time you go on tour you want it to be different…and every time it is, usually because you have a new album you want to play people.  and that can be fun, because you have to work out how to recreate all the complicated stuff you did in the studio for the stage.  but there was a time when things were the other way round, when we worked stuff out on the road, and trying to capture lightning in a bottle was a problem for the studio later on.  this time, in addition to playing songs you know, we wanted to remember the seat-of-your-pants feeling experienced in the wake of, ágætis byrjun, when for two years we formed and re-formed the songs that would go on to be the ( ) album, live in front of people, night after night.  with this in mind, we are pleased to announce that we are playing festivals next summer in the spirit of adventure. all we can say right now is it’s going to be different, with new unreleased songs, a new show and maybe some other *new* things. beyond that, we can only ask you to trust us on this one.” – sigur rós



2016 summer european, japanese & australian festivals 2016 autumn north american shows 2016 autumn asian shows



sigur rós primavera sound,barcelona, , spain (jun 4 2016).
jun 4 2016

barcelona, spain

sigur rós nos primavera sound,porto, , portugal (jun 9 2016).
jun 9 2016

porto, portugal

sigur rós zorlu performing arts center,istanbul, , turkey (jun 11 2016).
jun 11 2016

istanbul, turkey

sigur rós release athens music festival,athens, , greece (jun 13 2016).
jun 13 2016

sigur rós bergenfest,bergen, , norway (jun 16 2016).
jun 16 2016

bergen, norway

sigur rós northside festival,aarhus, , denmark (jun 18 2016).
jun 18 2016

aarhus, denmark

sigur rós bristol summer series,bristol, , united kingdom (jun 23 2016).
jun 23 2016

bristol, united kingdom

sigur rós glastonbury festival,pilton, , united kingdom (jun 24 2016).
jun 24 2016

pilton, united kingdom

sigur rós royal hospital kilmainham,dublin, , ireland (jun 26 2016).
jun 26 2016

dublin, ireland

sigur rós open’er festival,gdynia, , poland (jul 1 2016).
jul 1 2016

gdynia, poland

sigur rós stereoleto festival,st. petersburg, , russia (jul 3 2016).
jul 3 2016

st. petersburg, russia

sigur rós montreux jazz festival,montreux, , switzerland (jul 5 2016).
jul 5 2016

montreux, switzerland

sigur rós les nuits de fourvière,lyon, , france (jul 6 2016).
jul 6 2016

lyon, france

sigur rós pohoda festival,trencin, , slovakia (jul 8 2016).
jul 8 2016

trencin, slovakia

sigur rós i-days festival,monza, , italy (jul 9 2016).
jul 9 2016

monza, italy

sigur rós ahoi the full hit of summer,linz, , austria (jul 12 2016).
jul 12 2016

sigur rós electric castle festival,cluj, , romania (jul 14 2016).
jul 14 2016

cluj, romania

sigur rós dour festival,dour, , belgium (jul 16 2016).
jul 16 2016

dour, belgium

sigur rós citadel festival,london, , united kingdom (jul 17 2016).
jul 17 2016

london, united kingdom

sigur rós fuji rock festival,niigata, , japan (jul 22 2016).
jul 22 2016

niigata, japan



sigur rós splendour in the grass,byron bay, nsw, australia (jul 24 2016).
jul 24 2016

byron bay, nsw, australia
 tickets info

sold out

sigur rós music and arts festival,stockholm, , sweden (jul 30 2016).
jul 30 2016

stockholm, sweden

sigur rós a summer’s tale,luhmühlen, , germany (aug 11 2016).
aug 11 2016

luhmühlen, germany

sigur rós sziget festival,budapest, , hungary (aug 13 2016).
aug 13 2016

budapest, hungary

sigur rós edinburgh international festival,edinburgh, , united kingdom (aug 15 2016).
aug 15 2016

edinburgh, united kingdom

sold out

sigur rós edinburgh international festival,edinburgh, , united kingdom (aug 16 2016).
aug 16 2016

edinburgh, united kingdom

sold out

sigur rós pstereo festival,trondheim, , norway (aug 18 2016).
aug 18 2016

trondheim, norway

sigur rós lowlands festival,biddinghuizen, , netherlands (aug 20 2016).
aug 20 2016

biddinghuizen, netherlands

sigur rós openair,zürich, , switzerland (aug 25 2016).
aug 25 2016

zürich, switzerland

sigur rós rock en seine,paris, , france (aug 27 2016).
aug 27 2016

paris, france




sigur rós have announced an upcoming north american tour this fall. for the first time in their career the band will be touring without a support act, instead offering the audience two sets (+ intermission) starting from 8:30pm sharp at each show.

the month long run is comprised primarily of theater shows, marking the band’s most intimate tour in a decade. in keeping with the scale of the venues, the group will be performing without the string and brass sections that have been characteristic of recent performances, opting instead to focus on the core unit of the band itself. the shows will give the group a chance to road test new music, the first time since the tour leading up to the acclaimed ( ) album in 2002 that the band has performed new material ahead of album recording sessions. alongside this experimentation played out in public, the band is also planning on attempting new interpretations of old songs that haven’t been played in a very long time.

though the scale of the venues and band will be reduced, the live production will be characteristically stunning, designed again by the team behind their previous knights of illumination award-winning tour

sigur rós queen elizabeth theatre,vancouver, bc, canada (sep 18 2016).
sep 18 2016

vancouver, bc, canada

sigur rós queen elizabeth theatre,vancouver, bc, canada (sep 19 2016).
sep 19 2016

vancouver, bc, canada

sigur rós paramount theater,seattle, wa, united states (sep 20 2016).
sep 20 2016

seattle, wa, united states

sold out

sigur rós keller auditorium,portland, or, united states (sep 21 2016).
sep 21 2016

portland, or, united states

sigur rós copley hall,san diego, ca, united states (sep 23 2016).
sep 23 2016

san diego, ca, united states

sigur rós hollywood bowl,los angeles, ca, united states (sep 24 2016).
sep 24 2016

los angeles, ca, united states

sold out

sigur rós kingsbury hall,salt lake city, ut, united states (sep 26 2016).
sep 26 2016

salt lake city, ut, united states

sold out

sigur rós paramount theatre,denver, co, united states (sep 27 2016).
sep 27 2016

denver, co, united states

sigur rós orpheum theatre,minneapolis, mn, united states (sep 29 2016).
sep 29 2016

minneapolis, mn, united states

sigur rós chicago theatre,chicago, il, united states (sep 30 2016).
sep 30 2016

chicago, il, united states

sigur rós fox theater,detroit, mi, united states (oct 01 2016).
oct 01 2016

detroit, mi, united states

sigur rós massey hall,toronto, on, canada (oct 03 2016).
oct 03 2016

toronto, on, canada

sigur rós radio city music hall,new york, ny, united states (oct 05 2016).
oct 05 2016

new york, ny, united states

sigur rós kings theatre,brooklyn, ny, united states (oct 06 2016).
oct 06 2016

brooklyn, ny, united states

sigur rós kings theatre,brooklyn, ny, united states (oct 07 2016).
oct 07 2016

brooklyn, ny, united states

sigur rós academy of music,philadelphia, pa, united states (oct 08 2016).
oct 08 2016

philadelphia, pa, united states

sold out

sigur rós thomas wolfe auditorium,asheville, nc, united states (oct 10 2016).
oct 10 2016

asheville, nc, united states

sigur rós midland theatre,kansas city, mo, united states (oct 12 2016).
oct 12 2016

kansas city, mo, united states

sigur rós orpheum theater,phoenix, az, united states (oct 14 2016).
oct 14 2016

phoenix, az, united states

sold out

sigur rós treasure island festival,san francisco, ca, united states (oct 15-16 2016).
oct 15-16 2016

san francisco, ca, united states




sigur rós clockenflap festival,hong kong, , china (nov 25 2016).
nov 25 2016

hong kong, china

sigur rós neon lights festival,singapore, , singapore (nov 27 2016).
nov 27 2016

singapore, singapore