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  1. It was a moment of pure beauty as usual with your music. Please be back in Luxembourg ! Hoping that a live CD of that amazing tour will be out soon :)

  2. such an amzing and wonderful show! So great really one of the best concerts I ever was! I hope to see you soon back here :D

  3. Un concert grandiose .. merci pour toutes ces émotions ! Tout était parfait !

  4. thanks a million for this brilliant performance.
    first time i saw you live after years of insistance from my friend to come and see/hear you.
    was amazing. sound was exceptional. the finale was apocayptic.
    gig of the year obviously. :-)

  5. Frábærir tónleikar hjá ykkur piltar. Það hefur verið lengi á óskalistanum hjá mér að komast á tónleika og þetta var frábær upplifun.
    Takk ()

  6. Thanks, a million thanks for this emotional show !
    I may die: I saw Sigur Rós ! (joke)
    I hope i have another opportunity to see you !

  7. brilliant!

    as the Fifth symphony, your music will float among the stars one day

    thank you for this experience

    merci, takk

  8. it was such an unforgetable moment of pure music pleasure. i really wish have one more chance to shiver on one of your next live show. i promise to myself to cross the world if needed, to see you again.

  9. Thanks again!
    It was my 10th Sigur Ros concert! It all begann in Brussels back in 2000. The concert in 2001 in the small Dreikönigskirche in Frankfurt was most certainly the best concert I’ve ever been to.
    Takk’s again for another great great evening!!

  10. You sang right to our hearts. The whole concert was like a dream to me. The show was pure art. I will never forget this evening. Amazing! I hope to see you soon again! Takk Takk Takk.

  11. Four amazing times I saw you guys live (Werchter, Brussels 2x, Antwerp), but this fifth time was more than amazing, it was simply mind-blowing. Takk fyrir for a truly unforgettable night in Luxemburg !!!!!!!!! Any chance of playing in Reykjavik on July 25 or 26 2014? We’re there then ;-)

  12. There are no words to describe last night’s experience. First time that I heard you guys live and I was completely blown away! THANK YOU!

  13. Takk fyrir!!!
    I hope Jonsi is better now :)I think he had a little cold.
    But the show was amazing!!! Goosebumps :D

  14. Takk fyrir for another great sound and vision gig !!
    To the technical staff, soundboard, lights : Thumbs up ! I was standing behind their area and I can say they really enjoy their job and they made (once more) miracles !
    I was at the front row in Basel (february) and it was vertiginous ; this time I chose to see all visual effects from the back of the hall and it was more amazing in stereo !
    Special thanks to Georg and Orri for being so approachable to sign my vinyl sleeves.
    The perfect evening !
    I wish you the best for your latest dates in cont. Europe ; Try to enjoy some Xmas markets in Germany, before a well deserved rest !
    The guy with the red wallet.

  15. We came all the way from Australia to Luxembourg, it was divine. Any plans for visiting Melbourne and Fitrzroy again? Takk

  16. 6 concerts of pure magic, 6 unforgetable nights,so far
    I’ll just keep coming back for more…
    Tusen takk and come back soon.

  17. Deuxième concert du groupe pour moi cette année, le premier étant Paris, et et même si l’effet de surprise n’est plus le même, je suis bouche bée devant un tel talent. Takk messieurs. Un regret : ma petite fille est trop jeune pour vous voir en live un jour à mon avis. Vous changez la vie !

  18. I love your music, your energy. I was in Basel this year and it’s was incredible. Sorry to say that but for this evening it was a good concert but no more. The reasons: it’s was too loud and not possible to enjoy the different instruments (perhaps because it was in a concert hall with other concerts near) and Jonsi voice was not so pure as usual. Vaka was better in the middle of the concert in Basel with this incredible lights than behind the curtain. Thank you so much for festival and Ágætis Byrjun
    No matter for the sound, the next time you will come near my home, I will come again and again.
    Takk, your music is just divine.
    My dream set list: Ára Bátur, Varúð, Dauðalogn, Sé Lest, Festival, Með Suð Í Eyrum, Fljótavík, Hafsól, Yfirbord

  19. I came with my Papa from Germany only to see you. I agree with Marc, Rockhal hasn’t the best sound. We love your music, it’s genious. We appreciate to see you as soon as possible in Germany. Enjoy your life and stay healthy. We love you thank you for this powerful relaxing time with your sound. Perfect!!!

  20. You know what? I guess, no, I am sure, the most beautiful Place in Germany is the Loreley in St. goarshausen. It’s in middle of nature with the best Accustic I’ve ever heard. It’s especially your Place, for you and your Music. I Hope You Play there in summertime!!! Love

  21. it’s a long time ago, but still strong in my mind… i really miss your presence. i frequently look at live webvideos, but it’s like a boy looking girlfriend’s picture : time is too long to see her again and feel her around him.

  22. show you un Luxembourg… Just talented…

    Hope you are doing well and show you one more time in my life

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