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  1. Absolutely mindblowing! I have been longing to see you live for years and the concert surpassed all my expectations and it was probably the best show I have seen. The music and visual effects brought forward all kinds of emotions from sadness to pure joy! The last song was epic!

  2. It was spectacular. You brought tears to my eyes more than once: During “Vaka”, which was immensly beautiful, “Glosoli”, “Festival” and “Varud”. And then you blew my head of with the intense “Kveikur”, the climaxe of “Svefn-g-englar” and “Popplagid”.

    Really loved the concert and a clear sign of your brilliance is that you manage to keep the crowd quiet with just your music, without the need for smalltalk.

    Loved it!

  3. Still under your spell! Keep on creating and sharing this vast, emotional, intuitive, sincere and beautiful universe! Thanks for inviting us in!

  4. It was the forth time I had a chance to see your wonderful band live, first time indoors. I was wondering a bit how the lack of ‘nature’ and space around (something that in my opinion was adding even more amazingness to your concerts) will influence the show. It turned out to be not only the best Sigur Ros concert I’ve ever been to, but probably the best concert ever-ever. And I thought nothing could beat the first one:) epic!

  5. A perfect show. My personal favourite band producing a fantastic performance. Last night was the third Sigurd Ros show I have been to and third time I have been blown away

    I look forward to the future for the next tour and new music.

    Thank you to everyone involved.

  6. the last time i saw you was in 2006 in oslo. when i knew you were coming back, i immediately bought bought a ticket.

    you guys have helped me through so much in my life. i hope you never stop producing feelings, life, light and happiness (what your music gives to others.)


  7. you are truly perfectionists! i saw you at øya 2008, and that was great as well, but this…. one of the best concerts i have ever experienced. the video art was spellbinding, and with the amazing music and lights it was a very complete experience. takk!

  8. Last night was fantastic. Its the third time I have seen you and you never disappoint, my head is still spinning from all the visuals. Top marks to I break horses also, perfect opening band for Sigur Ros.

  9. I have published two books and written god knows how many poems, but I cannot for the life of me find words to express how utterly and completely beautiful the concert yesterday was. Pure perfection. I cried. It’s been eight years since the last time I saw you, and you were every bit as amazing as then. Takk, Sigur Rós, you changed the way I perceived music – or indeed everything – back when I was fifteen, and you still to this day continue to breathtake me. I have no more words. The best thing that God has created isn’t a new day, it’s you.

  10. Thank you for giving me the best moment I´ve ever had on a concert… It was really beautiful!

  11. Amazing! Pretty sad you guys didn’t play Isjaki, since thats my favorite song, but your show was still epic. Thank you guys!

    Takk fyrir!

  12. I finally got to see you live and it was spectacular. The music, the visual effects, everything. I will never forget this event, I will never forget what you have done for me. Takk, Sigur Rós!

  13. Your music has been a guide for me in the most critical years of my life so far. The consert in Oslo yesterday was a mourning of the past and the celebration of the future! A definite threshold! Continue to make major impact in life of others! Thank you.

  14. Pure Magic! Tears, joy and every other emotion all at once. A piece of my soul was healed. Takk!

  15. I cried and smiled uncontrollably the entire show. Goosebumps and pure awe all the way. At times it felt like I was above myself. People bumped into to me but I felt like I was somewhere else, in an intense embrace with the beauty that was being presented to me. I kept thinking; “man, I’m so glad these people are alive to allow me to have this experience.” You showed me how high the experience of beauty can go and you took me further into the mystery of beauty than I’ve ever been before. I feel like I’ve received a gift so great that it can never be repayed.

  16. I really liked how you managed to create an imaginary landscape, using the visuals and music. Profound and inspiring.

  17. It felt like being broken and fixed at the same time, continuously throughout the show. You bring out feelings I didn’t think I had in me. It doesn’t get any better then you for me. Takk!

  18. Beautiful and inspiring show. I am so satisfied with finally being able so see you live, and my high expectations was immensly exceeded!

  19. I have never been to a consert where everyone just stands still… listening….taking it all in


  20. thank you so much for your concert yesterday! It is difficult to find words to describe my experience of your live music, lights and animations, but they really touched me – it felt like being lifted up and embraced by the music. Thank you for the beauty and the intensity!

  21. Thank u for the magic….i drive 7 hours over slippery mouintains ,got 6500 NOK in speed ticket (((..and jumped out of car ,left bag in reception at hotel ,run like he… to Spektrum and pohhh…magic was on…so as u wrote it after last song…takk….

  22. Amazing.
    Now it is time to enjoy your albums still more after this amazing life experience.
    Takk kjærlega ;-)

  23. I’ve been waiting to see you for many many years. Being from Canada there hasn’t been much opportunity to find a concert. Now living in Norway, when i saw that there was going to be concert I immediately bought tickets. It’s safe to say that seeing Sigur Ros live is a life changing experience. It was absolutely outstanding. The best live show I have seen. The visuals, the atmosphere, and the sound were all amazing. It actually was one of the best sounding (from a sound engineers perspective) shows i have seen. So well done to the venue and the sound engineers on sight.

    I will never forget this experience and will jump at the opportunity to buy tickets again. AMAZING!!!!

  24. Mindblown. Visually stunning, beautiful production, band sounds greater than ever. Nothing like it.

  25. This was a magical night. I finally got to see one of my favorite bands, and I also met my soulmate and lover and hopefully in the future, wife. :-)
    So – what would be more fitting than having Sigur Rós play in our wedding, if it comes to that? That would be a dream come true. Heh. :-)
    Well – at least I hope you guys are coming to Norway to visit us again soon. Or, if you’re planning on shows in Iceland, that you announce them in good time ahead… We might jump on a plane to Keflavík. It wouldn’t be the first time. It will be the fourth, actually. A Sigur Rós concert in Iceland is another dream I hope comes true. Hey, what if I and my girlfriend get married during a concert somewhere in Iceland? That would make both dreams come true. Now, there’s a thought… :-)

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