sigur rós 2013 tour

mitsubishi electric halle
dusseldorf, germany



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  1. What a brilliant show! The setlist, the lights, the projections, the sound – everything came together and formed what must be one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen.

  2. Best concert ever..strong emotions, amazing band!I really appreciate the final moment with greetings that showed all your humanity and your passion. I cried almost all the time.

  3. It was super. And although I know it is the final song of your performance I always look forward to popplagið. This song realy has it all. Pefect, wonderfull, vivacious.
    Thank you for your music!

  4. I have always said, that I woudln’t die before I haven’t seen Sigur Rós live. Now that I have, I don’t feel so much like death should be anytime soon.

    What I can say though, is that anything I experience from now on will have to be measured against what I felt and experienced yesterday when I saw your show.

    I wish I could express my gratitude for what your music means to me in your language rather than escaping into English (which isn’t my mother tongue either), but I hope I will be able to someday find the words.

    Takk fyrir og sjáumst.

    P.S.: It was my birthday yesterday as well, so I kind of felt spoken to when you sung “Happy Birthdy” for one of your singers. ;)

  5. I only say TAKK to you, dear Sigur Ros!!
    Takk for an amazing show, takk for the strong emotions I was allowed to feel during your show.
    Sigur Ros, you were wonderful!!

  6. Vielen Dank für das tolle Konzert! Eine Zugabe hätte die Stimmung des letzten Stückes zerstört. Es gibt keinen Song, der am Schluss besser gepasst hätte!

  7. The most fantastic concerts of Sigur Rós I saw this year was in Dusseldorf yesterday and eqrlier this year RW13
    Jónsi was super and of course the hole band
    Saw you guys in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf 2 days
    Came from Belgium but was wothh it. Had already 2 concerts this year in Brussels and Rock Werchter 13 but even cqn get enough

    So guys namy thanks for this super experience this year

    TAKK and C U next year

  8. The concert was very beautiful (and let’s be honest – as usual!) BUT I also missed at least one more song e.g. from ágaetis byrjun.

    It was my third gig from you guys and it didn’t last as long as I remembered previous shows. (I know, it will always be too short… )

    Though I really love Popplagid, yesterday it would have been nicer to shorten it a little bit to be able to play another song right between the last two songs (svefn-g-englar or so). Your songs are all that awesome, it would be a pity to miss them because of missing time.

    You are great! Takk fyrir or Dankeschön from germany

  9. We came from Belarus to see your show.
    Since i saw Heima four or five years ago,I’ve always wanted to be at the Sigur Ros concert .
    I can’t explain how i felt, words are not enough,I guess. That inner feeling of harmony and piece.Like something magical is happening around, something unique and so fragile. Jonsi’s voice is so pure, it wraps you around and you can just flow far away.
    Thank you for the happiness. That was one of the best days of my live,i couldn’t believe i was there.I cried, but that were tears of joy)
    With love from Belarus.Keep it up, you are so wonderful.

  10. Third time this year, Berlin, Dresden and now Düsseldorf.
    Most intensive Version of poplagid in Düsseldorf, best location in Dresden (Junge Garde), best complete Set in Berlin.

  11. actually the first live-show in my 37 years – and probably the last aswell. One should stop when things have come to the best and how could it become any better? Takk Sigur Ros for my first time.

  12. Beseated in a warm train, Njósnavélin in my ears, the sun upon my face, one big happy feeling, as if I’m in a land of nobody, between pure magic and real life – I’m trying to get hold of that moment of the gig, not wanting to go back home.
    Experienced a fantastic gig, great sound, Jonsí’s beautiful unearthly voice, stunning visuals, with great people/Sigur Rós friends, the best place, first row, just in front of Jonsí. Sæglópur and Glósóli, so beautiful. Rafstraumur, made me wanna dance, I just loved it!
    Also witnessed the smiles between Goggi & Orri, but there were also some technical problems as well.
    Yes, we’ve noticed the presence of Alex, Jonsí’s partner, but when the first tunes of Popplagið – which sounded a bit different – did appear, it was like: what? already???
    I didn’t get rid of the feeling, something was missing (and I wasn’t the only one), I didn’t know what.
    Was it the encore? The beauty of Olsen Olsen, E-Bow, Viðrar vel til loftárása, or maybe they might be playing Agaetis Byrjun?
    At least, we were lucky to have a sweet & kind talk with Kjartan Hólm and Orri, who invited us for a Düsseldorf drink. You’re real sweet guys!
    It turned out, after waiting for 1 1/2 hours in a freezing cold, the best we could do, was to go, as we do respect the artists attitude, privacy.
    There will be a day, we’ll meet & greet with our heroes.
    I think we have to wait now for another opportunity, but hopefully it will not take another 4 years, as there isn’t planned much now on touring anymore.
    Yes, they did quite a heavy one over the last 1 1/2 years, I was privileged enough to see them 4 times.
    I’d like to say, take your time off, especially with your family and friends, it is well earned, but don’t let us – fans – wait that long.
    Although you’ve 3 more gigs to go: a lot of success, Happy Holidays & a happy New Year, but finally you’re gonna hang…..
    in my Christmas tree!!! Love you forever! TAKK! Henriëtte XXX

  13. that day was also my B-day…
    so i was really really really glad to be there and be able to listen to Happy Bday Song :)
    It was really awesome and amazing show. i can never forget it.

    Luv & Peace from Berlin.

  14. Takk, takk, takk! for one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen.
    It was a truly amazing evening, bad i was i little bit sad that you didn’t play any Ágætis byrjun song…
    But I really liked that you didn’t play an encore. Seriously, “Untitled #8” is the perfect song for the end of a concert, anything else would have killed the magic athmosphere.
    love from düsseldorf!

  15. Dreamt that I stood right in front of the stage the week before, and o my God, it happened exactly that way!! Been to a couple of concerts in my life but felt like this was my first. The sound quality was superb. Brought earplugs with my, but didn’t had to use them. Jónsi’s voice was amazing and exactly like it is on cd. The music is so original, I really can’t get enough. Loved that you sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in Icelandic to one of the girls in the band. Hope you come to Holland because I want to see you again. But I can understand you need some rest after all the touring you did. In the meantime I continue to listen to you music every day.
    Love you. You are really the best????

  16. For ten years I’ve been wanting to see a concert of your’s and now I finally got to see one. It was everything I expected it to be and even more. I was absolutely blown away by this experience and moved to tears. Thanks for a phenomenal night!

  17. Truly inspiring, meditative. Thank you for the gift you bestow upon those who are listening to your music. Thanks for helping me not to be afraid of being myself, your work allows me to experience the most intense and genuine emotions. Your music convinces that I’m able to feel. I’m very happy that I’ve seen and heard you.
    Let the world inspire and help in your creations!

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