sigur rós 2017 tour

sónar festival
buenos aires, argentina

nov 26 2017



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  1. AMAZING! Best concert I’ve ever been in my entire life. I’m in awe. Thank you very much, I never even thought I could see you live. THANK YOU. Argentina loves you!!

  2. One of the best shows i’ve ever seen.
    Thanks Sigur Ros for such an amazing night!
    Mind blowing

  3. Þakka þér fyrir!! It was great to finally have you guys at home! Thank you for an amazing concert, full of energy! Come back soon, we’ll be waiting!

    you three trasmit such a beautifull ENERGY!
    Argentina love you <3 THANKS and please please PLEASE come back soon!

  5. The best show ever. Full of energy,emotion and love. Everyone singing the “Festival” instrumental was amazing

  6. The sound was too high in the begining and some parts of the show, that made me not enjoy and even suffer for moments. The place wasnt good sound isolated. Would be much richer experience by being outside! The show and songs were beautiful. Hope you come again

  7. Overwhelming!!! I can’t utter with words what we lived last night. Everything was so perfect. I traveled 1500 km just to see you guys. And It worth it. You have helped me to overcome so many things, so I thank you for that. WE LOVE YOU. CHUMBICHA, CATAMARCA, ARGENTINA.

  8. Increible show ! Would have been nice if u played hoppippolla since was your first show in BA. Anyway, it was more than i expected, you guys sound fantastic live !!!
    Hope to see you again!

  9. What a beautiful night. A flawless and powerful performence and gorgeous, interesting visuals to go along. And a very keen audience! We had been waiting for years to see you! It was all very thrilling. There’s nothing to say really but thank you, thank you so much for your wonderful music, we hope we can see you again.

  10. I creid, Laugh ante Dance with your Music. I haven’t experienced a concert like this before in my life, it was very unique and astonishing. All the lights and screens effects were so damn good!! it blow my mind literally Haha. Im deeply grateful that you decided to bring your amaizing world to a place like South América. We are not having a good politic time in the country and the fact that Sigur Ros played here really means a lot for all of us. I hope that you liked the argentinian people and will come back in Tour next tour. A lot of kisses to you guys, Takk!!!

  11. Son todo, lo mejor que vi y sentí en mucho tiempo. Gracias!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. you just blow my mind, my feelings, i will keep this smile and the goosebumps for you forever !

  13. Unique. Amazingly magical. The show you’ve shared with us last night in Buenos Aires will be forever in my mind and in my heart. One of the best things I’ve experienced in my whole life. Love and TAKK!

  14. Thanks, it was an amazing night, full of peace,love, music…..
    Please come back soon , we love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. I saw you guys in the European tour you did back in 2012, but seeing you in my country was totally superb! I really liked how powerful it sounded, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thanks for coming to this corner of the world. Love

  16. The most amazing experience i’ve ever had ! Emotional, powerful, beautiful! Been waiting years to see Sigur Rós and it was all worthy.

  17. The most amazing show I’ve been in my life, you guys blew my and my friends minds. It was very beautiful, not only the music but the screens and every single light on the scenario, it will be something to remember, and I will be there for you every time I have the chance, I don’t care if it’s Argentina , Iceland or the Moon .

    I’m very thankful, hope to see you soon.


    (The new songs are amazing)

  18. It was amazing, guys. Thanks for that night. I’ll never forget it.
    Estuvo increíble muchachos. Gracias por esa noche. Nunca me lo voy a olvidar.

  19. Una de las experiencias más hermosas, sagradas e importantes que me llevo de esta vida. Vuelvo en el tiempo a cuando hace 10 años los escuché por primera vez y cambiaron mi vida; aquí en Argentina una banda muy importante para toda Sudamérica llamada Soda Stereo que canta: “Tarda en llegar y al final… hay recompensa”. Gracias por el fuego!

  20. It was amazing to see you guys. Finnaly. I hope you come back soon. There’s a lot of people who loves your music here.

  21. I’ve been in Iceland just a month ago, and last night I felt as if I was traveling back, to the amazing beauty of that magical place, through the sounds. It was the most touching experience I’ve ever had in a recital. Your music is just SUBLIME.
    Takk and please go back soon to Argentina! Or I hope to have the chance someday, to see you in Reykjavik :)
    #sigurroslive #srbuenosaires

  22. Gallalaus og frábær sýning! ótrúlega lifandi rödd! Það var hreint hamingjusamur! TAKK!

    Flawless and superb SHOW!

    Amaaaaaazing live voice!

    It was pure happyness!


  23. LOVED IT
    SO LOUD !!

  24. It was the best show i’ve ever been
    It’s been ages since i want (need) you to come.
    Love you guys!
    It was a perfect night :) (still have your music in my ears)

  25. The show was AWSEOME. It was probably one of the best shows I ve seen in my life. Your sound, live, is incredible. Jonsi’s voice its awsome. The drums! And the visual arte is also incredible. They fit perfect with your music. I hope you came back soon, and Im excpecting to see you guys playing alone in a theatre and not in a festival, and a little bit longer :)

  26. One of the best live shows I’ve seen in my life!! It exceeded my expectations by far!
    Truly amazing, and the sound was flawless.
    Thank you!!

  27. Thank you for your magic. You guys make me cry with your music. It takes me to a place beyond my imagination.

  28. Awesome show. I understand the show needed the technology that Tecnopolis provided, but that place is so far away for most people, still, it was so worthy. I think we all agree that you need to come back very soon, it was a full experience for our souls.

  29. Absolutely overwhelming. I felt the sound of the universe yesterday thanks to you guys. It was sublime and a dream come true for me. Infinite love.

  30. The concert was absolutely mindblowing. You left everything on the stage.
    It was amazing to see your happy faces at our reactions. =) <3
    Thank you so much for your art and for coming to Argentina!!!

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