sigur rós 2013 tour

chastain park amphitheatre
atlanta, ga, united states



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  1. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m rarely, if ever, speechless, but this concert experience rendered me not only speechless but almost numb and I mean that in the most positive way. Trascendent! It was one of the most amazing ocncert experiences of my life. Period. There were moments where I literally cried. After seeing Sigur Ros in concert I finally understood why it was that this group captivated me in the way that they did. There is such an emotional core/center to their music, very much like classical music. It’s grounded in the soul. My Icelandic is rusty…LOL…but you don’t have to understand what they’re saying to understanding what they’re expressing. It was OFF THE CHAIN and I cannot recommend them enough. Bravo, Jonsi and team. You made magic tonight!!!

  2. Amazing show tonight. Setlist:

    Untitled 1 (Vaka)
    Með Blóðnasir
    Olsen Olsen
    Untitled 8 (Popplagið)

  3. Absolutely phenomenal show! Such a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Sigur Rós brought so much love, emotion, and energy, that at times, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Your show and music brought me to tears. Awe inspiring and purely magical. Everything was sublime. Thank you so much for sharing your music. You’re the only band I know that makes me feel like the universe is talking to me. You make me feel expansive and like radiant pure light. You are a huge gift in my life. I’m forever grateful.

  4. i wonder if a recording of this show will be uploaded to the ftp server? anyone know how that works? it was such a great show.

  5. As a concert goer for many many years, I say, without hesitation, this was the best show I have ever experienced.

    It is an emotional experience seeing Sigur Ros perform. They absolutely poured their hearts into the music and everyone there was in their amazement.

    We were so touched by the music that our fandom for them increased, so much so that my wife and I made the songs Festival and Hoppípolla our wedding ceremony songs.

    We can trace our love for Sigur Ros back many years, but this concert cemented them as the one band that we will never miss if they are on tour.

  6. I’ve seen many, many great shows in my life, so for years now the best I would say was something was maybe top 5 or top 10. But with this show I can say without hesitation that this was hands down the best show I’ve ever seen and one of the most magical experiences of my life. Just thank you.

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