sigur rós 2017 tour

masonic temple theatre
detroit, mi, united states

jun 2 2017



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24 reviews

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  1. Fully immersive, absolutely transcendental….thank you for that much needed escape…..

  2. The show was wonderful! The lights and imagery was fantastic! I also enjoyed the two moments where the band stopped playing and seemed to start over. I thought that was beautiful and felt very personal. Thank you for coming to Detroit!

  3. My heart ached for Jonsi. I could tell he wasn’t feeling well. I know he has such pride in his amazing work (this is my fourth time seeing them live). Overall the concert on Sigur Ros’s side was as amazing as it could be under the circumstances. I feel that the venue (Masonic Temple) wasn’t very convienent. I didn’t see a merchandise table/area, the bathrooms were downstairs, the theatre had lots of steep slopes and I felt like there were some audio issues on the venues part. I will always go to see Sigur Ros, wherever they are if I’m able to afford it. Takk and much much love from Detroit <3

  4. Oh guys, what a beautiful show, in spite of the challenges you had. This was my fifth time seeing the band, and we were lucky to manage first row seats for this concert. What an incredible experience! We sat closest to Orri and were in awe – brought home a drum stick, which is now a treasured keepsake.

    First time at the Masonic Temple! Staff at the venue were great. No complaints about the building but could tell there were issues with sound for the band. I hope the rest of the tour goes smoothly.

    Thanks for the wonderful evening.

  5. Been seeing Sigur Ros since the late 90’s. Always an otherworldly and enchanting experience. I agree with Emily, Jonsi seemed frustrated by the faulty monitor and perhaps other stuff going on, but he always turns in a performance that leaves you with goosebumps. Transcendent.

    Masonic Temple is not the best venue, acoustics-wise. I’ll see the band wherever they go, but hopefully next time they return to The Fox Theatre.

    One note – I came home and was very dismayed to discover that one of my t-shirts I purchased was defective and had a large hole in it. We bought 3 shirts, a print (which we’ll have framed) and had Besta tickets. (Please keep offering those! Such an amazing way to make sure hardcore fans have access to great seats!) If there’s anyway to exchange this defective shirt, can someone please email me? Thanks for coming to Detroit and thanks to the crew as well!

  6. Thank you so much guys for such a beautiful show, truly amazing. I can’t wait for the next time I see you live. Fan for life. Takk!

  7. Great show- Loved the stage show= lights video- Loved the quiet songs and the oldies the best. Would love subtitles for non English speaking artists.. I think it would add an extra element.

  8. Fantastic work as always. The venue was frustrating, definitely hope you guys come back to the fox. At least the ushers stopped using their ridiculous lights after the intermission, I assume the band put a stop to that. It was unclear if jonsi couldn’t hear himself in his monitor or if his voice was under the weather as he didn’t sing some of the high stuff, but damn he (and the rest of the band) are still incredible even on an off night

  9. We have been listening for some time, but this was our first show. What a wonderful experience, beyond anything I could have expected just listening to them. I’ll make a point to see them any time I can now! Thank you for your amazing performance!

  10. What a gift to Detroit. An amazingly chill concert. This whole experience was like a heart breakingly beautiful dream. While the Masonic has had its troubles in the past, it is wonderful to see such talented musicians perform here. Safe travels to these incredible musicians on the rest of their tour. ✌️✌️❤️

  11. First, I love the people who attend SR concerts. No pretense whatsoever. 100% real.

    The show was extraordinary as usual. Even the stops were fine. They just kept it honest. And I find it amazing that the band and crew could just pick up and continue without missing a beat.

    Lighting was amazing. The venue is old, but a Detroit classic. You have to know what you’re going to get when you go to Masonic.

    Subtitles? Who suggested that? No, man. You gotta find your own meaning in what they’re saying!

  12. I will go to every concert sigur ros has to offer in Michigan. The glosoli lyrics I have tattooed on my arm was burning during the performance of it. LOVE YOU GUYS! <3

  13. It simply was an amazing delivery of talent, energy and beautiful music. The visual effects for this tour are a great complement and were highly appreciated. Detroit will always be there for you, don’t stop coming. This is my 3rd time seeing you and every time has been special! Gracias mis chingones! TAKK!

  14. It simply was an amazing delivery of energy, talent and beautiful music. This tour scenery and visual effects are a great complement! We were touched for those moments of the show were Jonsi looked frustrated but they just contributed to make an even greater performance! Detroit will always be ready for you! Gracias mis chingones! TAKK!

  15. I saw SR last year at the Fox, both shows were fantastic.
    I only hope there is going to be a live album because of all the new arrangements of old material, and it would be nice to hear how the new material morphs into the finished arrangements. I hope we don’t have too wait too long for them to tour again. Thanks for a great evening!

  16. This was my second show, seeing them in October at the Fox in Detroit. I absolutely love this band. I could tell something was off but wasn’t so worried about the high notes or sound, more worried about what this would mean for future dates in Detroit. I just hope they come back. I hope jonsi is feeling better and truly appreciate the band powering through and giving it their all. They will never disappoint me, that’s not possible. Detroit ❤️’S you SR!! Thank you a billion times!!! Please come back soon. It’s the highlight of my year!!

  17. I recalled song lyrics by the late Leonard Cohen after viewing Sigur Rós in Detroit on Friday night: “There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.”
    My wife and I have been Sigur Rós fans since just before the album ( ) came out–about fifteen years–and have seen them perform live in Michigan four times. We have always been deeply struck by the sublime beauty and perfection of Sigur Rós, both on their albums and in their live performances. Their music touches our souls and forms soundtracks in our subconscious minds, influencing our thoughts and actions in positive ways. It was only at the Detroit show at the Masonic Temple when we have ever seen any semblance of a crack–of something that could even be conceived of as imperfection.
    As other reviewers have already stated, we also noticed that the venue may not have been as high-quality or as fitting to the band as the Fox Theatre is, that there might have been sound and voice issues and that Jonsi and the band’s frustration level might have become apparent to the audience on that night; but the intermittent breaks from perfection in this somewhat small venue seemed to add a new level of intimacy which usually does not occur at Sigur Rós concerts. Things that might have been seen as flaws by some, including by members of the band, actually drew the audience in and caused us to connect with the trio on stage more deeply.
    The Sigur Rós fans of Detroit understand the beauty of sublime perfection, as well as the beauty in the flaws which make perfection possible.
    Please come back to Detroit, Sigur Rós! Do not be discouraged. You have a strong, adoring fan base here in Michigan. We love you and your beautiful, timeless music!

  18. Fortunately, Detroit is only an hour from my home in Canada and I could finally catch one of their performances. I was entirely awed by the lights and the stage, which was phenomenal. Surprisingly, it paralleled the music in its ability to really engage the imagination and enhance the music experience. I did take note of the band’s frustrations but didn’t actually detect any of the issues that Jonsi did. I was very surprised that they only played ONE song from Kveikur – the title track. WOW. I loved it! I would have really loved Isjaki or Brennisteinn (next time!)
    Can’t wait for the next time you guys are through the area again!!

  19. I was moved to tears. Thank you for shaking my soul with your music and words.

  20. Sigh… Not a great show. Sorry. Seemed to be MANY sound and monitor issues. That they had to flat out STOP on separate occasions made it hard to enjoy the songs that did get played as I was constantly fearing another abrupt stoppage. Also wasn’t a fan of the intermission. And that I didn’t get the 55 second note in Festival was VERY disappointing.
    However… the light show was absolutely amazing. Whoever comes up with these stage setups is a frickin mastermind! And hearing The Death Song live was a true treat. Accompany that with yet another chance to experience the greatest closing song in the history of live music again and I still left with no regrets.

  21. Jonsi’s voice is a marvel. If you ever have an opportunity to see Sigur Ros live in concert, do it. The experience is authentic and religious.

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