sigur rós 2013 tour

st. gallen, switzerland



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  1. First of all, no, I didn’t attend this festival, but I’m one happy woman to see you within a few days at Rock Werchter! I’m convinced it will be fantastic again, because I know you’re operating on such a high level. If there’s only a small chance to see you perform Vidrar vel til loftarasa – I’ve missed out on that one the last two gigs – I’d be the happiest woman in this world, no, the whole universe!!! This one has a very, very special meaning to me. I can’t wait!
    Takk!!! Love, from the bottom of my heart,
    Henriette xxx

  2. ???????kjartan ? Svefn-g-englar ?????????? keyboard????(???)???”?..”?echo??????????????? Agaetis byjrun,von?Hafssol ??????? vorar vel til loftarasa ?????30?????

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