sigur rós 2017 tour

forest hills stadium
queens, ny, united states

jun 17 2017



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53 reviews

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  1. The music was beautiful, the visuals were stunning. The boys were in top form tonight and it was a real honour getting to share in the experience of their last show of the tour. However, in my opinion, the choice of
    venue was completely wrong! It created too casual an atmosphere where people felt free to talk, walk around, and come and go as they pleased. It was frustrating not being able to hear the first three songs or see the stage because so many people were coming in. It’s not only disrespectful to the band but to other members of the audience as well. Further, having been to previous shows I must say there is something magical in a silent audience that just takes in the music. This venue did not support this at all. Pleae come back soon but please do it in a theatre!

  2. this was my fifth time watching sigur rós and my first time watching from this close, from the first row. absolutely mesmerizing as always. to have seen them on iceland’s national day, a country so beautiful and held so closely in my heart, makes it extra special. i went with a large iceland flag and tossed it to orri as the band came back from stage to thank the crowd.

    now i’m looking forward to my 6th show: norðurogniður in December in Reykjavik.

  3. A real fan of yours invited me to see your show in Forest Hills yesterday. I totally fell in love with your music. It was such an intense, magical and unforgettable sounds, feelings and lights experience. I am now a fan of yours and will follow you as far as I can! Simply amazing! Thank you.

  4. Seeing Sigur Rós outside, enveloped by fog and dappled in light, is the closest I’ll ever get to seeing a supernova. Or a collapsing star. Or a universe being born. This is my third SR show – it’s become a little tradition for me to treat myself to their show when they come to town. I didn’t have too much trouble with people talking in my section – and I live near Forest Hills Stadium, so them practically in my backyard was truly wonderful.

  5. Olivia B is absolutely right on with her statements. Amazing show. Epic. 2nd set was mindblowing! Venue was an awful choice. We actually had to tell people to shut up constantly first set. I feel indoors is a much better environment for a band and light show like that.

  6. Third experience seeing my favorite band of all time. The final show of their North American tour at Forest Hills Stadium was a disappointment. Not because of the band or the performance. Seeing a Sigur Ros show, the audience is part of the experience. Being a true fan I feel there is a level of respect in acknowledging the silence within the music. There is magic and a beautiful tension when the band brings the sound down to pure silence where you can almost hear a pin drop. The crowd last night was loud and did not share that same respect. I personally feel the venue wasn’t right for the group. In the past all their theater tours were almost a religious experience. Last night the crowd blew it. Great performance though gentlemen and still worth the trip. Love you guys.

  7. Acoustically, musically and visually the most astonishing thing I have ever witnessed. I flew with a friend from London to attend and I am so happy we did.
    The rain getting harder as the crescendo of Sæglópur will stay with me a very long time.

    Thank you.

  8. It was my first time seeing Sigur Ros after multiple missed opportunities. Though it rained for the first half of the night, the weather helped the atmosphere of the show. The clouds, fog, lights and sound made it feel like the Aurora Borealis was close by. Listening to the albums feels like you’re on a journey and last night was that feeling experienced up close. I can’t wait to have this experience again somewhere down the road. Thank you for an amazing night!

  9. My second time seeing them was just as amazing as the first. I recently got back from an incredible trip to Iceland and the music took me back. Takk fyrir!!!!

  10. Amazing.
    My wife and I actually won tickets for this show (thank you SO MUCH) and drove from Boston to be captivated by the stunning visuals, music and good vibes of the band and crowd. Venue was perfect and could not ask for a better time. TAKK!!

  11. I’m from Argentina visiting NY on my way to Iceland and had the wonderful opportunity to see my favorite band for the first time. It was magical. Even the rain made it somehow better. Bringing the Iceland spirit to the big apple. Thank you for a dream come true that will be in my heart forever.

  12. The show was absolutely amazing. Even sitting all the way in the back in the pouring rain didn’t stop me from enjoying myself. The band radiated their passion through the thick fog and transcended me :)

  13. I think you have to be absolutely exceptional to get to play such a smart music in front of the packed stadium in a foreign country. It was powerful and full of sense. I’m proud of civilization for giving birth to Sigur Rós and for appreciating them. I will be definitely traveling to Iceland to listen to them there. I’m grateful!

  14. Takk Fyrir Sigur Rós. Last night was my wife and I’s first experience seeing Sigur Rós live and we were blown away. We cried, kissed, and felt close to heaven. The show had intermittent rain and it made it better. There is no other band we can say that about. We felt awe and calm like we first experienced waking up in Þingvellir national park. From the lights, fog, imagery, and sound…Sigur Rós paints the Icelandic landscape of contrasts as a soundscape of beauty. It was both violent and peaceful, hot and cold, joyful and sorrowful….but all beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful show and for giving us the pair of tickets to come see you.

  15. It was cool to see the music come to life with the amazing lights and visuals.

  16. This show was simply magical. From the spectacular lighting to the slight, atmospheric drizzle, and of course a fantastic performance by the band, this was an amazing experience. I personally disagree with others comments that the venue wasn’t right. I couldn’t have imagined anything better than to see them play under the night sky while the rain fell perfectly in time with each song. There was quite a bit of talking in my section as well which was unfortunate but I don’t think it’s fair to blame it on an outside venue. Nevertheless, this was an unbelievable show from start to finish. Thank you Sigur Ros please come back to NYC soon!

  17. Nothing is more magical then an outdoor Sigur Ros show with some light rain that picks up right when a song crescendos! The stadium was perfect for the sound.

  18. Entering through portal 6 my child and I journeyed into an awe inspiring light s light show and musical review that fired our imaginations traveling from naturescape to the natural topography mapping of our bodies / minds and back again … reminding us that music , technology, visual art and performance can bring happiness and inspiration to our contemporary community often frought with unnecessary anxiety and restrictions… it was a great concert, great visual art display / light show and we look forward to their next art project and tour though our part of the planet… it was a gentel reminder that we are all connected and how we should strive to see and explore the beauty in nature and technology… my child and I wish them continued sucess

  19. Your voice and music in itself is already unworldly, from the first time I hit play on the album Takk, your ability to excuse feelings from the deepest corners of our mind and souls. I have been waiting to see you live for years. You exceeded every possible imagined expectation, the visuals used in the show transported us into another world, your world, a place filled with movement, without boundaries, thank you for the almost unbearable feeling of freedom! Thank you for shearing your view of existence with us. I am greatfull to have lived at the same time as you and so greateful to have been able to see this show, if I could I would follow you everywhere.

    Until next time,

  20. Thank you for everything, guys! It was the gratest show that I’ve never seen. Let me tell you that we came from Argentina just to see you.
    It’s really a shame the people that doesn’t matter about the others who are enjoying the show. They standed up to buy beer, wine or food during all the concert so we could’nt see well.
    In dispite of this, we’ve had an excellent evening with Sigur Rós.
    Thank you and regards from Argentina!

  21. sigur ros is the sound of Rock and roll saving the world combined with angels singing .

    Thank you for such great music.

  22. Thank you SIgur Ros for creating a communion for all, together in music.. we can all transcend.. last night in Forest Hills we leapt up and out to a place not all will understand and words may not describe..
    Just thank you -Daniel S

  23. the show has really changed something inside me
    i don’t even remember when was the last time i cried, it was probably 7-8 years ago
    thank you!

  24. This show made me feel emotions I didn’t know I could feel at a rock show. I just spent a week in Reykjavik, and this show completely described my trip. The minimalism, the progression, the heightening, the visuals, the sounds…last night Sigur Rós took me back to the beautiful terrain of Iceland and into a part of myself that I hadn’t yet discovered.

  25. I’ve been listening to Sigur Rós since 2009, and it was a real dream-come-true for me to experience the scintillating audio-visual display that the band presented to us. A truly life-changing experience. I would love to see you guys perform in Iceland one day, and I hope that day is not very far. Takk!!!

  26. Every time I’ve experienced your live performances, I’ve had a special story. For yesterday’s performance, I won the contest tickets, making it my 4th time seeing you. I live in FL, not NYC, so I had to figure out plane tickets and accommodation in less than 3 days, but i did it without hesitation, because it’s you, my all-time favorite band. Your music (on album and live) is a spiritual experience that has healed me and kept me sane in the worst of times. Through deaths, abandonments and hardships, I’ve had your music and Jonsi’s ethereal voice reminding me to be strong and keep going. 06/16 was a date I once held dear but for the last year it’s haunted me, and now to be able to see you 06/17, against all odds, has been the perfect way to turn the page. I’ve always seen you first row but being further away this time allowed me to experience the fantastic light show in a whole new level. Your sound was impeccable and Jónsi, your voice is absolutely perfect and it gave me chills!
    Jónsi, Orri, and Bjorg, thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart ❤️ For the amazing gift of seeing you yesterday, and for making the most incredible music there is. Takk!
    P.S. Please do a studio recording of your new song Á! I’m in love with it! And come back to the US soon, preferably Florida!

  27. This was such an amazing performance!! Even with the sad weather! :)
    I would love to see Sigur Ros with even larger screens behind them, or maybe curved around the entire back of the stage! :)
    And even more light effects and videos throughout the show!
    The placement of the 3 musicians is perfect! It allowed us to see all 3 if them very well.
    I can’t wait for the next one, and hopefully with a clear sky, as I am sure it could contribute greatly to see them with starts in the sky!
    Thank you for this ‘heart burning with love’ night!!

  28. The show was transporting, ethereal, magical. Sigur Ros’ awesome energetic performance was accompanied and heightened by visuals that were alternately austere and mind blowing at all the right times. The two hours went by far too quickly, like a good dream. The sound was very good where we were sitting. And happily, we didn’t have any problems with the venue or people talking.

  29. The show was simply amazing. Everything came together so beautifully. The sounds hit you like nothing else and the lights/animations were jaw dropping, I had goosebumps the whole time! The rain made it so much more raw, I left that show feeling so inspired to create! Thank you!

  30. The weather was perfect . It’s always a mixture of volatile nature and calm with your music. Thank you!

  31. An unbelievable experience as always. This was my girlfriend’s first Sigur Rós show and she was absolutely blown away. Being able to see this amazing group three times in one year has been a privilege; please keep coming back to New York!

  32. Thanks to you guys and AXS for having the competition for tickets, without that I wouldn’t have been able to finally have this amazing experience. There’s never a time I hear Sigur Rós’s music in a movie or on TV that I don’t recognize the song as yours. Seeing you live finally was a dream come true. The weather only helped to enhance the aural and visual aspects of the show and I couldn’t be happier. I may have cried once or twice because I was so happy to finally hear your music live.

  33. Absolutely amazing experience for all of us. I can help myself crying when the drum starts in the second song after intermission. Today is also my best froend’s birthday. So happy that he starts his new year with sigur ros and I was there with him!

  34. Vá, vá, vá.
    Ég er svo þakklát fyrir tónlistinu þínu.
    Takk fyrir gaman kvöldin saman og ÁFRAM Ísland!

  35. Traveled to NYC from Boston to see you! Just saw you a few weeks ago at Boston Calling as well. Both sets were amazing. Thank you for sharing your music with the world. Seeing the two performances has been some of the most memorable moments of my life. I don’t think i could expect to experience your magic in anything less than the pouring rain. Takk Fyrir xo

  36. Another stunning experience (despite the ongoing rain). This was my second time seeing you on this tour. Acoustics were amazing! So glad that I was able to share your music with close friends (that gifted me with this show for my birthday). Was able to catch both sets fully. Can’t wait to see you yet again.

  37. Last night’s concert was amazing. I won a pair of tickets through your contest and was able to introduce a friend to your music. The rain did not dampen our spirits and it actually made it more memorable. Your music is inspiring and just so beautiful. I was lucky to have seen you at Radio City Music Hall last year as well and I’m just happy I was able to bring a friend last night. What made it even more special was that it was National Iceland Day
    Takk Sigur Rós

  38. In the fifteen years since discovering Sigur Rós, last night was my first ever live experience. Unfortunately, circumstances have never afforded me the opportunity until now. Receiving a complimentary pair of tickets proved beautiful synchronicity! What a remarkable gift to be able to witness the final performance of this Tour, and on Icelandic National Day no less! Thank you truly! The atmosphere could have not have been more appropriate or more perfect– outdoors in the elements, enveloped by the intermittent rain and the fog. It only added to the numinous mystère that I have come to delight in all these years. What a sublime evening! Cheers and takk!

  39. Thank you so much for an incredible show! My boyfriend bought us tickets to celebrate my birthday because you’re one of my absolute favorite artists. I’m also from Queens, so it was exciting to be able to see you there. There was a point last night where as a song built, the rain came down harder in kind, and it was magical. The whole production–performance, lighting, artwork, etc.–was a transcendent experience.
    Come back soon!

  40. I’ll remember this for the rest of my remaining life. I’m still speechless, words can only express so much.

  41. Takk Sigur Rós…!
    For yet another transcendent experience. Even – or maybe because of – the rain. Even in an open stadium with loads of crazed New Yorkers who are completely unable to stand still and be quiet for longer than thirty seconds.
    But for those of us who did listen, it was a two-hour beautiful, emotional, powerful, interstellar trip to the centre of the universe. Thank you Sigur Rós for for showing us the way to the stars!

  42. Beautiful performance, fantastic multimedia/light show, but SO MANY people talking, checking email, and generally not “getting it.” We moved 3 times just to try to get away from others talking. It didn’t detract from the louder/more powerful songs, but detracted from the experience as a whole. Can’t wait to see you at Harpa in December! Thank you for adding beauty to the world.

  43. Thanks to you sincere kindness, I was able to see you for the second time in nine months and my first out door performance by you. I’m 60 years old and as a veteran music fanatic, I have seen the greats, from Elvis Presley to TOOL, flying Wings and Led Zeppelins BUT your music, recorded and especially live is hands down the most beautiful. Regarding the rain, at first I was a little worried but it only added to your heavenly music, in fact, I can’t help but believe YOU were in full control of the weather too!

  44. I can’t thank you enough for the free tickets to this show. I live in rural Maine, and when the tickets appeared in my inbox I yelped in excitement, dropped everything and drove as fast as I could down to NYC. I’ve been wanting to see you for 15 years, and the concert was everything and more than I could have ever asked for. Your music reminds me of what home will feel like when I finally find one. Seeing you live absolutely cemented that feeling within my highest self; like a soul attunement to the highest degree. I feel like I’ve pressed the reset button and will continue walking blissfully forward down this new path. Enjoy the journey, thank you for channeling such immense magic and I hope to see you again soon.

  45. Too good for mere words. What are words anyway, when there’s so much sound? Love love love to SR and all who work for and with SR. You make an awful lot of joy. Love from your number one fan in Albany, NY, USA.

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