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20 June 2016


more details soon.

permalink edinburgh international festival
7 April 2016

sigur rós will play two concerts at this years edinburgh international festival – on the 15th and 16th of august. tickets are on sale now for festival benefactors and patrons, with general sale starting on the 16th of april.

permalink north american tour
7 April 2016

sigur rós have announced a north american tour for this autumn. for the first time in their career the band will be touring without a support act, instead offering the audience two sets (+ intermission) starting from 8:30pm sharp at each show.

the month long run is comprised primarily of theater shows, marking the band’s most intimate tour in a decade. in keeping with the scale of the venues, the group will be performing without the string and brass sections that have been characteristic of recent performances, opting instead to focus on the core unit of the band itself. the shows will give the group a chance to road test new music, the first time since the tour leading up to the acclaimed ( ) album in 2002 that the band has performed new material ahead of album recording sessions. alongside this experimentation played out in public, the band is also planning on attempting new interpretations of old songs that haven’t been played in a very long time.

though the scale of the venues and band will be reduced, the live production will be characteristically stunning, designed again by the team behind their previous knights of illumination award-winning tour

the presale for the concerts (excluding hollywood bowl) are ongoing here, with general sale starting at 9am pt / 12 et on friday april 8th – tickets for the general sale will be listed here.

  • vancouver, bc – queen elizabeth theatre – sep 19, 2016
  • seattle, wa – paramount theatre – sep 20, 2016
  • portland, or – keller auditorium – sep 21, 2016
  • san diego, ca – copley hall – sep 23, 2016
  • los angeles, ca – hollywood bowl – sep 24, 2016
  • salt lake city, ut – kingsbury hall – sep 26, 2016
  • denver, co – paramount theatre – sep 27, 2016
  • minneapolis, mn – orpheum theatre – sep 29, 2016
  • chicago, il – chicago theatre – sep 30, 2016
  • detroit, mi – fox theater – oct 01, 2016
  • toronto, on – massey hall – oct 03, 2016
  • new york, ny – radio city music hall – oct 05, 2016
  • brooklyn, ny – kings theatre – oct 06, 2016
  • philadelphia, pa – academy of music – oct 08, 2016
  • asheville, nc – thomas wolfe auditorium – oct 10, 2016
  • kansas city, mo – midland theatre – oct 12, 2016
  • phoenix, az – orpheum theatre – oct 14, 2016

permalink ‘show of shows’ at tribeca film festival
9 March 2016

yesterday it was announced that ‘the show of shows’ is an official selection of the 2016 tribeca film festival in the special screenings program. goggi and orri wrote (along with kjartan holm and hilmar örn hilmarsson) the soundtrack ‘circe‘.

the show of shows: 100 years of vaudeville, circuses and carnivals, directed by benedikt erlingsson. (u.k., iceland) – north american premiere, documentary. benedikt erlingsson brings us a world of imagination with a compendium of wonderful unseen archival footage of circus performers, cabaret acts, and fairground attractions. the films are set to a haunting electronic score composed by members of sigur rós in collaboration with hilmar örn hilmarsson.

screening in partnership with moma ps1 where the film will screen inside the vw dome

details via tribeca film festival website.

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1 March 2016

additional artists have been added to the sigur rós show at citadel festival on the 17th of july – caribou, calexico, cat’s eyes, susanne sundfør, james candy amongst many others are now on the bill. more information and tickets is available via the tour page

more artists for sigur rós at @citadelfestival

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permalink “the show of shows” on sale
16 February 2016

for those in the united kingdom and ireland, “the show of shows”, is now on sale. the film features the soundtrack written by goggi and orri (along with kjartan holm and hilmär örn hilmärsson).

the dvd is available here, with the digital version available here via itunes. we’ll update you with other purchase / viewing options as we get them.


permalink summer 2016 tour
16 February 2016

sigur rós will be touring again throughout the summer of 2016. as of now, twenty shows have been announced in europe, japan and the united states. the full list is on our tour page.

by way of an introduction to the tour, the band released the following text to describe their approach to the tour:

“every time you go on tour you want it to be different…and every time it is, usually because you have a new album you want to play people. and that can be fun, because you have to work out how to recreate all the complicated stuff you did in the studio for the stage. but there was a time when things were the other way round, when we worked stuff out on the road, and trying to capture lightning in a bottle was a problem for the studio later on. this time, in addition to playing songs you know, we wanted to remember the seat-of-your-pants feeling experienced in the wake of, ágætis byrjun, when for two years we formed and re-formed the songs that would go on to be the ( ) album, live in front of people, night after night. with this in mind, we are pleased to announce that we are playing festivals next summer in the spirit of adventure. all we can say right now is it’s going to be different, with new unreleased songs, a new show and maybe some other *new* things. beyond that, we can only ask you to trust us on this one.” – sigur rós

permalink site operations
15 February 2016

over the last few years we’ve been updating our social channels with news of re-issues, tour announcements and other sigur rós related news. we’ve neglected this news page here unfortunately, but as the band prepare to go out on tour again this summer we’ll be updating the news page at the same time as our regular social posts. concurrently we’re also working on a new site design and layout that will tie together the 15+ years of archives we have on the site, making sure you find the information you need as quickly as possible. thanks for visiting!

permalink sigur rós receive lovie award
24 November 2014

as we celebrate 15 years online, sigur rós is proud to be named artist of the year at the 2014 lovie awards, a pan-european award that recognises excellence in online content.


logo-largeThe Lovie Awards is thrilled to honour Sigur Ros with a Lovie Artist of the Year Award in recognition of their staggering success online in keeping fans engaged and bringing them exclusive access to everything in the Sigur Ros world. Demonstrating a deep understanding of the very DNA of the Web itself, Sigur Ros’ beautiful interactive video for #Stormur – in which they crowdsourced fans’ video content from Instagram in order to debut the music video for the song online — Sigur Ros is paving the way for artists around the world. This alongside with fan Q+’A’s hosted on Reddit, Sigur Ros’s impact on music and Web culture is undeniable, proof of their unwavering appreciation for their fans and their embrace of online culture as a whole.

thank you lovies, we are blushing!

permalink sigur rós appear on game of thrones
14 April 2014

sigur rós appeared in tonight’s episode of game of thrones (‘the lion and the rose’), performing at joffrey’s wedding ceremony (much to the groom’s delight). the band recorded their own version of the game of thrones song “the rains of castamere” for the episode. you can listen to the band’s take on the song below.

the rains of castamere is now availably to buy on itunes.

permalink new work by kjartan sveinsson & collaborator ragnar kjartansson
18 February 2014

kjartan sveinsson showcases his most ambitious musical work since leaving sigur rós in the shape of a collaborative theatre-set piece with iceland’s foremost contemporary artist, ragnar kjartansson. der klang der offenbarung des göttlichen (the explosive sonics of divinity) has its world premiere at berlin’s volksbühne theatre tomorrow (feb 19), with further performances set for thursday (20), feb 28 and mar 1 and 16.

inspired by the novel world light by nobel laureate icelandic writer halldor laxness, the piece features kjartan’s compositions in place of actors speaking lines, its series of stage paintings from ragnar said to represent “an over-romantic symphony of tableau vivants”. the music will be conducted by david thor jonsson and performed by the 40-piece film orchestra babelsberg and 16-strong berlin film choir.

this is the fourth time kjartan has collaborated with the hugely-feted kjartansson, his role seemingly increasing with each passing*. so, if you want to see what kjartan accomplishes when unbound by the fetters of a rock band, get yourself along to volksbühne tomorrow, the next day or late next week and see for yourself.


*previous collaborations include a continuous musical performance of a kjartan brass arrangement, entitled ss hangover, at 2013’s 55th venice biennale, the visitors (2012), and the autobiographical take me here by the dishwasher (2011).

permalink knights of illumination award
15 October 2013


15 months into the tour and every day people are still saying amazing things about the show. while this is hugely gratifying for the band, it’s about time a whole lot of the credit went to the other people who make it happen day in, day out.

so, it is entirely appropriate that this very week the sigur ros show won best lighting and best video at the ‘knights of illumination‘ awards in London. step forward, sarah hopper and damian hale, who realised all the amazing visuals that grace our stage; and bruno poet, who designed a lighting show that is at once both subtly nuanced and awesomely powerful. To be straight up here, there are only four awards covering all “concerts and events”, and our team won two of them. one of the other went to the olympics. blimey. anyway, bruno, you might know since he first worked with the team on jonsi’s highly-praised solo show in 2010. sarah has worked on the band’s artwork and design since 2007’s ‘heima’. damian is a fantastic new addition to the team, courtesy of third company.

In this specific context, we’d also like to thank matts daw & pitman who run the lights every day, and ray gwilliams who looks after video, as well as christian krupa, who assisted in programming. we’d also like to thank the british film institute who facilitated fantastic access to their archive. everyone else who makes the sigur ros show as close to stunning as possible every day are also very, very much appreciated, but right now we are here to salute three new knights of the illimunati. congratulations one and all.

Brenn 1

permalink sigur rós play hrafntinna underground in paris
23 September 2013

as part of la blogothèque‘s empty space series, sigur rós perform hrafntinna somewhere under paris.

watch all recent and archived sigur rós videos on our videos page.

permalink live stream from itunes festival
29 August 2013

sigur rós itunes festival live stream

permalink your #stormur interactive music video
6 August 2013

sigur rós - your #stormur

we have launched a live interactive video experience made by you, our fans, at check it out, and if you happen to have instagram we encourage you to contribute a moment from your own life that you feel resonates with the music. thank you!

permalink boiler room tv dj set
25 June 2013

tomorrow, june 26th, sigur rós will perform a dj set (of sorts) for the event will be broadcast live from berlin and the sigur rós portion of the evening starts at 23:00 cest (22:00 london, 17:00 nyc, 14:00 los angeles, 06:00 tokyo). here is a bit more information about the event

a word – and perhaps a warning – about sigur ros & friends ‘triple nipple’ boiler room dj set tomorrow. this is not going to be wall-to-wall, hair-tossing post-rock. there will be no glacial soundscapes of awesome dimensions. neither warm bubble baths of yoga wind-down muzak. (or any of the other enduring cliches about sigur ros). instead triple nipple represents what sigur ros do when they are off-duty – you know, for fun. some of it may be tough, cool and futuristic, some of it will no doubt be high-aroma fromage. most of the cool stuff comes courtesy of sigrun jonsdottir, the band’s trombone-wielding authority on baltimore club. guitarist kjartan holm, meanwhile, pitches in with some minimal hip-hop, orri with some dubstep and, yes, you’ve guessed it, jonsi brings the extensive cheeseboard. no-one involved lays claim to be able to mix, even remotely. this is how sigur ros get down and unwind in the dressing room and on the tour bus after a show. if you’d like a window on their world, come on in. if you are expecting a mystique enhancing exercise of deep solipsism, look away now.

sigur rós boiler room dj set

permalink kveikur live 360° webcast
19 June 2013

kveikur live 360° webcast

to celebrate the release of their new album kveikur, sigur rós played a selection of songs from the record live during a special 360° interactive webcast from dresden, germany. fans can take control of the 360° cameras and watch the show from whichever angle they choose.

permalink kveikur released worldwide
18 June 2013

sigur rós - kveikur

kveikur has been released around the world over the last few days, with today seeing the release in north america. the album is available in multiple formats: digital, cd, double vinyl and expanded vinyl.

to celebrate the release we have two mini-sites: we are curious to know what you feel, see and imagine when you listen to kveikur. we know everyone has their own ideas of what the music might be about, so we have launched a new site on where we invite you to share your photos, drawings, videos and more to your socials with the hashtag #kveikur. it’ll be exciting to see what emerges!

“as a band we always write the music first and listen to it later to work out what it might be about. that’s how we come up with the words, by approaching the music without preconceptions and seeking meaning that was hidden from us at the point of creation. the music tells us what it is about.” – georg “to celebrate the release of their new album kveikur, sigur rós will play a selection of songs from the record live during a special 360° interactive webcast from dresden, germany. during the show fans will be able to take control of the 360 cameras and watch the show from whichever angle they choose.”

permalink listen to the title track from kveikur
6 June 2013

folks in germany, austria and switzerland unable to play the above can watch through vimeo

the accompanying video features visuals from the band’s live show, with original material as well as re-purposed archival footage from the BFI archive.

kveikur is released worldwide june 17th (18th in north america) and can be pre-ordered directly from the band or from itunes / amazon

permalink sigur rós scores an upcoming episode of ‘the simpsons’
4 May 2013

sigur rós on 'the simpsons'

sigur rós have scored part of an upcoming episode of the simpsons. the episode, which will feature new, original music by sigur rós, as well as their take on the simpsons’ theme song, will air on may 19th. in the episode, entitled “the saga of carl,” homer, moe, lenny, and carl team up to buy a winning lottery ticket, but after carl snags the ticket and flees to his home country of iceland, the guys head there in hot pursuit. the band’s music scores homer’s visit to iceland, marking an unprecedented musical collaboration between the show and a band; with this episode, sigur rós have written and performed more original music for the simpsons than any other outside band in the show’s history.

says simpsons creator matt groening, “i’m a longtime fan of sigur rós, and we’re honored to bring their icelandic, ambient moods to our goofy cartoon show.”

permalink listen to new single ísjaki
25 April 2013

the new single ísjaki from the album kveikur can now be listened to here, in our first ever lyric video:

folks in germany, austria and switzerland unable to play the above can watch through vimeo

kveikur is released worldwide june 17th (18th in north america) and can now be pre-ordered on itunes. pre-orders on itunes come with an immediate download of ísjaki.

permalink brennisteinn
22 March 2013

folks in germany, austria and switzerland unable to play the above can watch through vimeo

directed by andrew huang. taken from the forthcoming album kveikur.

permalink new album kveikur out june 17/18
22 March 2013

sigur rós - kveikur

we are happy to announce that our new album kveikur will be released worldwide on june 17th (18th in north america). the self-produced album contains nine tracks and is our first as a trio.

info / preorder:

permalink bits and bobs on tumblr
23 February 2013

this week on the band’s tumblr we’re releasing glimpses of new live artwork in the form of animated gifs, as well as a look back at some rare live material from the vault you’ve probably not seen before.

if you’re into that sort of of thing, have a look at

permalink new year, new tour, new music
12 February 2013

2013 promises to be an interesting year in the sigur rós universe. having started 2012 with the ambient-leaning and largely-untourable valtari album, they closed with a hometown show in reykjavík hinting at broad changes to come. playing the new song brennisteinn with valtari still very much in the air, the band put a marker in the ground for how their world might look as a newly-forged three-piece (without departing keyboard player kjartan sveinsson).

now, on the cusp of 2013 touring, the sigur rós are – as we write – in portugal rehearsing more new material to be unveiled across europe, the usa and south east asia. coming to a show is the only way you’re going to experience this stuff outside crappy youtube clips in the coming months. you know what to do.

matched to this is a new show looking to eclipse the band’s previous high-water marks of live presentation. new visuals, new lights and new stage set, and not forgetting a new player (welcome ingrid on viola). plus, of course, the new songs.

oh, and we are excited to announce that supporting on all european dates is the excellent blanck mass and in north america, tim hecker (dc – ottawa) and oneohtrix point never (toronto – sta barbara).

below is a preview of what to expect in 2013, featuring an (extended) snippet of new studio material.

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