sigur rós 2017 tour

walt disney concert hall – reykjavík festival #2
los angeles, ca, united states

apr 14 2017



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  1. This is an amazing chance for all of us around the world to connect with this mesmerizing music. Bliss! I feel greatful since this moment was completely unexpected. Thank you Sigur Ros and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

  2. The concert was incredible, the band performance was outstanding and the atmosphere was transcending. I was moves by it even by watching on livestream. Being able to hear and see the band playing your favorite songs is something unique. Looking forward to the Sao Paulo concert, tickets already bought!

  3. Just beautiful, an amazing thing to wake up to. Thank you so much for live streaming this.

  4. Just got home…Beautiful venue, amazing sound – The whole evening was extraordinarily wonderful!!! Takk!

  5. Wow, not such a good seat as last night but what a show. Jónsi seemed in better form and the boys clearly enjoyed themselves and were touched by the reaction.
    Let’s hope the front row escaped injury from flying equipment!

  6. This was an absolutely beautiful experience. It was surreal to watch a band that means so much to me perform, together with equally zealous fans all over the world. By ‘Vaka’ the performance had me as Sigur Ros usually does: tears rolling, heart in hands, armour collapsed in the best possible way.

    Thank you so much to Sigur Ros, the LA Philharmonic and the team required to make this happen. The powerful healing energy you emit in your music is sorely needed at this time and is a true gift to the world. <3

  7. Another beautiful performance, although I do believe tonight’s gig was even better. The chorus + opening pieces by the orchestra were absolutely stunning. Their (LA Phil) performance with SR was just breathtaking. How they only just reversed this material for the first time Thursday morning, is mind blowing. It’s as if they’ve been playing together for years. The arrangements are perfect.

    Thank you, SR, + all involved. Makes the world a bit more beautiful, every time.

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