sigur rós 2013 tour

chicago auditorium theatre
chicago, il, united states



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  1. I am extremely over joyed about the way this show went. The songs played were amazing, and the visuals were very stimulating. Sigur Ros has never failed to amaze me at any of their shows. Truly truly truly fantastic. My dream was finally accomplished at this show. I was lucky enough to meet Orri and Georg while standing outside. I wanted to meet jonsi but he was at the bar. But I was given a ticket to go into the bar but wasnt able to make it. I also was able to have orri and georg sign my box of guitar picks. It was an amazing and beautiful night! One I definitely never will forget.


  2. This was my 6th Sigur Ros show (each in a different venue) and 3rd show in 14 months. They are about as close to a sure thing as I can imagine. Previous shows have had more overpowering visuals; this one was all about the great sound. I liked Kveikur a lot and always enjoy Vaka – some songs off of Ágætis Byrjun (Svefn G Englar, Olsen Olsen?), Valtari, or live version of eBow would have been choice! Maybe next time.

  3. I have spent a couple days debating writing this review. The band was simply amazing. The sound was spot on and as hauntingly beautiful as can be. I loved the theater and it was the perfect venue for this band. My issue is with concert etiquette. I was extremely distracted with people sitting in my area that were spending more time uploading photos to Facebook and Instagram. The lights on the phones really pulled away from the amazement that was happening on stage. We actually left about 45 minutes in because we couldn’t focus on the band. (I don’t get why people would turn their phones of when paying $10 for a movie but use them in a dark theater when paying $60 per ticket.) In closing, The Sigur Ros experience is still one to be seen.

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