sigur rós 2013 tour

o2 arena
dublin, ireland



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photos by olga kuzmenko


photos by shaun doherty



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  1. Sensational. What a show. Cant wait to see you again. Saw you in Manchester in March and you didn’t do Festival – so that was my highlight from the night. Although Poplaggid was wonderful too. Enjoy the rest of the tour.

  2. Guys Dublin was amazing last night. The songs from the latest album are unbelievable live, so much energy. Come back soon!

  3. I can’t adequately describe how great your concert was from start to finish. Festival was amazing and just when I thought you could get any better – Svefn-G-Englar for the encore! I’m still blown away..

  4. thank you very much guys for amazing spiritual experience last evening! I did enjoy every single minute of your music, as I was touch very deep inside and felt real emotions. Havent cry but felt like being fully alive and contented. The visuals, the sound and Varuo brougth me up to my own heaven!!! Long lives for you Sigur Ros, as i know you my life time band!!!

  5. Very grateful to have been at the gig last night – you are artists in the real sense of the word. Such an amazing experience.

  6. Brilliant show, lights and visuals complemented the music perfectly. Sigur Rós is an experience that’s too deep to be described in words… all I can say is TAKK!!!!

  7. Only one word can do justice and that is amazing. Hearing Olsen Olsen , Vaka and Festival was mind blowing. Come back soon.

  8. Cinematic Epic brilliance. Powerful intensity from start to finish. Culminatinating with the stunning Popplagid.
    Thank you Jonsi and gang for a very memorable moment in time.

  9. Have been wanting to see you live for 12 years and was completely worth the wait. Absolutely brilliant, every song, and untitled 6 e-bow was a great surprise. It was an Amazing musical experience, thank you all.

  10. Wow.. what a concert! It was absolutely amazing. Definitely the best concert I’ve ever been to and the best day of my life. Every song was just beautiful and perfect! Great support band too. Well done Sigur Rós the whole crowd was in awe. You are geniuses.. Takk

  11. Fantastic ,my 17 and 14 yr old sons loved it ,thank you all so much they had an excellent birthdays ;)

  12. This was the most emotional, sensational and amazing concert I have ever been in, TAKK to you guys I Enjoyed so much the entire show. TAKK

  13. I can not describe how amazing was this concert, I was so glad and feeling blessed to be there.
    Definitely the best concert I ever been in my life! Hope I will get the chance to see you guys playing Njosnavelin (my favorite music) in Iceland.
    Actually, they didn’t play Njosnavelin, but that is one!

  14. Last night was the first time I saw you guys live. I am completely awestruck by the whole event. Me and my partner both had an amazing time. We met some really nice people at the gig too and it is just so wonderful to connect to people via your music. Takk!!

  15. Words can’t describe how brilliant last night’s concert was! Thank you all so much for creating such beautiful music. You make the world a brighter place:)

  16. Impossible to describe what you created and elicited last night. Beautiful blissful awe might be a start.. takk

  17. Takk, Sigur Rós! Epic, cinematic, spiritual and truly overwhelming! So many highlights but for me the ending was the best. Looking forward to a DVD of the tour, sometime soon.

  18. Takk Sigur Rós. An amazing show performed to an incredible standard.
    We were blessed to have seen you. Keep up the great work and come back soon.
    Was personally unreal to see Vaka live since you didn’t play it at your Electric Picnic set in 2012
    Thank you so so so much again

  19. Incredible musicianship and stage design, perfect. Untitled 8 completely blew me away. Takk

  20. Great to see you back playing your own gig in Ireland again. It was amazing. Takk. Come back soon. ?

  21. Ye were fantastic lastnight.. Olsen Olsen, Glosoli and Svefn e nglar made my night.. petty Hrafntinna wasn’t played but still absolutely amazing!

  22. It was the best show I’ve ever seen,Jonsí is so unbelievably cool and the band were amazing, please come back soon!

  23. Incredible night, thank you. Would be lovely if you can start earlier and finish later :) Please play Isjaki too :))

  24. I have been waiting a long time to see you guys live and you didn’t disappoint me even with all of my expectations. Awesome gig! Takk

  25. I cried my eyes out for the entire performance. It was the most beautiful experience! I’ll bring more tissues and drinks next time. Takk fyrir guys!

  26. Thanks for a great concert. Pop Song at the very end was sensational. Your music has been such an important part of my life for over the last ten years. It was wonderful seeing you live for only my second time. I hope to do so again soon. Have a great winter tour.

  27. I’ve waited years to see Sigur Ros live, and I’m so glad it was just as epic as I had hoped it would be. What a show – for less than 50 euros too! Fantastic !

  28. First time seeing you live. It was a mind blowing show. The energy, the light show, the chills….amazing!! Takk XX

  29. By far one of the most amazing and beautiful things I have ever witnessed, both in the music and set design. Andvari, Untitled 6, and Hoppípolla were highlights for me. Will be seeing you guys again, no matter what.

  30. Crying, Singing, Jumping, Shouting, cheering…… your music makes everything better. Amazing show, Amazing band!

    Visuals were perfect, Song Choice was phenomenal

    Come Back soon!!

  31. I’ve become used to amazing performances by Sigur Ros but this one was special, even by their incredibly high standards. Mesmerising, epic, mindblowing, peerless.

  32. I’ve been waiting since 2007 to see you guys live in concert. Worth the wait. You blew my mind away. Surreal experience from start to finish. Takk!

  33. Absolutely brilliant night. Without a doubt will be going to see yee guys again, pity I didnt start going to see yee when released Takk. Delighted with opening song and final song was unbelieveable. What was the last song does anyone know?

  34. Totally blown away by our first Sigur Ros Live concert … My son and I shared an experience that we will remember forever … Takk from Dublin xx

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