sigur rós 2013 tour

magic city theatre
birmingham, al, united states



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  1. I have seen Sigur Ros twice this show in Bham was just magical. I think I was more impressed with this show because I knew of the great songs that were coming. You could feel the emotion of the band when Jonsi was on the keyboard and during the finale. When listening last night you can’t decide whether to laugh or cry. Sigur Ros brought the magic alive last night in the Magic City.

  2. The music of this band is truly transcendent! And the visual effects were overall very effective especially the ones that seemed to blend the stage into what was happening with the videos. My only complaint was the bright white light that so often flashed continuously through songs it was truly blinding and distracting from everything else that was going on. It makes me wonder if the performers actually go out into the audience to watch these things. Do you like having a flashlight shone directly into your eyes in a dark room. What about over and over again?

  3. Frankly, it was the best sounding show I have ever been to. Levels were perfect for my taste. The visuals complimented the sounds and songs well. Enjoyed the incandescent light bulbs placed throughout the stage. I left the show feeling that the human spirit is capable of so much more than what we know and understand. Dark or light, there is no darkness in the light. I welled up with tears. I still can’t process what I just experienced. Stellar performance.

  4. Absolutely beautiful….I kept having to remind myself to breathe…Sigur Ros is magic. Pure and simple.

  5. The most amazing experience I have ever experienced in concert form. I was mostly smiling and crying the entire time! Thank you for the beauty you give to life with your music.

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