sigur rós 2012 tour

sacrum profanum festival
krakow, poland

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The concert was... heaven:) A dream come true. Thank You! Greetings from Poland :)

The best concert I've seen in my entire life - and truly I have seen many concerts. Thank you so much!

After this concert I know that people are made of stars! :) Thanks

Terrific! Incredible! Great sound!

I was especially surprised with Ekki Mukk - it souded even better than album version - very, very rich, delicate, accoustic version - beautiful! And many, many other songs souded great, very powerful.

Thanks a lot! That was really, REALLY something! :)

I want to thank you very much for this unforgettable concert :)

Thank you for this amazing concert in Poland... It was the best day of my life and the best birthday for my seventeen years old ! It was perfect and I was in paradise, takk fyrir Sigur Rós ! And I want to thank them for giving autographs after the concert, it was so nice to meet you and to speak with you... It was a dream for me guys ! And I want to thank especially Jónsi who accepted to give me a huge for my birthday and said me "Happy birthday" and Georg who said me "Happy birthday" too. It was the best gift I can have, with the Orri's baguette of drum ! It was the best day in my life thanks to you guys... Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are the best group in the whole world and, I think, the sincerest ! Your music is perfect, it was unforgettable thank you very much !

See you soon in France the 27 February ! I'll be there !

one of the most powerful pefromances I've ever experienced!

Amazing show, beautiful performances, so gentle, delicate and powerful at once... Thank you so much for this perfect show and music. Concert like no one ever... You're really special, just never forget about it and keep making this beautiful music, real mirror of any soul.

I'm from Brazil, a study in Portugal, and went to Krakow fulfill a dream: to see both concerts Sigur Rós! Thank you for existing! As I return to Brazil this December, I hope you there!

My dream came true. Thank you for such a wonderful concert... Lots of love for you, and see you soon :)

Thank YOU from my whole heart. Your music brings inside space, inner peace. You are like shamans :). Wish You all the best!!!

It was so magic. You made my heart open :).

The concert was a masterpiece. The sound, lights and projections were top quality. The music could not have been more beautiful and enlightening (even though the venue was dark). They played almost all the way though ( ) and added even more special songs, like Olsen Olsen and Festival. I felt the electricity of Jónsi's voice and the hum of the Kronos Quartet vibrate through my bones and send messages to each hair on my body. Sigur Rós is best at reaching the climax of a song without loosing control. The solid figures of each member on stage during the climax of a song created a peaceful, safe feeling, mixed with a dangerous explosion of music. No other band can encompass such a beautiful mix of emotions. I felt as if I were on a guided tour of the spiritual realm. Thank you, Sigur Rós for a spectacular and metaphysical evening. And thank you also for the autographs at the end. I only wish I hadn't forgotten how to speak as I approached you guys.

I hope to see you in California sometime soon.

My dream come true. It was the most beautiful music and mystic night in my life. The music, the voice and the sound are breathtaking.

Now I'm sure thet Jonsi and Sigur Ros are music love of my life

Thank you.

That was magic. I thought I'll never see you in Poland and my mother found in the Internet that you will be in Kraków so she phoned me and we bought 3 tickets for me and my parents. We drove over 600 km to see you and it was amazing!!! We'll never forget this special moment and hope to see you as soon as possible again in Poland! :)

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