sigur rós 2013 tour

istora senayan
jakarta, indonesia

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Ridzky Pratama Putra

AUDIO//VISUALLY-ORGASM: The most beautiful thing we can experience. Takk fyrir

miranda yemima

most epic concert after 5 years! last time i saw sigur ros in 2008 from "La Route Du Rock" in St. Malo, France, and i still had a teary-eyed moment. magic. your concert is a truly magic. takk!

rizki ananda

your so awesome.

nice performance last nite.

hope you will back again to indonesia

Super awesome!

Thank you for such a magical night, it's my second time seeing them but man they still made me shiver.

Hope to see you again soon! Takk

Didi Hidayat

Ethereal... bliss... see you guys again next time...

Icha Cannenburg

can't tell how this is mean so much to me. That was the best concert with the most incredible experience ever. Sigur Ros are more than everything that I always imagined before. It's a lifetime experience, you can't tell in a words, I know that. It's just something that you shouldn't and you CAN'T missed. They are the best from their kind. The Stage, Lighting, It's not just a concert. It's something you call "travelling to another space"

I wish I could see them again, I believe someday. Thank you Sigur Ros.

sjá þig í annað sinn :)

Anatasia Reigita

Last night was magical yet beautifully powerful. I cried and got the chills all over my body all night. Even though I don't understand every single words from the song, I do enjoy how the song bring me to another level of happiness or maybe another world in my head. Its felt surreal.

Thank you for coming to Indonesia and thank you for the glorious night! xx

Last night was indeed truly amazing. Love the whole experience, the setlist, the visuals, the crowd, everything! Istora turned into a dreamscape that I wish wouldn't end. But I'm just so glad I went for yesterday's concert. Amazing amazing! Takk for coming to Indonesia, hope you guys have a great time here, and do come back again! :)

Terima kasih, Hatur nuhun! (PS: That's thanks in my local dialect)

Kiky Huzein

I love Sigur Rós & well..I think it's the best concert ever! Beyond my expectation. And suddenly in love with the way Orri hits the drum! I cried when Saeglopur & Popplagio been played. Please come again!!! #SigurRosJKT rocks!!!!

It's magic.

"wow" and "awesome" words not enough to describe what happened at istora on 10th may 2013

Reny Maysari

Takk Sigur rós for your amazing and blissful performance last night.

Your otherworldly voice and talents and a piece of art were packed into one brilliant experience for 2 hours last night.

Please do consider to return to Indonesia someday.

Because Indonesia will always hungry for more Sigur rós brilliant performance

Arvianto Dwi

4 last songs makes me think, "Oh God, this is heaven".

I rarely look at the stage, and even give you applause. Because I didn't want to disturb the magical performances of you.

Terima kasih, Sigur Rós !

Talitha Almira

the most magical concert i've ever seen. i thank God that hoppipolla even exist in this world!


I've been waiting for so long to see you guys, i used to think it's only a dream. But last night, it felt like i woke up and fell a sleep again, dreaming but with my eyes open. Your music, it brought me to another place beyond real and fantasy. Beautiful. Thank you Sigur Ros!

Ipan Cahyadi


tanti sofyan

Excellent performance. It's now one of the most appreciated moments that have happened in my life.

I was at that moment watching Heima (2007) and thought to myself if I ever gonna experience such transcendent happiness before I die. Here I am, looking thru my folders of photos from Valtari tour in Singapore (Feb 2013) and Jakarta (yesterday). I will chase you down. See you in London (Nov 2013) for my third Sigur Ros concert in a year. Amen.

Takk fyrir.

i'm just gonna write what i've been chanting last night:

"We want more!!!"

The night of May 10th 2013 at Istora is gonna be UNFORGETTABLE night for me.

I totally loved and enjoyed the whole experience of Sigur Rós live concert you brought last night: magnificent visual arts, amazing setlist, great crowd!

Thank you very much for such a audio-visually extravagant, stunning, and beautiful live concert.

Hope you guys had a great time here and PLEASE, PLEASE do come back again. To INDONESIA.


With love from all Indonesian Sigur Rós fans!

you know that part when the crowd started humming the song after it ended and jonsi had to say thank you to stop everybody? can't remember which song. i saw the sound engineer smiling to the other engineer guy (VJ?), was it something that rarely happens? if so, sweettt.

indiscribable! it was EPIC! both my eye and my ear has an orgasm at the same time. i've been waiting for so long and it's well paid. SALUTE!

Very cool performance... i hope you plays ara batur. :)but doesnt matter

come back again!


Isti Nafisa

falleg, ýndisleg, ótrúleg ...........

þökkum ykkur að koma til indonesiu


Isti Nafisa - Jakarta,Indonesia

budi surya nugraha

Nuhun pisan kang jonsi .. Moal hilap saumur hirup abdi


Last night's performance was perfect! Would have been more than perfect if you played Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása. We will be looking forwards to see you again!

Putri Indra Gunawan

Thanks for coming to jakarta last night! That was my second time to see you guys after a few month ago in Fort Canning Park, Singapore. TOTALLY AWESOME! *SPEECHLESS* wish you guys will be back again to jakarta with another experience... And I'm still in love with you guys over and over again. XOXO ?

Oh my Lord I still can't move on, last night performance keep running in my head. Thank you, so much for coming

Buyung Prasetiyo

There just only 2 words for #SigurRosJKT : eargasm + eyejaculation


last night was magical!! amazing performance, nothing else to say.. just awesome... takk sigur ros! hope to see you again, soon. :)

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