sigur rós 2017 tour

walt disney concert hall – reykjavík festival #1
los angeles, ca, united states

apr 13 2017



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  1. Wow wow wow. Phenomenal. Thank you so much for the awesome experience – I had such a great time! My mind is totally, wonderfully melted.


  2. Omg I’ve been a fan since I was a 11 but this was my first time being able to you guys live and this show was everything! Including with the laphil orchestra was epic I kinda cried during Hrafntinna..Tears of joy! You guys are epic! Thank you!!!

  3. Amazing show. I’ve been a fan for a very long time and your music is the soundtrack of my life. Please come back in LA soon. Takk, Sigur Ros!!!

  4. First time I saw SR, was November of 2002. The force that came from the speakers that day, I had never heard before. I had never seen such a controlled chaos as I did that night. 4 men + 4 woman, giving it their all for those in attendance. EVERYBODY left that night, obsessed. How couldn’t we? We had all just witnessed an unprecedented band. There is nobody on this earth like SR. Why bring this up? Well, today, apart from achieving a life long goal of seeing a gig where SR play with a full orchestra, I also got to see just the 3 of them. I felt the same way tonight watching just the 3 of them as I did in 2002. The venue itself is an absolutely treasure. No matter where you sit, you can see everything. No matter where you sit, you hear every bit as intended by the band. It’s almost impossible not to sound good in there. I heard a rumor that SR only rehearsed with the LAPO for the first time just this afternoon. Do yourselves a favor + watch the live stream tomorrow. You can’t possibly comprehend how amazing that fact is, until you see how beautiful they sounded together. Thank you, SR, + the LAPO. You’ve given me one of the best nights of my life.

  5. Last night was about my 10th time seeing Sigur Ros. First time was at Sundance in 2000 with Angels of the Universe. For me, last night brought back their music to its fullest live expanse potential with epic arranging glory with backing of LA Phil, their talents are world class.

    And that Disney Hall venue … I’ve never heard live music that crystal clear on every note before, it was sublime, a cathedral of music worship. Sigur Ros, thanks for all the great memories! Once-in-a-lifetime performance last night.

  6. Magical musical genius! An unbelievable collaboration by some of the most talented musicians in the world. And the venue is a work of art in and of itself. I was completely blown away! I’m not exaggerating when I say this was a religious experience. Forever grateful to have been there.

  7. There’s not a lot I can add to the above comments. The performance of Glosoli I can’t imagine it could be any better. Absolutely stunning and when they came back for the bow with the conductor Georg was clearly affected by the whole spectacle.
    Or maybe he just had something in his eye.

  8. This show was amazing BEYOND WORDS. The LA Philharmonic brought so much light and beauty the first half…it was a divine pairing with Sigur Rós and La Phil. The second half was also phenomenal. Sigur Rós shows are always a spiritual experience, and last night’s show topped them all. BRAVO!!!

  9. What an absolutely incredible day of music. From the choir, to the La phil’s performance to the stuff with Sigur Ros and the audio-visual spectacular Sigur ros set… i think this is the best thing I’ve done in my life. Short of falling in love, this was the greatest moment of my life.

  10. Seriously, what everyone is saying is true, such an amazing night! Can’t wait for tonight and tomorrow.

  11. The LA Phil accompanying SIGUR RÓS was truly an event to behold. The first part of the show with the LA Phil was amazing‚ the second part of the show with the band by themselves was equally spectacular. We are lucky enough to have tickets for all three shows and I go into the remaining two shows with great anticipation and thinking this is definitely a once in a lifetime bucket list event. I can only hope that there is some kind of release to go with this afterwards‚ because being able to experience it three times will not be enough.

    Thank you!

  12. Amazing acoustics paired with the raw power of Sigur Rós resulted in perfection. The performance of Festival with the LA Phil blew the roof off of the concert hall. Algjörlega frábært! Takk…

  13. The best concert that I have ever attended in my past 40 years as a concertgoer. This was my first time seeing Sigur Ros–and I wish the. Ought could’ve lasted forever.

    The Icelandic musical wizards reached very deeply into my heart, mind, and soul, and massaged them with their lush, ethereal, profound, intense, spectacular, complex, soothing, magical, melancholic sounds. Something deep inside of me changed tonight–and I emerged from that concert hall a soulfully richer woman. The richness of the LA Philharmonic collaboration and the powerful, intense, maginoficrbr solo set were beyond exceptional.

  14. An incredible evening- four concerts in one! A choral performance, a symphony of experimental music, Sigur Rós with the full Philharmonic (Starálfur should always be done this way!) and a blistering solo performance by the guys. Best event of the year 3+ hours and I wish I could go back tonight.

  15. Wow, just wow! The acoustics are as gorgeous as the venue itself! Didn’t get to record any video due to the no phones, cameras policy (which I respected). Hearing Sigur Rós alongside the LA Philharmonic was a real treat. I’ll never hear Glosoli the same after that beautiful set. The sound was so intimate you could hear a pin drop, still gives me goosebumps! After missing out on their shows since 2006, I can finally cross Sigur Rós off of my bucket list!

  16. I don’t remember the last time I went to the Disney Hall and for years I have been on the lookout for a worthwhile concert. so in Sept last year when I saw SR on the Disney Hall calendar, I bought tickets immediately. and WOW! to experience SR at the Disney Hall was a spiritual soundbath! I was soaked in its haunting angst and felt purified to a state of bliss. it was ecstasy to hear the purity of your voice with the Hall and my body vibrating to the power of the drums. the purity and power– tears of human joy!

  17. So much beauty took my breath away! At times euphoric and enrapturing, and at times striking and raw, the music was always expanding and reverberating throughout the concert hall, drawing out the magic in the place. It was a night to cherish.

    From the pluck of the harp to the beat of the drum, the strings, the wind instruments, the horns and every sound from the orchestra was special and elegant. The solo set had amazing energy. For a moment or two I reflected on the Sigur Rós performance at the Hollywood Bowl and how that starry night meshed beautifully with Jonsi’s vocals and Georg and Orri’s virtuosity. Last night Sigur Rós graced us with a stellar, legendary performance at another Los Angeles music-lovers landmark, this time with the stars indoors.

  18. Flew a long way to see this show and it was absolutely worth it!

    Thanks for a breathtaking performance. This was my first time seeing you guys and hopefully there will be more.

  19. And so it came to to me while sitting in this beautiful theatre, how could I have been so lucky, so blessed, to have witnessed true perfection. I have seen the band countless times and always leave with the utmost feelings of happiness and content but this show took those feelings to a new level. Being able to hear the songs in this setting and accentuated by such a talented orchestra, created an experience that cannot be described in words. I will never ever forget this show and will count it amongst the greatest experiences of my life. I did not want the evening to end. Thank you guys so very much. There is no question in my mind that you are and will forever be the greatest band ever. Enjoy the rest of your tour and I hope to see you in the near future. Cheers!!!!

  20. It was more than beautiful! Perfection is the right word for the show. My heart exploded. Your music is honey to my ears and the perfect food for my soul!!! Please I need to see you play in Chile. You have many many fans here! Big love and all my adoration!

  21. Thanks guys. This was my first Sigur Ros show in 15 years. My first was actually the performance at Coachella in 2001 (if you’ve heard a recording, pretty sure I made it) Blown away then. I still recall Jonsi signing though the guitar pickup. This bought back old memories and was grew new. I’ve been waiting this whole time to hear Staralfur as intended. Glorious.

  22. I went to my 12th Sigur Ros show, Opening Night at Disney Concert Hall. Seldom have I felt such an anticipatory excitement in a crowd–we were all looking at each other with lottery-winner smiles. The elegant, swooping curves of the building gave the feeling that we were all entering a spaceship, which I would say we did. First transported by the Schola Cantorum, then the beautiful orchestra pieces, and finally taken into flight when Sigur Ros entered to play with the LA Philarmonic. I expected the string arrangements would complement SR’s songs gorgeously, but what I hadn’t counted on was the thrill of the brass section building to jubilant climaxes. The set without the orchestra could have lasted all night as far as I’m concerned; Sigur Ros always take you on a spiritual journey and this one was transcendent. I’m a teacher, and Thursday was the first day of my spring vacation, and it was the perfect night to switch my head to ‘receive and revive.’ I also must add that going by myself and then meeting other fans who were eager to talk about their memories with the band was the nicest way to make community. Thank you, gracias, takk, Sigur Ros–you gave Los Angeles and your fans a wonderful present.

  23. Very nice concert! Especially, song ‘nidur’! It was great!!!

    SR, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  24. I’ve seen Sigur Rós several times all over the USA and this was one of my favorites! Truly a beautiful experience that I will cherish forever. Takk…

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