sigur rós 2013 tour

positivus festival
salacgriva, latvia



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  1. Your music goes through my blood and deep into my soul. It creates a safe room where to let one´s deepest feelings and cognition freely walk around. Every time I listen to your music I feel inspired and much more open-minded to see the little treasures of life. This music sounds perfect to me, with it´s painful, crystal, but still warm and nourishing soundscape it heals the world. It was a dream come true to finally see you.
    Thousand thanks for letting us be a part of your great creativity and energy.

  2. hell, that was insane! full-piece band, superb form, killer set, orri demolishing his drums in popplagid, what to ask more? absolutely stunning and magical! thank you for yet another miracle on latvian soil and good luck with the rest of the tour!

  3. Audience did not touch the ground during Your concert. They floated at least 10cm above the ground. I was among them, I know. Thank You very much!

  4. i cried my eyes out at your concert. there are no words. just thank you for everything

  5. Emotions, tears, peace and soul flight away. One moment i was on the top of mountains, another in a huge meadow. I had never felt like that. Your music is from another planet, dimension. Po wer ful. So many thoughts and decisions were made in my head. Know that we will meet someday again. Thank you

  6. Best sound ever heard at Positivus Festival! Sigur Ros, full moon, pine trees… this was so hypnotizing. Thank you!

  7. It was beautiful, intense, powerful. Perfect. It was pure amazing bursting off the stage with every single soundwave. Takk, Sigur Rós.

  8. Thank you! It has always been my dream to see my favourite band, Sigur Ros, live. I am so undescribably happy because I had such an opportunity to see you at this beautiful event. No doubt, it was most powerful, emotional, beautiful, hypnotizing performance on festival. You made a thousand-people crowd feel as one, united us with a cosmical beauty and harmony that your music brings. I cried non-stop during your performance, and I am not even ashamed to admit it. Pure emotions, intense energy, musical harmony. I don’t think you’ll ever read this, but maybe if band’s agents or staff reads this, please, just shake Jonsi’s, Orri’s and Georg’s hands and say “takk” from me to them. I love you very much. Latvia loves you. Come back soon.

  9. Thank you Sigur Rós for a wonderful and breathtaking music. I enjoyed your perfomance for 100% and I can’t stop to listen “Kveikur” :)) I hope to see you very soon back in Baltic countries! takk

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