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glasgow, united kingdom

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The bees were really buzzing in my bonnet by the end of the show!

Utterly fantastic, thank you all so much :-)

Klara Chomicz

Absolutely beautiful, as always. I love you all. Best of luck

Klara xx

marie mccabe

Truly amazing one of best gigs I have ever seen marie x

Beautiful visuals,stunning sound. I was completely transported to a world of my own. Awesome gig. Thank you and good luck with rest of the tour x

I just wanted to thank you for a truly wonderful experience. I have wanted to see you live for the longest time and it was very much worth the wait.

Have a great tour, and please come back soon!

Stuart Tilbury

Absolutely amazing!. Stunning visuals and sound; it was mind blowing! . The new songs sounded great. Haven't seen you live for a few years but it was was worth the wait. Good luck with the rest of the tour!

I think the others explained the gist of what I was going to say!

I was a bit saddened that the venue wouldn't let me take my SLR in but the performance more than made up for it.

It was surreal, a moment I'll never forget.

Thanks again, hope you come back again soon!

Been waiting to see you live for years, it finally came, and it couldn't have been more spectacular! It was the best concert I have ever been to. It was an emotional overload. I sang along and was sobbing though half of it. I could never have imagined how incredible you would be live! my ambition now is to visit Iceland and see you perform there, it would just be the most magical experience in the world. Please never stop making such beautiful heartfelt music. Love you all so much. Best of luck with the rest of the tour, and please come back soon! Thank you xxx

Best live experience I've ever had, simply stunning, and thank you for letting my die a happy man by hearing Popplagið live

there may not be many English words spoken at your gigs, but here are some to convey my feelings about last night's experience; artistic, emotional, powerful, dramatic, poignant, orchestral, triumphant, enigmatic, and above all, uplifting. Thank you all. Come back soon.

Truly mesmerising performance. Incredible light show and Jonsi's voice sounded spectacular. Inspired setlist too - the older stuff fitted well with the new material. And finishing with Popplagið. Wonderful.

Steven McNulty

Simply stunning. The new tracks sounded amazing and the whole show was a visual spectacle. All topped off by the perfect encore. I hope I get the opportunity to see you perform again soon. Never stop making beautiful music.

I first heard your music when I was 15. 12 years later and I finally saw you live in Glasgow. It was nothing less than perfect. The beauty of Josi's voice, the talent of the musicians and the world you created on stage made me cry like a baby. The words and music you have created have literally saved my life. I wish I knew a better way to thank you for what you have created over the years. You've shaken my soul and brightened my heart. Thank you. Xx

The concert was amazing. Loved it. Thank you so much for bringing your beautiful music to Scotland. xx

mäklarna winte winte

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Absolutely stunning stuff from start to finish. By the end of the set I was in a world of my own, almost hypnotised by the music - this happened to me the only previous time aw them (that was when and when I saw 'Inni' on the big screen. The new music also sounds very exciting and a slight change in direction.

I'm so jealous of everyone who has written something experience was totally different and I'm gutted. Saw you at Wolverhampton Civic Hall 4ish years ago and yes it was the most amazing live music I have seen. Stunning. This time I travelled from Newcastle up to Glasgow to see you in a big tin shed with no acoustics, drunks talking across the whole set and the crunch of plastic beer glasses adding unwanted percussion to a performance I could see nothing of because I was standing in a big tin shed. Please please please tour again but please choose a better venue. Tin sheds don't suit your beautiful music.

I agree with Catherine. The gig and the music was amazing, but a part of the public was disrespectful. Some of them were drunk and screamed during the songs.

Sadly, I missed this on Sunday. Having first heard Sigur Rós 9 years ago, I've always wanted to see them in Glasgow. That said, I completely agree with Catherine. I've been let down on many occasion by the SECC in Glasgow. The Armadillo (part of the SECC) would have been a better choice, which has infinitely better acoustics and is more intimate. Disappointed, though not surprised, to hear that a section of the crowd disturbed the performance.

I listen to you since many years ago. We came from Andalusia(SPAIN) to see you. thanks for brilliant and amazing concert. great music with a lot of your hits.


Well what can i say. Went to this gig having never really listened to much of Sigur Ros and it was utterly mind blowing. I had tears in my eyes and have came away from this gig with a different outlook towards life. To the people complaining about drunks. It was 5000 people in glasgow what do you expect. If this sort of thing ruined the gig for you. Well i kinda feel sorry for you.

Absolutely stunning gig. The visuals and the music worked perfectly together. Felt like I was transported to a different world and was left speechless after the concert. Hope one day I get to see you guys again.

Traveled from Belfast and expectations where blown out of the water.

Perfect. I was right at the front and crying tears of joy through the whole thing. Please, never stop doing what you do. ?

Best gig I've ever seen, by such a distance it's not even funny. Review (of sorts) here..

fraser mackie

Went into this gig with high hopes. the venue robbed us of what should have been a spectacular night. why would anyone arrange an all standing affair, considering the music that Sigur Ros are, and considering how visually striking their on stage performance is. well, i stood for 5 hours (the support act was 30 mins of a drone..we had to stand for..), ended up with sore legs, back, and i got a nice view of the guys head, who was either michael jordon or andre the giant, who was standing right in front of me. with his beer... never go back to the SECC. i complained to the SECC about this the next day, got a very sarcastic email back!!! please use a different venue.... its a good venue for rock and pop, but not sigur ros

fraser mackie

i have also emailed sigur ros management about this. not heard back. its more of just to make sure they never return to the SECC. i know different people expect different things from gigs, but would it have been that hard to arrange seating for those that wanted to take in the performance? i went to see guns n roses at the SECC years ago, and for some reason they had seating for that?!?! and you dont really need to see the stage for a rock show. robbed of a spectacular show, just plain robbed!!!! and what was with people standing in front of me, wearing bobble hats inside?!?! if it wasnt hard enough to see already!!!!!!!!

I had been wanting to see SR play live for so many years, missed a few shows in Scotland in the past, however I was a bit concerned that the SECC might not be the best venue as there are sound problems at some shows held there. But not to worry, the sound was fantastic and the production was stunning. Deliberatly stood back near the mixing desk as we wanted to see/hear the full experience. Please come back to Scotland soon and play a series of shows. Much love.

"I often refer to music as sounding 'alien', as if it just couldn't have come from Earth, but it applies to no band like it applies to Sigur Rós. Is it really a made-up language or is he communicating with the mothership? Are the sounds coming from that guitar a pedal or is it space-age technology? Am I being brainwashed by these sounds and pictures?"

Full review up here:

Incredible show from sigur ros. Loved the visuals. Secc not a great venue (what genius decided to put a burger van inside the hall!) Even this didn't ruin the show. Please come back soon. Thanks for your sounds)

loved the show - love sigur ros anyway. secc is a rubbish venue - the person that called it a tin shed is about right. looking forward to seeing the band at jodrell bank.

Like many who have reviewed, I too had waited many many years to see Sigur Ros. As soon as the Glasgow date was announced I pounced at the opportunity to see the band. It did not disappoint one bit.

Every single second of the concert, right from the support group to the final notes from Sigur Ros was outstanding.

I just loved it so much. I loved it so much that I have decided to see you again before this tour ends and will be one of the many in Malmo in late December.

Please keep playing this great music! I am looking very much forward to this new album.

Been meaning to see you guys for awhile and it was incredible... there is no other music like your's. gutted you ain't coming to glasgow again this year but i am really looking forward to the new album!


Absolutely loved the concert when do you think use will be touring the uk again

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