sigur rós 2013 tour

fabulous fox theater
st. louis, mo, united states



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  1. My wife and I had the pleasure of attending this incredible performance. It is, by far, the best show we have ever been to. We have enjoyed the beautiful soundscapes of Sigur Ros over the years but have not had the joy of experiencing them live, until last night. Beautiful, haunting, epic. They are so unique and distinct. Thank you to the band for pouring your passion and soul into the music. It was an unforgettable experience.

  2. My second time seeing S.R., the first was on April 4th of this year when I saw the pre-Kveikur release version of their live show. I must start by saying that NOTHING will ever surpass that April 4th show for me. There is only one “first time” to see Sigur Ros, and it was one of the most beautiful, powerful experiences of my life. By far my best concert experience ever. EVER.
    This show was different, especially since it is post-Kveikur release. No scrim in front of the band, no projection screens. It’s all LED now and still a sight to behold. They performed beautifully. My only regret is that Jonsi’s voice was clearly more weary than the April show. These guys work SO hard, and I think they have now exceeded 120+ tour dates on this tour (not including video and recording performances). So it’s no surprise that Jonsi’s amazing voice shows some wear. That being said, he does NOT let down and ALWAYS gives his best performance- these guys have a solid work ethic. Even though I could hear some strain, some cracking, he still delivered when it really counted and cut no corners on the songs he performed. It was no less beautiful than ever. One thing I love about this music is the fact that it is not easy to sing like Jonsi. Knowing the effort involved makes the sound more powerful to me, it always has. In fact, I think he held the sustained notes in “festival” even longer than he did in April, perhaps just to show he can do it, or perhaps to show that he will always give as much as he has to offer in any performance.
    I really liked this arrangement of “Vaka”, which had more power behind it than before (though both versions made the hairs on my neck stand up). My favorite moment was the slight pause between “hoppipola” and “Mea Bloanasir” when Jonsi gave a slight laugh, to which the audience cheered. Then the slow build to Mea Bloanasir’s climax began. As the crescendo built, the behavior of the audience mirrored it… At first, a couple of us stood up, I began waving my hand back and forth and singing along with the woo-ooh, wee-ooh, ooh ooh. Slowly the crescendo rose and the audience followed until everyone was standing and singing just in time for the climax of the song. Pure bliss. It makes me feel the happiness of a child when that happens and that’s why I love Sigur Ros. They make me FEEL. It’s pure, open, beautiful, dynamic, and complex. It is inviting, alluring, and irristible bliss!
    Ths show was a few songs short, which I assume was to preserve Jonsi’s voice, and I’m OK with that. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make so that others can enjoy this amazing experience in performances ahead. Such joy should be shared, and I am thankful to have enjoyed more than my share.
    Orri, Georg, Jonsi, and all the rest, thank you for another beautiful experience!

  3. This was my third time seeing Sigur Ros. Each show has been so different and I don’t think I could ever tire of seeing this band, even if I saw them every night! The atmosphere at the Starlight Theater in April seemed more pastoral, probably due to some extent to it being in the open air. That was a beautiful experience; gorgeously lush sound on a perfect early spring evening.

    At the Fox however, the band seemed harder and tighter, and the new laser show I feel complemented the subtle differences now compared with just 6 months ago. On Tuesday night I was not only transfixed by the beauty of Sigur Ros; I was also blown away by their sheer power! To some extent it seemed more like my first Sigur Ros show at the Pageant in, I think 2006, when they completely overwhelmed me. That is possibly still the finest, most emotional show I have ever seen in over 35 years of concert going. On Tuesday night they overwhelmed me again!

  4. Simon, I was at those 3 same shows and I could not agree more with everything you said. I feel exactly the same way about each show. The Pageant was just a really special show… Starlight was super cool outside in the cold air. This one was just, so strong. I’m glad I got to enjoy it with some family members and friends this time, unlike in KC though. And to Sigur Ros… Thank you so much. Thank you thank you thank you. I remember in an interview years ago Georg saying that when they started they wanted to change the world, and shortly after becoming discouraged at the unlikeness of that actually happening. Well, I think it’s safe to say at this point that they succeeded in that. So many people’s lives they have powerfully impacted through music, including mine. Thank you.

  5. My sons introduced me to the music of Sigur Ros a few years ago and two of my three boys got to attend the show with me on Tuesday at the Fox, as did my husband. It was such an amazing show. No one wanted it to end — obviously, since everyone at the Fox was standing and applauding until it was clear that that yes, the show truly was over. Sigh. For me, the music took me straight back to Iceland, and made me actually ache to return. Sounds corny, but true! The music is so hauntingly beautiful, complex and powerful, it evokes some pretty deep emotions. I had the pleasure of visiting Alafoss, home of the band’s studio, as well as the Alafoss Factory Store, where I bought a sweater that makes me feel like I’m wearing a hug. I am so, so grateful to Sigur Ros for coming to St. Louis on tour. Seeing the show at the Fox was the icing on the cake. The sound and the visuals were nothing short of amazing. Takk fyrir, Sigur Ros, for a very special evening.

  6. First off I want to say that I have experienced plenty of concerts in my time but this takes them all on many levels. I can’t possibly formulate the words to describe watching Sigur Ros live. I’ve seen them live now in Chicago and St. Louis and on both accounts it has been incredible. I have followed Sigur Ros music from way back in the day and their music still excites me to the core. I honestly think what moves me so much with this band is there pure emotion they put forth in their music. I can’t honestly wait for you guys to come back to the Midwest, you are always welcome here in St. Louis and know that you will always have close friends here. Þakka fyrir slíka eftirminnilegu reynslu. Þú verður alltaf að hafa vini og fjölskyldu hér.

  7. This performance still haunts me. I was in tears a few times throughout the show…that was the only way I could react to being surrounded by something that powerful. The music, the lights, the projected graphics, and the silent energy from an awe struck audience; it was overwhelming and very welcomed. I would love to have the full video of that performance in St. Louis. I do not think that experience can be topped.

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