sigur rós 2013 tour

usf sun dome
tampa, fl, united states



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  1. Went to the show in Tampa last night. I didn’t know what to expect…and WOW! What a performance! If you have the chance you MUST see them live. Very few bands can do as well live as they can in a studio…Sigor Ros can and does! Totally blew me away. Lights, music and video. Their last song was a culmination of the entire evening…and there was no need for an encore, which there wasn’t. They wouldn’t have been able to improve on perfection. Thanks to my son’s date for backing out of the concert at the last minute…I REALLY appreciate it since I was the stand-in!

  2. I have loved Sigur Ros for many moons, and never imagined having the chance to see them live.
    The entire show was magic. Everyone in the performance play and sing their heart out. It’s impossible to not be blown away and grateful for Jónsi Birgisson’s falsetto’s amazing talent. Thank you, for sharing your joy with us all!

  3. I carry around a strange hope with me that someday soon, someone will invent a kind of contraption or substance that will allow for full sensory access to one’s memories.. as I’m nearly a week removed from this night of musical and visual perfection.. and I want to be back there so, so badly. I want to sink back into those thick and unrelenting waves of sound and lose myself in the depths of them, over and over again until the end of my days.. To more succinctly state what I’m essentially trying to say: PLEASE come back to Florida, Sigur Rós, and come back soon! Until then, I’ll be drowning my eardrums in your albums. And thank you so very, very much for coming to our silly little city in the first place! :)

  4. The guy’s jacket had a row of puff balls dangling down just one arm sleeve on his jacket. It was awesome

  5. This photograph was taken during Brennisteinn, which opened the concert. It shook me to my core and squeezed tears from my eyes. For the duration of the concert, my senses were consumed. Seeing Sigur Rós live expanded and enhanced my experience of music I’d only ever heard through headphones. I felt the songs on my skin and in my bones and blood and nerves.
    My instagram is @cristilopez7

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