sigur rós 2016 tour

electric castle festival
cluj, romania

jul 14 2016



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  1. You were mesmerizing! Usually the artists on that stage like to interact very much with the crowd, but you didn’t have to do that because we were speechless! Thank you onve again for coming!

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for the experience! “Amazing” would be an understatement!

  3. Unearthly experience. Beautiful, beautiful music emphasized by the ones of the greatest visuals I’ve ever seen. The drummer wore killer pants!

  4. I’ve been wanting to see you guys for 10 years already and this concert has been one of the most inspiring and transformative moments yet for me. Thank you for the wonderful performance and all the passion that you guys showed us last night, it left me speechless and in awe. Hope it’s not the last time you come to Romania! All the best!

  5. You guys were absolutely amazing! Thank you and thanks to the Electric Castle team for making this dream come true ? lots of love from Cluj ???

  6. Thank you so very much for taking us on such a mesmerizing trip in your universe! Sublime!Dream come true!

  7. You guys were absolutely amazing! Thank you and thanks to the Electric Castle team for making a dream come true ? Lots of love from Cluj ???

  8. A friend of mine described perfectly how it felt attending such a magnificent concert: like looking at all the world’s greatest works of art at once; such an overwhelming state of spirit you gave us. Thank you, thank you, thank you, beautiful people!

  9. I am speechless, it’s like you opened the doors to another world. :) I am changed. And still speechless. Afram Island!

  10. You were perfect! I love the way you move me to tears everytime you play your magical music. Hope you’ll come back soon to Romania.

  11. You’ve been amazing! It was really the feeling of living inside a huge beating heart. I love you guys. Thank you for everything!

  12. We have been waiting to see you for quite some time. It was a great show. You were truly inspiring. Thanks and hope to see you again.

  13. Your performance was overwhelming. I was enraptured on a sea of electrifying happiness and my heart sung with the whales. I wish you’d had done an encore. Takk!

  14. Absolutely brilliant concert. Seeing you live is a dream come true. I loved it.
    Thank you, guys!

  15. It was absolutely amazing! Fantastic music and stunning visuals. Thank you!

  16. It was amazing. I felt you. I left home after the concert because I didn’t want to feel something else.

  17. Takk! It was pure delight – class A performance, coordination, lights, video, way above my expectations. You smashed my soul into pieces and built it right back into a better version.

  18. I consider myself lucky for seeing you perform your heavenly music. This was THE live experience. You bring us to tears and give us hope for a world as it should be. You gave us moments we will never forget. Takk!

  19. Damn elves, you put a spell on me!
    I’ve taken an unexpected mind-blowing trip in Iceland for one hour and a half and I’m still under the impression. And I think you started that rain on purpose…
    I want the experience again!

  20. Thank you so much! A concert, spirit and voice I will always remember. Hope to see you again! Have a great tour!

  21. It’s been 10 years since I watched Heima for the first time… and back then my biggest wish was to see you live. I could not imagine that thing will happen in Romania after so many years… Billions of Thanks for showing us how heaven sounds like! Words can’t describe how you were to us. Takk

  22. I’ve been dreaming to see you live for 9 years and now I finally made it. All i can say is that it was more than a blessing for me to be in the front row and not be able to stop crying for half the concert. You filled my heart and mind with love. Takk!

  23. I want to know if you heard the viking calling? Cuz me and a friend started that and wanted to know if you heard it.
    Thank you and hope to hear you again live.
    Take care, Liviu, Romania.

  24. Utherwordly. A dream come true. Tears of joy. Made my heart soar. Worth the 10 years wait to see you live. Thank you

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