sigur rós 2017 tour

national auditorium
mexico city, mexico

apr 3 2017



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  1. One of the greatest nights of my life. Since the first seconds the music was vibrating in my whole body and tears appeared immediately. Perfect sound and visuals, a nice setlist and all the intensity and mellowness mixed as a whole. Satisfied with the trio configuration. Simply TAKK <3

  2. An amazing show! Can’t believe what these 3 guys can do. Thank you for one of the best night ever. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  3. I don’t have the words to express how awesome was this concert. From beginning to end it was a delight for my senses. I still can’t believe it ended. Audiovisuals were amazing ! Audio was incredible, everything was perfect!! I loved the setlist, I loved the way you mixed songs from almost all your career!!! As you played one of my favorite songs of all time, I’m completely grateful. Thank you for a lifetime experience and Thank you for coming to México and please come back! TAKK

  4. Hermoso. It was a perfect evening. A great performance. And a hipnotic atmosphere. Takk!!!!

  5. Words do not suffice what tonight’s gig made me feel. Takk for one of the greatest nights in my life.

  6. TAKK!! Thank you, it was really great, a life experience. I will never forget this night, will be always in my heart, my ears, my eyes, my feelings. I just loved it. Words won’t make justice to my feelings right now. Thank You!, Thank You!

  7. Thank you for sharing a little of your soul, it really is a journey to hear you… hope to see you again

  8. It was a magical night! Thank you for make our bodies vibrate!
    It was awesome! Grateful takk!
    Thank you for coming to Mexico, PLEASE COME BACK AGAIN!

  9. The best musicians, staff and team ! Thanks Sigur Rós for the explosion in my senses these night.

  10. I love all the show, i will always love you guys!!! The ligths, the images, the sound, the effects. I am sad because i need to wait again to see you. I only have one more wish!! Hope one day to hear Gong and Andvari in concert. Awesome as always.

  11. You took me out of this world with your wonderful music on a journey full of emotions, thanks for the experience, come back soon

  12. You guys, made me cry with “”Festival”, what a voice!
    Your music is pure art.
    My congratulations

  13. It was a trip, so magical, so pure!! Thank you for make our souls vibrate, the feeling is incredible. I WAS SO HAPPY!!! Thank you!!

  14. I’m speechless guys, I truly am!
    One of the best nights of my life, you brought so many memories to my head during these 2 hours… all I can say is THANK YOU, TAKK! And see you guys very soon in Los Angeles, so looking forward to it! #SigurRósMx

  15. It’s incredible the capacity of sigur rós to share so much life and passion with the world, I can only say that I had never felt life like I did tonight, I feel very grateful to you, you are extraordinary musicians and extraordinary people, Takk Sigur Rós.

  16. Tonight was one of the best nights of my life, since the beginning the guys left me stunned, the sounds, the lights, the visuals…all was amazing. I really really enjoyed this night and I will keep it in my heart forever.

  17. Tonight was such an incredible experience I can say without problem that this night is one of the best nights of my life, since the beginning the guys left me stunned. The sounds, the lights, the visuals…all was amazing. I really really enjoyed this night and I will keep it in my heart forever.

  18. Takk Guys!

    I’ve seen you 3 times un Mexico City. Colmena festival, Corona and this night was just perfect. You are from another planet. Amazing music and lights. Best night of our lives!

    Can’t wait to tomorrow night

  19. It was awesome, can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow again, hope you play other songs

  20. Amazing performance! So simple yet so complex!
    Awesome music, sound and voice! Simply amazing!

  21. Thank you so much for sharing what you are tonight, we felt you guys. It was magical. You are amazing musicians and got the best of us tonight. I’m thinking about going tomorrow too! This experience can’t be missed.(BTW you have an amazing sound engineer) Gracias por venir a México ❤️

  22. Awesome band , performance, live mixing ,
    Visual material, everything!
    Thanks !

  23. AMAZING!! The sound was excellent. The setlist and visuals were perfect. I had goosebumps during all the concert. It started late but it was not their fault, the venue had a problem with issuing tickets so the band decided to delay the show so everyone could get their tickets. The only thing left to say is takk and what an amazing start of the tour. Come back soon.

  24. Words are not enough to express all the emotions this concert made me feel! An experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life! Takk Sigur Ros!

  25. Takk!!! Words can’t describe what happened tonight! It was simply magical! ❤️

  26. Your music is like an open wound, dignified by its own beauty. Thank you for the tears. Come back soon!

  27. Takk! Gracias! It was unbelievable. I felt your music till my bones, my heart was beating with the drums and I just felt a beautiful, amazing joy. Come back soon. We love you. U

  28. Me estremeció poder disfrutar por segunda vez su música, pocas ocasiones de mi vida puedo disfrutar de sentimientos como los que me provoca su música la cual uso para desprenderme de mi inconveniente y poder pintar.

    Gracias por esta noche.

  29. from the intro music to the slow walk away from the stage the whole concert was an unbelievable, brutal and elegant discharge of talent, emotions and power, with music that seems to come from outside of this world. the visual display as complex as simple as it was just brilliantly decorated the right amount and provided the right energy on each song.
    it has been an honor and blessing to have seen you guys on the first show of the tour here in our hometown in an astonishingly beautiful and emotional show that reminds us of what we came here for.. love life, love music. with all my respect and admiration. rodrigo


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