sigur rós 2017 tour

peabody opera house
st. louis, mo, united states

jun 5 2017



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38 reviews

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  1. Beautiful, moving, and then even more beautiful. We have been waiting years and years to see them perform and it left me in tears at times. Perfect!

  2. Utterly amazing. I noticed Jonsi was perhaps struggling with his vocal cords during the first set and perhaps a few technical difficulties. However, the show was purely amazing. If I had the opportunity, I would see them in each remaining city. These guys are one of two bands I would pay any amount of money to see. Long time fan. And more so after tonight. Well done gentlemen. Good luck in Dallas Wednesday.

  3. Tonight was so much more than I could have ever imagined after all these years I waited to see Sigur Rós live. I was captivated every second, from the vocals, to the instruments, and breathtaking array of lights. The first set was beautiful, but the second set stole my heart. (and reduced me to tears) There’s nothing that could have made this night any better. From the bottom of my heart, takk.

  4. The show was amazing, and everything about their performance was spectacular. The light show was absolutely surreal and mind-blowing. If I get another chance to go to a Sigur Rós show, I will.

  5. I never thought I would see two SR shows in my lifetime. Every sense I had was operating at intense, wonderful levels. It’s rare to have an out of body experience; you guys never fail to deliver. Your performance (musically and visually) was astounding. Props to you, your crew, and the venue for a life-changing night. #Takk

  6. Gracias !!! This was by far one of the most emotional experiences I have had! your music is incredible and can awake so much inside of people! Amazing show, amazing lights, amazing music. Takk !

  7. In three and a half decades, last night’s concert was the closest I’ve ever come to a genuine religious experience. If you can see Sigur Ros live, then you absolutely should.

  8. That was an unforgettable night. Sigur Rós concerts qualify as a religious experience. They put their heart and soul into the performance. Amazing! You should definitely see them live. The best band to play live music in my opinion

  9. I was blown away the first time I saw Sigur Ros in 2013. Last night I had the opportunity to sit front row and see the show. I was blown away again last night…the first set was lovely and the second set blew me away! Kveikur! #TAKK

  10. I’m so happy to have seen Sigur Rós live in my hometown. I regret missing the opportunity almost 5 years ago when I happened to be in Vienna. The concert last night was beyond beautiful. I was simultaneously holding my breath while feeling utterly at peace. The lights and visuals were mesmerizing and the music was otherworldy. Takk!!

  11. WOW what an excellent production! i am so in love with the way things turned out last night! it left me gazing at the stars dreaming about the day when the planets realighn with eachother! this band totally knows how to take you through a trip with time! loved the mysteries behind the music, reminded me of Lava Phlo! So amazing! Can not WAIT to see them again! fuck yes. And i just wanted to give huggggeee credit to the architecture of the event venue. very well thought put all the way down to the spiral on the staircase! such a magic place! my only suggestion would be to let your employees loosin up a bit. seems like everyone is so strung out and tense. i felt like i was being watched or something as i walked through that place. i think it was my first time ever being there that i can remember. i grew up in st. charles mo, so i deff plan on coming back to this venue. veryyyy veryyyy phancy. next time i think i should wear a ball gown or some shit. i guess i look a tad bit like esmerelda. anywho! wonderful show wonderful people, completly inspirational. cant wait to show you guys what im working on! xoxoxo thank you x infinity

  12. I missed the first pass through St. Louis a few years ago and I was NOT going to miss again! It was an amazing show… I was taken on a journey of bass and beats to full out musical chaos. The light show was spectacular and the sound mixing was perfection. If you have a chance, don’t hesitate to stop your world for awhile and experience the essence that is Sigur Ros. LR St. Louis MO June 5, 2017

  13. The experience can’t be matched! I loved every moment of the show! Three very talented musicians on their game! Not often do you see an audience so engaged and captivated! Thank you for including the Lou on your itinerary! We are very fortunate! Festival is and always will be my favorite!

  14. I live in Fayetteville Arkansas & brought my 21 year old daughter to see Sigur Ros. It was spectacular! I loved the venue, I loved the performance and I would definitely come again.

  15. What an amazing night! I was blown away at the previous St Louis concert at the Fox with many accompanying players (touring for the Kveikur album). When I saw just the three band members arrive on stage last night at the Peabody, I had no idea they could bring such an equally intense and emotional experience even without the additional musicians. Thank you for a wonderful show!

  16. You guys always put on such amazing shows. Can’t wait for you to come back to St. Louis. Thanks for an awesome night!

  17. Thank You guys! My 7th concert, and going to the Dec 29th show in Iceland, cannot wait! I’ve been a huge fan since 2001 and you never disappoint, always creative, always touching my inner soul! Last night was extremely powerful, getting right to the core of each song. I love the more elaborate and lengthier versions, but there is a time and place for everything, and last nights performance was a huge success! As I looked across the crowd, I noticed it was almost like one huge body, moving and swaying to you’r deeply touching and wonderfully complex music, and it dawned on me what music does to our carbon based beings and it was what the universe noises and music can do for the planets, etc….it moves things! It’s a part of what brings life together, creates harmony and balance, and keeps the universe and all that inhabits it-happy! Thank You Sigur Ros for being a main staple of my happiness and having a large impact on my existence! See you in December…..

  18. One of the most moving and amazingly awesome concerts I’ve ever been too.

  19. I have been waiting to see you play live since I was in middle school ( early 2000s) I have never had such an amazing experience!
    When the first song was played I was so overwhelmed with euphoria
    I cried tears of joy! I was so happy to have been able to witness you guys perform in person!! Thank you so much for traveling to the states to share your music with us!
    með ást,takk!

  20. Phenomenal, Sigur Ros is a force to be reckoned with. A spectical of sight and sound, this is one experience that cannot be put to words.

    Ive seen many shows over the last 10 years, but none can compare to what I witnessed last night.


  21. I’ve been a fan since 1999 and I’m so incredibly happy to have been able to experience seeing them live!!! Worth every cent!! Even if you can only afford to sit far away it would be worth it! The magnificence of the performance was riveting!! It’s amazing what these three talented performers & their crew can accomplish!!

    No opening band so don’t be late!! You don’t want to miss a second of the beautiful sounds & imagery they have in store for you!! Must see in person!

  22. I have loved Sigur Rös for over a decade. Seeing them live was an experience I will never forget. Last night was a culmination of so many beautiful moments. I felt such a strong connection to everyone else in the room, tethered together by lights and sound and the heartbeat of the music. One of the most spiritual concerts I have ever been to. Beautiful. Thank you, Sigur Rös.

  23. This was my third Sigur Rós show (Chicago 2005 & 2013). Simply amazing. The performance was incredible, the setlist thoughtfully curated, the lights were wonderful complements to the songs. The venue was well-suited for the band. From the moment walking into the impressive Opera House, you knew you were in for an important concert. The audience was attentive throughout and responded appropriately & enthusiastically. A perfect night in St. Louis.

  24. Outstanding performance! This was our third time seeing Sigur Ros and each performance was better then the last. We look forward to seeing you again in St. Louis.

  25. Very captivating beautiful artistic light show. My favorite light show I’ve seen, and maaybe favorite concert I’ve been to in general tbh. Very high quality sound. They played very well

  26. We will never miss a chance to see you boys. Every time we see you, we think it’s the best show — and it is. You are always the best. You are incredible artists and beautiful souls, and I adore you, dear friends. <3

  27. The band was on fire!!! I love the new material, the venue was top notch, Lights, video, and of course all of you. I have followed you since 1999, and have shared your music with my son, and daughter. My family and I have fallen in love with all of you. I loved the interaction between the three of you, it made the concert seem more intimate. Also, the intensity, and power you all had even though you were exhausted from 4 constant shows. Thank you so much for all you do, thank you for your love. We can’t wait to see you again. we love you dear friends!!!

  28. Beautiful from beginning to end. The show was gripping and emotional, and I’m incredibly grateful I finally had the opportunity to experience it.

  29. Sigur ros my love….the show last night was intense and had me under your spell once again! Jonsi I am always amazed at that voice of yours I mean you listen and one cannot think this cannot be real! It’s a recording but, it’s real! Some say they spill tears during your shows I never get that way for me it’s a feeling of joy!! Like your running through fields of flowers with your friends and some songs you feel like your going to h ell and you don’t care! First somg”a” so good…the other new one “vardur” holy spirits it’s phenomenal! I will be 60 next year and have been a loyal fan since 2006….please do not wait to long for another tour!

  30. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever scene! I was all the way in the back in row DD, I stood up the whole time, I was completely blown away, Sigur Ros is truelly the finest band on the planet, if I die tomorrow at least I got to hear Jonsi sing. I thought I was in heaven for an hour and a half and then it was over and I had to come back to reality but I’m still crying for an encore. Bravo Takk.

  31. Thank you for coming to St. Louis! It still feels like the day after Christmas when I was a kid…I can’t believe that it’s already over! ;)

  32. I attended KC concert, then St. Louis, and I want more! Brilliant shows by fantastically talented artists. I have never witnessed more invested audiences than those experiencing a Sigur Ros concert. Takk!

  33. Sigur Ros redefines the power trio! Thank you for coming to St. Louis! Best of luck with all your future endeavors!

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