sigur rós 2013 tour

frankfurt, germany



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  1. It’s been visually and musically intense. You were stunning. Takk!
    @Ralf: Die Vorgruppe heißt I Break Horses. Tolle Musik!

  2. Visually stunning show! Haven’t seen something similar in years. Great musical journey through many great SR-pieces.
    “I break horses” was a great choice for a support band.
    Takk! See you around next time…

  3. Epic. Immersive. There’s many similar bands but there’s nobody quite like Sigur Ros. Thank you for coming to little old Frankfurt and adding such a great show – makes me feel better about everything.

  4. Sigur ros! It was brilliant! The best consent than I have ever seen! Pure love! I want to see this show again!!!

  5. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life, Thank you so much! looking forward for what ever you do in the future! Takk

  6. Stunning show – and the most intense finale of a gig I’ve ever seen. You guys never disappoint. Takk!! :)

  7. After years of admiring your music, to finally hear you performing it live might just have been the best thing ever. Takk, takk, takk! Words cannot describe how much this wonderful evening meant to me. ;))

    Also, I Break Horses was a great supporting act, I like the singer’s voice a lot.

  8. Powerful show but it became obvious that it has been a long tour and you need same relaxation. That’s the only explanation to me for jonsi’s littel blackouts in the timing and lyrics. Also bass and drum have lost sometimes only for a few moments the sychronisation – but hey … they are human and not robots – even though they come from island ;-)

  9. Takk. Danke. Thanks to whomsoever that you and iceland are part of this world and thanks for the luck I’ve had to experience both of it. I would really like to be able to say more but I’m still stuck with all the emotions … incredible …

  10. Awesome! Maybe one of the most intense experiences in my life. Thanks for making me cry during your show. Lots of love!

  11. Thank you very much for a wonderful evening! It was the third time this year seeing you after Munich/Feb, Dresden/Jun, the show last night was the final one in Germany for you, and I hope you will come back soon! It was a stunning show, and an amazing sound las night! Much regards, Peter

  12. Does anyone happen to recall the tracks played?
    Cannot recall them all and I would like to create a spotify playlist and of course share it.

  13. your music//your videos//everything//touched my soul// so many times//thank you so much for it//

    yourMusic / / myndskeið / / allt / / snert sál mín / / svo oft / / Þakka þér svo mikið fyrir það / /

  14. After discovering your music only in April, this was my first sigur ros concert. It was absolutely amazing, impressing, incredible. Fantastic how many different instruments are used during the show by everyone. It creates such a unique sound.

    Absolutely brilliant.

  15. Thank you sooooo much for your performance in Frankfurt yesterday.
    I had such a wonderful time with goosebumps all over my body for the whole concert.
    Your music really touches my soul.
    Hope to see you again soon!

  16. It was my third concert this year, and I found it amazing every time. What Jonsi made ??between Kveikur and Festival, had simply my breath, something like that I’ve ever seen in any show. That was a masterpiece.

    The first band was called Break Horses


  17. absolutely great show – overwhelming! – thanks a lot!
    And also a great opening band! Does anybody know the songs they played?

  18. This was my second time seeing you (Munich – 02/2013) and just as amazing as the first time. Love the interplay between the visuals and the music and thought the cameras recording live and displaying on the big screen was wonderful. Nice to see such close up shots. Look forward to seeing you again in the (hopefully) not too distant future! Takk!!

  19. What an experience…! Thanks you Sigur Rós for making great art and Jonsi, thanks for the lighting Bulb souvenir… Its a treasure ill always carry!!

  20. thanks for pushing the borders in the asthetics of the stage design of concerts….. takk… takk… next time when you are in the area.. with your team…. and if you want to celebrate your self…. in a special place… or if you want to see something else than concert halls… contact me (see my strange e-mail adress)… it would be a pleasure to be one of your hosts at Schloßfreudenberg at Wiesbaden

  21. transpercée par votre musique, par la voix de Jonsi… un immense merci à chacun de vous pour votre concert qui restera gravé dans mes tripes. Takk!

  22. Second time I saw Sigur Rós. First was in 2008.
    I was rather disappointed towards the end. First it was great, the light show was great, especially all those single light bulbs on the stage. But towards the end I had the feeling that you guys just wanted to get it done already. I found it especially saddening that there was no encore. When Kjartan started with Popplagið I didn’t want to believe it at first and I was quite angry when I had to realize that there really wouldn’t be any more songs.

    I still love your music and I will probably go and see you again, if you’re ever in the area again. But I hope that won’t be at the end of a long tour.

  23. Remembrance from the past:

    Desde colombia hasta Frankfurt solo para estar en primera fila de la experiencia más completa y emocional de mi vida. Gracias por hacer música con el alma para el alma.

    Thanks for making music from the soul to the soul!

    Hope i can see you guys in plenty more experiences.

    Andrés González P.

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