sigur rós 2013 tour

john paul jones arena
charlottesville, va, united states



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  1. Just got home from the concert in Cville tonight. Incredible set list, 11 piece band sounds tight and sonically massive. I’d been waiting to see Sigur Ros live for the better part of a decade since first hearing ( ) back in 2002 and following all the albums since. The new songs from Kveikur have a striking and vibrant live performance effect. Ending the concert tonight with Popplagio was like staring down a freight train being driven full speed through your soul, it was a stunning conclusion to the concert. Only downside – JPJ was only 1/4 full at best. Sigur Ros fans, where are you?

  2. Fantastic show! my fourth sigur ros show since their return to touring – and this one was the best yet. Jonsi seemed to really be enjoying himself tonight on stage – which was a treat. the audience was a bit sparse, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Can’t wait to see them again tonight in Norfolk!

  3. What an amazing performance! I had arrived at the venue three hours early to make sure I could be right in front of the stage and I’m glad I did (it was also my first time being in front of any stage during a performance). They did seem to be a bit more cheery this time, compared to when I saw them in DC earlier this year. Jónsi and the others smiled quite often and it seemed like there was positive energy all around =)

    The performance itself…I’m not sure if words can describe it, I mean, I was captivated entirely and I’m sure others were too.

    All around fantastic and ethereal show. As others have mentioned, the only downside is that too many seats were left empty, meaning too many people missed the opportunity to be captivated as well.

    Also, I’m not sure if it means much to others, but I walked away with Jónsi’s guitar pick. Something so small, but it sure means a lot.

    Thank you for the incredible show Sigur Rós and I hope I see all of you again. <3

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