sigur rós 2017 tour

national auditorium
mexico city, mexico

apr 3 2017



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  1. There are no words to actually describe what happened yesterday.
    One of the best concerts I have ever attended in my entire life.

  2. I don’t even know what to say. Everything was surreal. One of the best shows I’ve seen in my life. Perfect sound and perfect lightning. Sigur Ros is pure art. They play music for the soul. Thanks to my man at the lights who gift me the setlist. It’s something I’ll have to remember this for ever. See you tonight as well! Thank you for this premier! BEST SHOW!!!

  3. You are awesome guys! You’re show is great and the visuals are just amazing. Jonsi, you’re voice is a gift for the world!

    My only suggestion is to bring back the complete band!


  5. It was one of the most marvelous I’ve ever been, everything was so wonderful, I cried at least twice for all the feelings that your music induced me.

  6. This concert has been magical. The lights struck me. The voice, the drums, the bass, the bow … everything has been wonderful, thank you for the best concert.

  7. It was perfect! It was a magical and a cosmic trip , I felt every sound you made in every inch of my skin, you guys are amazing , I would love to see you again soon. Thank you for this perfect night <3

  8. Mind blowing concert. It was like an art exhibit, every song was so beautifully curated, to the tiniest detail. It absorbs you.

  9. The National Auditorium was totally disorganized, we your fans did’t know where the gate was for our seats, well, yet you saved the night, takk!!

  10. The expectation killed me, sometimes (just a few) the sound wasn’t the best, the visuals were ‘blowminders’. I was so anxious and finally you were there. I can only say that you owe me Samskeyti.

    For everything,


  12. I never thought it was possible to actually vibrate with the music, I was blown away, it was like an art exhibition, everything was synchronized. Thank you for coming. And “Glósóli” was my favourite song, too bad you didn’t perform “Brennisteinn”, the song that made me fall in love with you guys.

  13. Hello, I was one of the lucky people yesterday at Auditorio Nacional and it was simply delightful to hear and see a band that broke my entire concept of live-show.
    The audio was exquisite, visual synergy impecable and the audience showed more respect with silence than any other live show I have ever been in Mexico.
    The entire night I felt amazed, constantly and in crescendo. Couldnt help but feeling my admiration for the band renewed and multiplied at the end of the show.
    Thank you for taking care of every single detail and proving me there is always something new and more ways to love a band.
    In the three times I have had the pleasure of seeing you live in Mexico, by far this is the one I felt the band actually showed their art in the most honest way, and still cant believe I was there to witness such a beautiful display of art.
    thank you for every second of it.


  14. FIrst Sigur rós concert. Excelent experience ! Very emotive and spiritual night. Great show. Voice, instruments; fantastic evening !

  15. Dear Jónsi, Goggi, Orri and others involved;
    Yesterday was my first time seeing you guys live, I can’t express how touched and affected I was by your music and the whole visual experience.
    A few years ago i heard my cousin talk about the incredible experience he had when he first listened to you guys live, he said this in tears and I never imagined it would also touch me that way, sure we all have different feeling towards this, but the tears happened too.
    I started having a different connection with music a few years ago and now Im starting to understand the power of sound and music itself, you are a big part of this now, thank you.
    Yesterday will be forever for me.
    I will come to tears whenever I remember the 3thr of april. Thank you for sharing your talent and deepest feelings with us, be sure that my heart is now bigger than yesterday.


  16. It was completely mind blowing, best concert I’ve ever been to, thank you Sigur Rós for visiting Mexico, for such a great show, hope to see you guys again soon.

  17. You guys just blew my mind away… I heard songs that i actually thought i´d never hear in my life… like E-bow or Dauðalagið… And the rocker ones! Sæglópur, Kveikur and Popplagið! I´m simply fascinated… I went to the concert with mi brother, my cousins and their little daughter and at the end of the concert we all said “Sigur Rós are really bad peopple… We have feelings! It is cruel for us to deal with so many emotions! Is not fair” Love: Iván Alegre… (Sorry for my bad english)

  18. Cannot express all the blizzard of emotions i felt last night. Never felt so moved with music and a concert like you guys. I can tell you … you are the best concert i have ever attended in mi whole life … Cannot stop crying during all concert … i love you forever —

  19. All my Love. I can not express my thanks to your music, I really love you.
    You are the sky of my soul

  20. Absolutely the most beautiful concert I ever been to. You moved all my senses.
    Thank you so much.

  21. Spent 2:45hrs to trade fan pre-sale confirmation for tickets, it was a HELL, you guys should demand on signing dates this services get improved.

    The concert was more than i expected, far more, never imagined it could be set like that besides actual line up is a trio, Orry’s addition to keyboards is so great, best track selection performed, all evening kept me shaking, shivering, it was some sort of crowd’s soul catching witchery, mind traveling through images projected, did someone in your staff aware that a very few people in the audience was taking pics or video recording? (and me as well just took 8 pictures total no video), that showed every one was vibing the same, no one wanted to miss any detail…total shocking.

    I can recall i lot of concerts i’ve been, once finished gathered with friends as usual, but NO ONE had a comment or quick review about the concert….all there was a mutual feeling that everything was said before with sound and images in your gig.

    Greatest detail at the concert was… drums sound engineer, he was actually band’s member number four to me, BOMBASTIC !!!

  22. It is hard to choose the right words to express how I feel after your concert. It was the first time I watched you live and what an experience! It was such an emotional ride! The atmosphere that you created on each song was simply out of this planet. It was interesting to see the crowd so involved, not using their mobiles, just living the experience. Amazing! I hope you come back soon, we miss you already!

  23. You made me cry! I teared up so many times during this concert (it was the second time I’d seen you live). I last saw you in concert at Corona Capital, and that setlist was on fire, and to be honest, it was all I ever dreamt you would play live. But this time at Auditorio Nacional, it was more intimate, and you literally moulded my heart with your music. And that scenario, what a stunning use of lights and screens! I loved the twinkling-comets effect across “the sky”. I love you guys! I hope you come back again.

  24. This was the most beautiful concert I have attended to. You made me love life even more. Music, visuals, every tiny detail was so full of beauty and honesty; your art brought me news about myself. Thank you so much for giving this experience to us all. Deep thanks from deep within my heart.

  25. Not only did your performance blew my mind, it was beyond comparison, body and soul were totally immersed in the experience. Words come short when it comes to everything I felt that night, goosebumps became stronger with every note, sound, chord, it was sublime. All I can say is THANK YOU for the best night of my life!

  26. Associating the word “review” with your show has me feeling like laughing. How can you leave a review for an experience you feel like you’ll never stop processing? All I can do is thank you so much. I got to bring my 83 year old grandpa to your show in my hometown and share something incredibly special to me with him. It was a night I’ll never forget.

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