sigur rós 2013 tour

hartwall areena
helsinki, finland



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photos by dorit salutskij



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  1. takk :)

    Sad to see the end of the tour – a great night, tho’. And happy birthday (in english) to the birthday girl!

    Hope to see you sooner than later <3

  2. The show was absolutely beautiful and I hope to see you in Finland again soon! Take care you precious people <3

  3. You made me cry.

    But I loved every second of the show and you totally blew me away.

    Kiitos/Takk/Thank you!

  4. Takk! Last night was extraordinary, wonderful dive to musical and visual journey! I was so lucky to be able be there!

  5. I saw you twice this year and don’t know what concert I liked more… There is not words to describe yesterdays concert. It was awesome!! Hope to see you soon!! Takk!!! :)

  6. The show was absolutely beautiful and I still can’t handle all the feels you guys gave me. It was the best night of my life, takk <3

  7. Yesterday evening was magical. Your heartwarming music added to the wonderful visuality is something me and my girlfriend will remember for many years to come. You’re such an inspiration, may all the goodness in the world follow your future endevours <3

    -Sami and Minttu from Kotka, Finland.

  8. All I could keep thinking during the show was that Sigur Ros must have discovered the essence, or the meaning of life, and converted it into a musical and visual format, for surely THIS music, THIS feeling that it gave me had to be, in itself, a reason to exist. It was such a beautiful and powerful experience that I felt entirely overwhelmed and had sealegs afterwards. Any artist throwing a concert in Helsinki after this will have a hard time trying to impress an audience that experienced this!

  9. There are no words to describe all the feelings. Breathtaking and intense concert once again! Astonishing visuals.

    Takk… <3

  10. Takk for making my november! Your show took me back in time and remembered of all the good things I have seen and done while listening to you guys.

  11. Amazing, beautiful and heartwarming! The end made me cry! Me and my girlfriend love it beyond belief!! You are welcome back anytime!
    Takk/kiitos/Thank you!

  12. Been listening to you guys since 2000, and I didn’t had the pleasure to see you guys live before now! Loved it!

    Takk svo mikið!

  13. you really stole my heart for good
    you guys are precious, come back again anytime, we’ll be here waiting patiently for you!
    i’ve never experienced feelings like this after concert.. hopefully you guys realize how unique your music really is and how empowering it is for all your listeners.
    thank you so much, takk and kiitos!

  14. As always: takk! It was an incredible show. I often found my self just staring at the projected images, or the flashing lights as they perfectly fit together with music. Kveikur was completely different live – those industrial sounds were given a whole new meaning. Those next to me must’ve been thinking what’s wrong with me as I was shaking for the chills you gave me. I know you’re kidding with “last show ever”, so feel free to come back! :)

  15. Fantastic! So emotional but still so powerful. There were so many great moments… sheet dropping down while Brennisteinn starts rumbling, angelic choir at the end of Varúð and of course the final three songs. They were massive. I guess there is no other band or artist that are able to give you such enormous vibes during a two-hour show. Takk!!

  16. The gig was very emotional experience for me. I have been listening to you for a few years and imagined many times how amazing it would be to see you guys playing live. Yesterday was an experience full of beauty, happiness, tears and love. I could feel the music with every cell of my body while dancing to joyful final of Festival or overwhelming Í Gær. I want to thank you for giving me so many good memories in my life, last night was one of the best. I hope I will see you soon again. I love you very, very much! <3

    Takk! Kiitos!

  17. Reality is not enough after listening to your music. I have said that since the last time I saw you perform, which was in 2005 at Kulttuuritalo. I will give my best attempt to describe your show last night with words: I felt that my heart broke open and was filled with pure joy. I was speechless, nothing could top that and nothing needs to. Thank you, Kiitos, Takk!

  18. The gig was a captivating journey in sound and visuals. It’s hard to find words to describe it – you just need to experience it. We left feeling compeletely warm inside.
    Thank you so much! Takk!

  19. Beautiful. Absolutely stunning. The music, the lights, visuals.. the people! I loved how the distance between band and audience grew shorter towards the end. I think through your art I had a kind of sensation of the unknown.. the essence of life itself, its mysteries and marvels.. the unspeakable, so to say.. and it makes me feel joyful. So thank you guys, the whole crew, for this night of inspiration. Have a safe journey home. ?

  20. Can music touch the strings of your soul so deep?..

    It was special…thank you for being what you are…

  21. Takk fyrir!! Words are not enough.. your music makes the world a better place. All I can say is takk and never stop doing the thing you love!

  22. Last night was special. It was beautiful and amazing beyond words. I don’t know how to feel right now, all I can say is that you touched my heart and I will miss you guys terribly. I will cherish the memories of last night forever and let me tell you, it was easily one of the best concerts I’ve been to and I can’t wait to see you again in the future, fingers crossed that you will come back soon.
    You changed me last night Sigur Rós. Takk fyrir <3

  23. Last night was so amazing. The whole event was so beautiful in every way.. Even people who weren’t your fans before last night’s show are now rushing online to find your songs. Jónsi- you sound so wonderful live, I could hardly believe it. Your music made me feel more alive than I’ve felt in ages!
    I sincerely hope you’ll be on tour soon enough again, your music makes the world a better place. I loved all the visuals, especially the dropping of the curtain at the start was so dramatic and sudden I flew back a metre or two!
    Takk fyrir my gorgeous Icelandic artists!

  24. I haven’t seen as strong bond between music and visuals before. Jónsi’s highest voices would’ve been mixed to sound more clearly though.

  25. After the performance I found myself at a great loss of words. Quite extraordinary. Thank you.

  26. I think the most beautiful thing about your performances is that music is the one that is above everything else. The videos, the lights, the musicians are all about the music and it creates an amazing feeling. I still can’t believe how concentrated everyone in the audience was, both here and last summer in Ilosaari. Even though people might say differently, I think your shows are about music, not about lights or videos or weird artistic things. It’s about the feelings and emotions your music wakes in us.
    Like my friend said, being in your concert felt like being home.
    Kiitos, takk.

  27. Amazing show guys.

    We appreciate a LOT the really long playing session: I never see a band playing live for so long, it was a blast!!
    In particular, I think Kveikur is an amazing album, is my fav!

    Also, you choosed a great set designer as well: the small lights which were turning on/off , the aurora borealis effect, the organic projections, the smoke the flipping out videos… The feedback was icelandic-inspired but in a contemporary way, not too ethnic or too icelandic. Sooo cool!

    In short, I found your show INSPIRATIONAL, EXCITING and BEAUTIFUL!


  28. Thank you guys for maybe the best concert I’ve seen in my whole life. Thank you for provoking such powerful feelings inside me and thank you for making me cry and smile by turns for happiness and the awesomeness of the music. And a big thanks to Hauschka and Samuli Kosminen – I listened to them my eyes shut so that I could feel the music storming in my body.

    Yesterday evening was magnificent (oh, and the light bulbs were a brilliant element!). The show and the music surrounded me, and all my thoughts were bent to the moment. You are wonderful – your music is fantastic and the show blowed my mind. It exceeded everything I could have ever expect.

    I’m grateful.

  29. I was left utterly speechless by the gig.

    It all started with I gaer as the second song of the night. I felt disintergrated, cryed and amazed, same with Vaka and Brenninsteinn. And later with E-bow and Popplagid. I think I haven’t cried and felt that deeply touched by anything of any form art in my life.

    Thank you for one of the most spiritual experiences of my life.

  30. i can’t put in words how much yesterday meant to me. hearing vaka, which has been really comforting for me every time i’ve felt lost, made me shake since the very beginning. hoppipolla was like the very definition of happiness. i wish you could bottle the feeling i got from hearing it for the first time live and return to it later. i felt more free than i have felt in ages. or maybe ever. i believe i found a home.

    thank you – takk – so much. please come back again.

  31. Me and my friend were in tears. It was the most touching concert I’ve ever heard in my life. Thank you for your music.

  32. while listening vaka, i realized how much you mean for me. at the same time, i felt happiness and sorrow. when hoppipolla started, all the sorrow were gone, and happiness spread out, even by tears.


    welcome back – anytime you ever want.

  33. the concert was great but someone farted loudly next to me between songs, the odour was lethal. But I must say it kinda added an extra element and level of experiment to the show.

  34. Sigur Rós at Ilosaarirock – check
    Sigur Rós at Hartwall areena – check

    Thank you very much. This was certainly the thing I needed. Overwhelming, beautiful, amazing. Gig to remember. See you soon! Peace & love.

  35. your show was by far the most beautiful and emotional thing I’ve ever seen, heard or felt. i guess i was overwhelmed after the concert, because i thought i got away tearless, but now i’ve been crying for two days straight just thinking about it. but they’re the good kind of tears that wash the sorrow out.

    i hope to see you again soon, but for now take your time and take care of yourselves! takk.

  36. This was a great show. Spectacular, surprising, intimate in spite of the big space, touching. Musicians were happy to be on stage giving us everything. Jónsi’s generous voice was stroking the Northern lights and love bursting out of his chest. I couldn’t help dropping a tear or two (hundreds) on Svefn-g-englar.
    I finally left the Hartwall areena, full of love and hope. Thank you, you are not only wonderful musicians but also marvelous people.

  37. Can music save your mortal soul?

    After a magical show of yours at Hartwall Areena, I believe it can, for damn sure. I’m left speechless, but filled with love and hope and joy. Takk, Sigur Rós, for existing.

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