sigur rós 2016 tour

release athens music festival
athens, greece

jun 13 2016



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  1. One of the most magical nights ever! Sigur Ros are an experience that no one should miss!!!

  2. Magical! My best concert experience so far!

    Let us know what kind of bloody contract have you done with the powers of the nature to have the weather following your music!!

    Perfect! It was just perfect!

  3. I can’t listen to anything else since yesterday! Amazing feeling. Continue to create art as you (already) do!

    See you Soon, I hope in Iceland!

  4. You couldn’t tell the tears from the rain. Simply amazing. I can’t even find words to describe what my soul felt listening and seeing you guys live. My love for you and your music can only grow. Thank you once again for a truly amazing experience. Love

  5. It was the myth of a rainy night! The best live show ever! Takk Jónsi, Orri and Goggi !

  6. You remind us why images& music can make us better human beings…mystagogue…

  7. One night to remember! We were not just listening, we were not just watching, we were feeling and living your music and your energy! Takk!

  8. Best day of my life. I felt so honored to see you perform in Athens.
    The sky was crying with me. Proud of you all. You give music an other dimension.Until the next time…Takk <3

  9. Release Festival Athens,
    I thought it a magical night. I came loving the music and I left enchanted by it. Even the weather was perfect for Sigur Ros (I don’t think I’ll ever look at rain the same way again). The whole performance was beyond my expectations. Thank you very much. I hope you’ll honor us again with your presence in my country.

  10. It was shocking! It was magical! Thank you!
    Það var átakanlegum! Það var töfrum! Takk fyrir!
    ???? ?????????????! ???? ??????! ?’ ?????????!

  11. amazing concert ,we are travel to iceland and back a lot of times
    the rain it was the best no heat just lovely rain
    PS you the girl with the black dress , the red slobber ,the blue eyes and the blonde hair ,i dont ever learn your name but i love you

  12. Beauty and awesomeness met together under the rain last night… Takk!!!

  13. You just had to close your eyes to feel yesterday’s aura from Odin…

  14. It was a magical experience! Sigur Ros performed perfectly and the rainy weather made the concert just unforgettable… Takk…

    Athens, 13/6/2016

  15. I was expecting that gig for so many years. Thank you for the experience!
    A dream became true.
    A wonderful rainy night with the most wonderful band!

  16. This was amazing, it was magical! I was waiting for you to come for so many years…and the rain was just perfect! To be honest, i missed hoppipolla and olsen olsen… my favourites. But it was a wonderful experience and i hope you liked it too, so that you come back soon… We love you !


  18. Thank you Icelanders.!!! It was an amazing and magic night! The thunderstorm effect was awesome :) Hope to see you back to Athens soon!

  19. Thank you Icelanders!! It was an amazing and magical night.. The thunderstorm effect was also awesome :) Hope to see you back to Greece soon!

  20. I can’t express in words what I felt last night but I can tell you that during the whole show I cried,I smiled,I screamed and at the very end I left with a heart full of feelings…It was something like expiation and I am grateful to you for all these…
    !!! TAKK TAKK TAKK !!!

  21. It was amazing time for me! Thank you and thank you for making grateful songs…!

  22. I attended your performance in Athens…it was so out of this world that I have no words to describe was so worth to come all the way from Skopje…thank you thank you thank you for one of the best, most fascinating and most emotional event in my life. I really hope we will ‘meet’ again!

  23. It was a BLISS! You were AMAZING!!!
    ?ne of the most transcendant moments for me, listening and seeing you playing in pouring rain!
    I felt like seeing us excited with your music and performance, without getting wet bothering us, you gave more and a bit of your soul up there.
    Thank you for giving us these moments of hapiness and the beauty of your art to the universe.

  24. Epic night, magical performance. A night to remember. Hope to see you more often in Greece! I can’t wait for 13 years again!!

  25. Electric atmosphere with mindblowing sound and show.we travelled last night in a dreamy world,along with the lightning skies
    Thank you for an amazing performance

  26. Hi guys. I’m so glad you to come to Japan. Actually, I can’t go FUJIROCK but I really want to see you. So I really really hope you come next year too. Hoppipolla let me know sigur ros’ world. You changed my thinking about music. You are awesome and I thank you!!

  27. This is the first time i see any band live, i have always wished to see you guys in Istanbul, you are my first time, and first times are always the most beautiful ones, i still can’t believe it, when you entered the stage , with the smoke and the lights, my heart almost stopped, endless shivers, tears of joy, i felt like there was a something pulling me up high, like it is the last light in my life, i can’t describe enough, there are no words to describe… Takk
    All the love from Syria

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