sigur rós 2017 tour

mediolanum forum
milan, italy

oct 17 2017



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52 reviews

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  1. Takk! Imperdibile, un’atmosfera unica per un’esperienza quasi mistica…sciamani del terzo millenio! A unique mystic experience, they are like shamans for the third millenium!

  2. The concert was better than I expected, with all the specialneffects and lights on stage. The sound was clear and reachable and songs were perfect, so good work! Thanks for coming in Italy!

  3. 120 minutes of pure magic. I will write an article about this. You guys were awesome from the beginning to the end.
    Takk fyrir

  4. Takk, Sigur Rós. It was one of the best concerts of my life, but I can’t really call it just a “concert”. It was a whole sensorial experience, Jonsi’s bow not only struck the strings of his guitar, but also those of my heart. You brought the whole Iceland to life with your music, in all its raw power, all its complexity and its sensibility. I will never forget this night.

  5. The whole performance was super good! the thing that I mostly like, moreover because they were unexpected were the stunning visuals! It would be even better if at the end you play at least one fo your most famous song like staralfur or hoppipolla!

    However you were great, and the performance was amazing!

  6. Un concerto dei sigur ros ti cambia la vita!
    Ha parlato la musica, il suono e le vibrazioni sono entrate nel cuore! TAKK

  7. I wanna describe the concert with one word: MAGNIFICENT.
    A mist of vibrations collided in an explosion of noise and sounds, with an amazing 3D grafica.
    I enjoyed a lot the performance and I was trembling in the power of vibrations.

  8. Thank you for the beautiful performance of yesterday .
    I loved your music the first time I heard it during a broadcast on the radio.
    I also have a big desire to visit Iceland asap
    I belive your land inspired you the wonderfull music I listen every day.
    My favourite song is Ara Batur ,no words to tell you how much I like it !

  9. The concert was amazing!
    The voice is unique and the music is so special when you hear it live… I can’t wait to meet you again!
    Grazie! Takk!

  10. Emotional, strong, the best concert of my life. I’ve never felt so many emotions all toghether, after the first three songs I said to myself “I can’t handle this for all the concert.

  11. thanks, every time I come to your concerto (this is the third) I am astonished, fascinated, amazed. you are the best and can not wait to listen to the new album that I am sure you are already preparing ;-)

  12. Per me è stata la seconda volta a cui ho assistito al vostro concerto in Italia dopo quello di Monza, e per la seconda volta mi avete fatto provare le stesse emozioni, grandi emozioni inspiegabili, un sogno ad occhi aperti.. Spero di rivedervi in un prossimo concerto per riprovare le stesse emozioni che mi avete fatto provare in tutti e due i concerti.. insomma non so che altro dire, siete stupendi ❤

  13. Grazie. Grazie, infinitamente grazie. Ogni vostro concerto è un’esperienza unica, piena di emozioni fortissime. Mi fate piangere, ridere, urlare e rilassarmi. Siete amore ed energia pura.
    Vorrei un piccolo Jónsi portatile da tenere sempre con me!
    La vostra musica mi fa sognare.

    Vi amo.

    E vi ringrazio


  14. Un’ultima cosa, unico dispiacere, speravo in Hoppipolla, ma con Sæglópur mi avete fatta felicissima per la seconda volta..

  15. Just amazing. You drew a POWERFUL, strongly emotional, unique atmosphere. Great performance, great musicians! Takk Jónsi, Orri, Georg
    You’re nosily shaking live!

  16. I saw your show for the first time in October 2002 at Rolling Stones in Milan. Not many people, a lot of candle, three violinist and finally you. The show was amazing! After fifteen years it’s a pleasure know that the feeling it’s the same! Yesterday it’s been magic and take me in another world. I loved the video on the screen, sometimes looks like a videoclip and sometimes looks like an old film.
    In one word, as always:TAKK!

  17. Magici come sempre..luci bellissime..belle le canzoni nuove..grazie per avermi emozionato ancora una volta !


  19. This was the second time for me, but this time i had my angel Eleonora with me and it was amazing…. :) Takk!!!

  20. Such a great evening! The whole show was absolutely fantastic, and the choreography was stunning! I’d love a DVD version of the concert :D

  21. A spiritual experience. An angel’s voice and mystic music.
    You always make my soul feel at home. Thanks thanks thanks.
    The most beautiful show of my Life.

  22. An incredible, epic show. The songs, already powerful in the studio setting, became thunderous walls of sound which could’ve blown up the Forum at any moment. The same intensity was there in the quieter moments, only in a different form (that one-minute long falsetto note in Festival is a prime example of this).
    The new songs were exciting, I hope to hear them soon in a future album.
    As for the visuals, I was really impressed with what you achieved using a relatively simple set up. The ending of Popplagið was definitely THE higlight, both musically and visually, with glithcing screens, dizzying flashes and changing colors.
    All I can say after this is: “Takk!”

  23. This has been the best concert I’ve ever seen. They held a very great show and thanks to every component and instrument like voice, drums, piano and bass I’ve discovered a whole new wolrds of emotions that I’ve never felt.
    Takk Sigur Rós

  24. For two hours you took us away from the earth to the universe. An astonishing trip. The warmth and the energy you gave to our bodies and our souls it was special. I’ll not forget it. I’ll remember it every time the cold will knock to the door my soul. Grazie!

  25. I can say without any doubt that yesterday has been one of the most magical and important experience in my short life (I’m 22). It was my first concert alone, and at first I was a little bit nervous, but when you started playing and singing I was suddenly in another world, a world of ice and fire ❤ I forgot my problems for 120 mimutes, and I literally cried during óveður. TAKK SIGUR RÓS, I can’t wait to meet you again!

  26. grande concerto. una voce divina. per me è il vostro primo concerto e mi è venuta la pelle d’oca. Mi veniva voglia di chiudere gli occhi e ascoltare soltanto…ma poi anche gli occhi volevano la loro parte. grandi

  27. serata bellissima.
    sia per i brani più “intimi” che per quelli più “esplosivi”, qualità del suono ottima (nonostante il Forum!) e grandissima performance di tutti e tre.
    bravi bravi bravi, ho la pelle d’oca ancora adesso :-) ed è il vostro terzo concerto che vedo!
    speriamo di rivedervi prestissimo!!!

  28. It was one of the best experiences of my life… They are phenomenal artists and professionals who made me feel incredible things, nevermind the language barrier. Amazing, I hope they will come back, I’d go to their concert again any day.

  29. Fantastici! Un’intensita unica, come solo loro sanno trasmettere,
    Coreografia stupenda, un mare di emozioni intense….
    Grazie Sigur❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. I was in Milan yesterday at your live concert, and I really have to thank you! When the first song started and I heard your voice so close, I was just speechless and my eyes started to fill up of tears, falling on my face, for the first time at a concert
    You just have been wonderful, deep and trascendental. Over the human skills. I am so happy you gave me these wonderful feelings. I dream of coming in Iceland with my best friend one day, and seeing you in a concert there in those beauiful emotional landscapes. Thank you again, Takk firyer ❤

  31. Wow guys absolutely fantastic concert I enjoyed the music, the incredible voice and last but not least the lights on stage, really amazing! Everything together reminded me immediately the Icelandic feelings when I spent my time walking for days inside nature…you did it magic! I started crying from the start to the end, thank you!

  32. Really like living in a dream! You’re quite astonishing band and the gig was fantastic. Hope to see You soon again in Italy!

  33. Unbelievable.. but it happened.. feelings.. vortex of feelings.. what a sound.. what a voice.. what a lights! All my thoughts are faded away with your music, your voice.. 2 hours of magic.. Was I dreaming.. or not?

  34. Takk and takk for the great night in Milan! (even if we don’t like the Forum, good acoustics but location without soul).
    We were at your gig at Rolling Stone back in 2002 which was the first of many others for us, every time different but always with your special mix of energy and intimacy.
    Yesterday you 3 guys played with grace.
    Dear Jónsi, we also loved to look at you on the big screen! We’re the same age as you, and it’s nice to see you changing :)
    See you next time!

  35. Emozioni indescrivibili, è stato il mio primo concerto e non vedo l’ora di rivedervi. Sono rimasta a bocca aperta ed ho avuto i brividi per tutto il tempi.
    Surreali, takk.

  36. I didn’t know you so well, but with your music and your light effects you made me fall in love with you! ❤
    A so wonderful concert that I cannot wait to see you again!
    Takk fyrir frábæra tónlistina þína ❤❤❤

  37. I was magic. We came from Munich to see Sigur Ros the first time in our live and it was more than worth it. See you again on the next tour.

  38. I can’t say how many times I saw you in concert guys! Maybe around 15 or more! I was in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago. Every time I could I travelled anywhere to see you; so I became very picky. It’s always so emotional! But it’s time to change visual effects and setlist! You have been playing same songs for last 3 years! Come on! I know exactly the sequence of the songs every concert! Inside the forum sound is not good but it’s not your fault. Jonsi’s vocal performance was great!

  39. it was my fourth Sigur Ros concert, I think this time Jonsi did the best performance ever. What a clear, full, intimate but loud voice! Taak, see you next time

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