sigur rós 2012 tour

the mann (skyline stage)
philadelphia, pa, united states

support: perfume genius

  sold out

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photos by sachyn mital
photos by bernadette stallmeyer




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Just got back! It was a great show, but at times the sound was just a notch too loud. Other than that, I had a great time. I can't wait to see them again tomorrow!

I also feel the sound was WAY too loud for the venue. It should be intense, not pounding loud all the time. It was a great, moving, experience.

Incredible show guys. It was honestly such an amazing experience and you had a great playlist! I would have liked to have heard Hljómalind, of course. Maybe next time! I hope you saw us waving the Icelandic flag. See you soon!

Why did I born in Chile and not in Philadelphia to experience this concert live? Why? God, why?

Anyways, best of luck on this tour, guys. Hopefully you'll make it to this part of the world. We're looking forward for your visit.

I was in the front, up against the rail. It was not too loud. Bravo! Bravo!

Can someone tell me if there was an opening act and what time Sigur Ros came on the stage? Going tonight and can't wait! Also how hard is it to get close and how early should we arrive?


Great show!! Greg: There was an opening act; I think SR hit the stage at about 9:15...

What an awesome show.. great mix of old and new tracks, chilling at time. Was slightly loud at times.. but hey.. its a concert! My favorite part was when the band stopped midway through songs, and you could hear the crickets chirp while the crowd waited for S.R. to start again.. just incredible. Greg they took the stage around 9:15, opening band was on at 8. Plenty of people came in after they played and didnt have an issue finding a good spot to stand, traffic was pretty light around 7:30 as well. Enjoy!

Eric thanks a lot - cant wait!

Can someone tell me about what time the show ended? I'm going tomorrow and need to know what time the cab should pick me up.

We had a 7 hour drive down, saw the show, and a 7 hour drive home. It was totally worth it!

Great show, neat little venue, parking and access to thruways were simple and quick. Very good overall.

There were only 3 food trucks.... so load up before the show.

Are they the type to change up their setlist or pretty much the same show every night?

I, too, didn't think it was too loud. What an amazing show - jealous of those going to tonight's show. Opening act (Perfume Genius) went on right about 8:00; SR finished just before 11:00, I think (my mind was blown so some details are a little hazy). Take a blanket to stake out a spot. I'd recommend under the tree that's in front of/to the left of the board. There's path/walkway to the right that went up to a standing area in front of the stage for those who want to be on their feet throughout. Otherwise, relax on a blanket, then be prepared to stand once SR is on (you'll want to). You can take in sealed water bottles, FYI, and save a few bucks. No umbrellas or chairs, though.

ég anda was not on the setlist?? only two new played?

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